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  1. okay, got it. yeah, I'm going with a Barbarian for play #1, because there aren't any other barb party members, and I heard monks are weird. So since Carnage doesn't work at range, I think my current strategy of double flails for low DR and an Estoc for high DR is viable. Here's a talent breakout. 2 Weapon Focus Adventurer 4 Accurate Carnage 6 Improved Frenzy 8 Two Weapon Style 10 Two-Handed Style 12 ??? I tried for a while having my barb be a Ruffian Barbarian, wielding a club and a stiletto in one slot, and a pistol in the other. Here's what I found. Alpha-striking with the pistol works (if the pistol is not an unmodified Disappointer), but then I have to activate Frenzy then charge into melee. By that point the front line has been set, and I found Aloth getting wrecked often in melee. Here's what I do now 1. My Barbarian a) activate Frenzy (free at start of combat) b) run towards nearest bad guy, and start swinging (switching out weapons if needed) 2. Eder a) shoot the Disappointer at something b) switch out for his sabre and shield, and try to trip something and the ranged guys stay at range. Basically, I found that setting the line early was important. My barbarian can do that (and Eder can help) much better than Eder by himself and a shoot->rage->smash barb.
  2. So far when I've gotten Eder it's been at level 3, and he's already taken Weapon Focus Ruffian for his 2nd level talent. Does anyone have the build progression of all the named PCs that the game would take 'naturally', so what Eder would look like at level 4 if you got him later on, that sort of thing?
  3. man do I not know what to take as talents for my team. So far I'm focused on Accuracy, so my Barb has Weapon Focus Adventurer Accurate Carnage So fine. Question #1: Arms Bearer on a Barbarian My Barbarian is rocking a pair of flails for low DR opponents, and an Estoc for high DR opponents (picked up magic versions of both in the Temple of Eothas woot). I've got a Fine Warbow hanging around. Is there a reason to take Arms Bearer for bad guys I can't get into melee with? Question #2: Fast Runner on a Barbarian Does this actually make a character move faster? I put Fast Runner on my Barb and left Eder alone (he picked up Quick Switch to be more effective after shooting an Accurate Disappointer), and had them run around in the woods. My Barb didn't seem that much faster. Does Fast Runner do anything useful? Question #3: Quick Switch on a Wizard So since Eder came bundled with Weapon Focus Ruffian, he's been rocking by shooting someone at the outset (Accurate on the Disappointer gets rid of its Terrible enchantment, which is great), and then switching to a sabre and shield for tanking. That seems like a reasonable thing to do. I'm less sure about Quick Switch on Aloth. Is 4 spells per grimoire level not enough?
  4. I've been poking around which weapons are best for my two-weapon frenzy barbarian, and it looks like a club and a stiletto, because a) they're fast. Frenzy makes them go even faster b) they both have weapons that can have Draining, even though that draining club looks like it's going to be really expensive (I haven't gotten to that shop yet) c) they have different damage types d) they're both in the Ruffian category, so I can pick up a Weapon Focus talent that will apply to them both (anybody have a flaw with that logic?) Anyway, seeing as how it looks like I'll be a Ruffian Barbarian, I thought I'd put a gun in my other weapon slot. So: pistol or blunderbuss? Does Carnage work with either weapon? How does a blunderbuss work exactly (is there friendly fire, do all the shots attack the same target, etc.)? I figure a good joseki for combat would be a) stealth to within 8m b) shoot someone with a gun (hey! cut that out!) c) while they're running at me, Frenzy d) go to town with two fast weapons and Frenzy and Two Weapon Style and Carnage whee! does that sound good?
  5. well, fudgewagons! zat mean this Equipment Slots bit is wrong then? I'm not a premium member of the somethingawful forums, so I can't check the reference. was kinda hoping to switch weapons without having to switch my shield out as well
  6. So I've got a really nice buckler. Some of the time I'd like to swing a sword around, because swords are cool. Other times I'd like to swing a mace at bad guys, because reasons. I'd like to switch my weapon in the middle of a fight, but keep my same shield. The wiki says there's a way to do this, but I can't seem to figure out how. Is there a way to 'ghost' a shield between two or more sets of weapons? Or, is there a way to 'ghost a weapon between two or more sets of shields? If there is, how do I do it? Thanks!
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