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  1. I see no reason why it won't work. Obviously there's better weapon choices for a barbarian, but hatchets go well with the theme. You might have issues with all the rangers using Warbows, I think you can probably go with hunting bow on one of them. My biggest issue is this. How dare you make a wilderness team without a WILD Orlan?!
  2. Well, it's too late now I'm now entering Searing Falls after clearing everything so far area by area without rushing ahead to pick up better gear to make fights easier. I did cheese the Raedric fight (pulling the guards into the room) and Maerwald (by aggroing spiders), everything else has been bruteforced. I think I did mess up my druid quite abit tho. I took marksman and gunner with the intent of having him use an arquebus. It seems good on priest, but I've never played druid before so I wasn't aware of the low range on several spells nad my druid ends up dead alot of the times. I'll take some screenshots later cause I need some advice on my gear and some of the abilities I've picked and have yet to pick for my casters (never played melee tank wiz or druid before)
  3. I know this isn't what you asked, but you can go into the Options Menu -> Difficulty -> Unhook "Auto-level Companions". This "resets" any companions you recruit to lvl 1 and you can distribute points, talents and skills yourself. Don't misunderstand when I say reset to lvl 1. If you recruit Eder at level 5, he will be lvl 1, but with 4 lvlup processes where you can pick and choose talents and skills.
  4. How does this spread seem for the chanter? MIG 10 CON 15 DEX 3 PER 16 INT 16 RES 18 Should I re-allocate some points from CON -> MIG?
  5. What I've been doing with an offtank chanter earlier is choose Wild Orlan, dumpster MIG and DEX and max out PER, CON, INT and RES. But, since chanters require so little micromanagement I think he's suitable for using scrolls, however the low MIG and DEX hurts in that regard. And I was watching MadDemiurgs solo Adra Dragon and the frostinvocation did SO much damage which seemed fun So, my question regarding that, is it ok to dumpster MIG and DEX and just max the other stats? Also, a reason why I've been abit hesitant to use Aloth as a tank, despite how good I've read it is, is that it seems very reliant on using spells, which requires me to rest alot early on (which I kinda find tedious to do due to a low spec laptop and long loading times). However, I might try it out despite of that. I'm not much of an RP'er, but I do like to go with the theme of the game and I don't feel like druids have any place in the game. But despite that, how would I distribute the stats? Would it be like a Priest? (I usually just dumpster CON and PER and max MIG, DEX, INT and any leftover to RES). With the suggestions my party looks like Aloth - Tank and CC Chanter - Offtank Barbarian - Melee DPS (reach weapons for doorway fighting?) Druid - Healer\DPS?
  6. Hi! So, I'm thinking I want to try running with a smaller group. The 6-man party feels abit unpersonal, but I don't understand the mechanics of the game well enough to attempt a solo run (nor do I want to, looks more tedious than fun tbh). I think a smaller group of 3-4 badasses will be fun. However, as I said, I do not really understand the mechanics of the game, I just go with instinct and hope it somehow turns out well. I'm hereby asking for suggestions and tips on classes that mesh well together, and most importantly, how to distribute stats. My favourite class is Chanter, so it will be my main character. For my PC I prefer a balanced statdistribution, since I don't want him to be a complete retard or a wuss. I'm thinking he will be a frontliner, likely a secondary tank\dps with his invocations. This will be a Wild Orlan. From what I could deduce from MadDemiurg's analysis thread the stats looks something like: MIG 17 CON 10 DEX 12 INT 19 PER 10 RES 10 However, this is probably build around a certain playstyle for solo, items etc. which I'm not sure is optimal with an actual group. Also, the low RES seems like denies me alot of conversational options. Next up I need a Wizard. I'm actually thinking about using Aloth for this and build him as a melee dps with reach weapons. I'd like to use Aloth just to have some conversations etc. and he seems pretty messed up which is cool. Last up is a Firegodlike Barbarian as my main tank\retaliate tank. Now, I am unsure if he will be strong enough to act as the main tank with no Priest in the group. I found some builds for this and it's either: (Keyen Moonlike Barb TCS) MIG 16 CON 15 Dex 10 PER 3 INT 18 RES 16 or (From another thread about a tanky Firegodlike ret barb pre-1.05) MIG 19 CON 18 DEX 10 PER 8 INT 15 RES 8 Suggestions are welcome. Mostly on stats and party-composition. Skills and talents I can always freestyle or look up elsewhere. As a sidenote, Paladins are probably a good PC, but I don't wan't to be a Paladin and as I've understood it, NPC Paladins Faith and Conviction is not functioning properly. So, I obviously know this can work since people are doing TCS etc., but will it be a good\decent group without abusing (game)mechanics and scrolls\figurines? I will be using some scrolls, figurines etc. but probably not to a great extent. From what I can deduce with my vastly inferior knowledge, it seems I will be lacking early damage and general survivability, so I might consider adding either a ranged Rogue (or another ranged DPS, since I have 3 melees) or a Priest (Durance would be an option as he seems like a badassmotherf*, but his DEX is so low)
  7. Bumping because this should be on the frontpage. Much usefull information even if you don't solo (which I don't). Looking forward to the next update. Also, why no Chanter? Is it just boring or? It's my fav. class for some reason. Would love some thoughts on attributes and playstyle (just run around while waiting for stacks?)
  8. I still haven't finished the game. Played around up to and around in act 2 more or less 50+ times by now as I have a hard time deciding what I want to do. From the first time I picked up the game I have only played on PotD and the only difficulties I've encountered are the first few levels if you pick a bad fight or don't know how to deal with certain monsters\encounters (the first few times I think I fought a million shades, had no idea how they worked). After lvl 5 it mostly seems faceroll with a full party (the story companions). I've never kept the ranger girl in my group for too long tho. Usually due to my partycomposition and the fact that she feels abit underwhelming due to her Wolf companion, tho her statdistribution seems more decent that most of the others
  9. http://forums.obsidian.net/topic/79744-tcs-rogue-dw-sabre-4-shot-thaos-1-bs-1-cs/ Detailed writeup on DW rogue
  10. Been years since I've read Berserk, but I agree with the responses that he's more of a barbarian than a fighter. Also, since he's using the Berserker armor, he should probably also use the Sanguine Plate (Frenzy) ingame. Also, I must disagree when you portrait him as more dexterious than enduring. Alot of the early fights (before Griffith betrays the mercenary company) leave him exhausted, but still standing due to his immense Constitution. In the fight with Zod the Immortal, it was also his immense STR, CON and RES that left them alive. From what I've read (up to ch 300'ish alot of years ago), I don't believe DEX and PER are characteristics defining Guts.
  11. Thanks for the very informative answers. I went with my statdistribution because I feel bad about my PC dumping stats in regards to that it feels bad putting my name on someone who is really stupid or a wuss, but I kinda had to dump one stat to get the others (which from what I've read seems more usefull than PER) to a decent level. Since I'm new, this thread actually got posted a few hours after I started playing. I'm lvl 4, but think I might restart since I made some custom companions I'm not very satisfied with. I think my party will be something like this: Maintank - Eder or custom fighter. I don't have any idea how the statdistribution should look like for a tanking fighter, so any suggestions here would be welcome Offtank\DPS - Melee Cipher with retaliate items - PC Healer (Ranged DPS) - Durance or custom priest. I heard Durance was an interesting character and his attributes don't look that horrible, so might go with him. Was thinking of putting an Arquebus on him and take Marksman and Gunner talents. Seems like a decent choice of weapon since it has high "one-time-damage" to use inbetween casting, and it seems like the unique Arquebus is more of a supportweapon which fits nicely with my idea of Priest. Again not sure on attributes, but it seems dumping CON and PER is ok since it's a ranged caster. Ranged DPS - Rogue. I'm thinking max might and dex, dumpster perception. Still, a solid distribution is welcome as well as advice on weapons. Initially I was thinking he could use shotguns since I won't have a ranged Cipher, but then again, I read that a Warbow(?) was one of the best weapons for him\her. So, that makes four party-members and here's where I'm having trouble deciding. I think I want a Chanter, but not sure wether I want it as a proper offtank or if I want to use him as ranged with the reloadspeed chant. Using him as a ranged buffer seems good, IF I go with 3 ranged dps that benefit from it. If it's only the priest and rogue, I'm not so sure it's worth. Assuming an offtank - Is might important? Since he doesn't seem very microintensive I was thinking he could be a scrollusing guy. But when I made a tanky Chanter I went and dumpstered might and dex. Does this affect the castingspeed and damage on the scrolls I use? It seems to do so, but I'm not sure. Assuming ranged dps\buffbot - I was thinking Arquebus, but since that was my plan for priest as well, I don't know if there will be enough good weapons. Maybe using one of those huge crossbows is an option? So, if that makes 5 party members, I seem to be lacking some proper way to deal with huge ammounts of mobs and deal AoE CC, apart from the Cipher. I'm thinking a Wizard would be a good choice. Slicken is a great spell, but I find I'm having trouble properly utilizing his damagedealing spells due to friendly fire and positioning. Hell, even just the melee Cipher can be difficult sometimes (antipathethic field and mobs running around in random directions). My other option would be to use Grieving Mother for something, she is after all the Grieving MILF and I am the supporting father. Her stat distribution seems "weird" for a ranged char, but might be ok as melee (tho I already have a melee Cipher so she would probably be a ranged CC bot or something), also not sure if it's ok to do two Ciphers. Now, onto a "problem" I was having last night.. I was rushing through the game to pick up all the NPC companions and the gear I get from grabbing Palagina. I was trying to figure out how to grab the Sura's Supperplate shield, which from what I read was the easiest accessible retaliate item. However, I went to Dyrford Village and visited the temple, but Beodan was not there and I couldn't get to Cliaban Rilag. I went back to Ondra's Fire and visited the Temple in my mainquest, and was told by a ghost that the easiest entrance was in Copperlane. The reason I did that was because I read that the presence of Beodan in the temple in Dyrford was reliant on MQ progression. However, I also don't want to rush ahead too much and was wondering if anyone could give me a description on how to rush the shield, and also, how much I have to do from where I am now (just visited the temple and got told to go to Copperlane for an entrance). And again, thanks for helpfull advice.
  12. Hi! So, I decided to make a Cipher on PotD for my first playthrough, and I've decided I want to do a melee version starting out with Antipathetic Field. I read the Cipher TCS writeup and the Antipathethic Cipher 1.05 guide, but I still have questions. First off I was wondering about stat distribution. I went with MIG 16 CON 10 DEX 15 PER 3 INT 18 RES 16 So, I'm not sure if I can dumpster Per if I wanna go melee. I was thinking I either go dualwield or I go with a shield and retaliation items. Any advice on this? Both on stat distribution and melee style. I heard that once I get retaliation items my focus will basicly be limitless, however DW seems fun as well. How viable is it to do Cipher as an offtank? Also, I'm very unsure of what talents and abilities to take. The TCS writeup was obviously focused on solo tactics and the other guide I found wasn't very detailed. I'm interested in opinions and advice from anyone who has tried melee cipher. Also, if there's some important loot I should grab, please do mention. Be it on vendors or in the world.
  13. I went MIG 16 CON 15 DEX 10 Per 3 Int 18 Res 16 I basicly copied the stats from a guy on youtube who had some videos of him doing TCS on a barb. Tho, this was pre-patch, but the stats should still be good. And I prefer a more balanced spread than harddumping several stats. The guys name on youtube was KeyenPOE. Might wanna check it out.
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