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  1. No, you got me all wrong, i was actually being sincere and trying to justify my own use of that strategy for tough fights.
  2. Maybe he haven't realized the utility of the priest yet, i used to think that racial maximums were way more important than they actually are, does that make me an idiot? If even after many experienced players told him otherwise he still insists on giving this advice then i'll fully back you if you call him an idiot.
  3. Ain't actually not fighting mobs that don't give significant loot the best strategy of them all?
  4. While i don't like it's "feel" i believe 4e DnD to be a better system for CRPGS than 3e/PF.
  5. Correct me if I'm wrong, but shouldn't you try and avoid pointless battles in Ironman? You can complete this quest without having to fight at all in the last level.
  6. I don't think i got any specific dialogue or reactions neither for my fighter nor my rogue, so i would avoid those two.
  7. Lighthouse still has doors in both levels, i'm starting to think developers intended doorblock to be a feature for those that like to use it.
  8. This thread might help, i asked those same questions a while ago. http://forums.obsidian.net/topic/76662-how-many-skillpoints-in-each-skill-possible-spoilers/?do=findComment&comment=1648179
  9. I kinda agree with I had almost that same party in my first PotD however i had a pally instead of a second fighter.
  10. By the definition of hardcore gamer some people use in this thread speedruners would qualify as casuals.
  11. A DnD game with the new ruleset could really work since it's not that different from 2nd edition. What I actually would love a Pathfinder game, but i fear that Paizo will force them to use their setting and i kinda find it to be a low quality politically correct clone of Forgotten Realms.
  12. You know, my friends from Uni who played it the found game to be hard on hard and extremely punishing on PotD. Since they are actually studying engineering i have a hard time thinking of them as lobotomized idiots.
  13. Yes, i observed that too. Maybe he can target fortitude with his attacks like the barbarian.
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