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  1. How easy is this game? I played probably 10 hours maybe more of Pillars then came to this forum to join the discussion. Just to help out with questions and post some topics on the game as i have played many titles of these in the past. But the first thing i find on here is what..? Others beating the game with ease, topics on solo builds, how to beat the bosses with one character.. Really? I clicked on a link a week or so ago, that showed a rouge, 1 rogue, beating the final boss on the hardest difficulty, easily! Just seeing that completely, without a doubt turned me off to playing this game for good. You guys couldn't think of better mechanics to keep people from spending a few hours on a boss fight to keep people from exploiting tactics in a game like this? One rogue and a summoned helper and thats all it takes to go though this game? If anything i should be reading about how hard this game is not how easy.
  2. Yep same thing for me fighting the ogre boss under the keep. During combat my barbarian used a potion of power and that was his last act before becoming bugged / stuck in combat.
  3. The system is fine, just play more and later in the game it won't be such an issue. The fact that this game has no "cosmetic swings" means your going to see your health/endurance go down way faster than in previous games, which might freak people out, but its really about the same. I've already seen that the endurance part of the game keep the characters in the field way longer than other games like this. Would you rather have it the old way? One character dies in the early stages of the game.. whelp you have to pick up his gear travel all the way back to town, pay gold to revive, rest, then rinse repeat every time one or more characters gets killed? That way the old way, it took a long time, trust me. The endurance levels are fine it really does keep your party going longer. and here's a tip.. Use more ranged weapons or characters.
  4. Seems just as tedious to have to activate the same set of buffs at the beginning of every fight. Wrong. If you can pre-buff, you'll give your characters every little help to steamroll (and trivialise) the upcoming combat. If you can only cast buffs in combat you're only going to choose to cast those that actually make an impact, and adds strategical value to every encounter. Every spell cast uses precious time that you're going to think very carefully how to spend. Some fights and especially the hardest ones (hi Adra Dragon) would be trivial and utterly boring if you could pre-buff to be protected/immune against certain effects off the bat and could go straight into casting heals/nuking spells. The game is balanced around the premise that characters don't start combat buffed, and I personally like it this way. Wrong, you're not really balancing the combat if you have to pause more?! Balanced combat in games like these are pre cast ex. Aura of Faith, iron skin ect. start a fight, then be able to actually see your characters gets some hits in without have to pause as soon as the first couple swings by the enemies deals damage. Especially in this game were there are no "cosmetic swings" damage even if its minor Is going to force you to pause and cast spells/buffs in response, instead of how it should be, just casting the buffs before hand. This becomes even more evident if you can make a group that really starts to wreck the enemies in the later stages of the game. In previous games like this, Icewind Dale for instance, it was a reward when I finally had a group that could pre cast buffs that lasted for minutes then go on a spree through difficult mobs without having to pause. That is where I would definitely not want to have to start casting the same spells over and over after every fight.
  5. I read that whole thing. But I don't think you understand what you are getting when you first create a character in a game like this. Whether it be some form of D&D character creation of something a little different in a game like this. Basically when you create a character for the first time you are not going to be able to make a "perfect character" you're really make a base foundation. The perfect character come way later in the game. As you go and level up, see the character die, rest, win tough battles then the character will start to really take shape. At the start you are really only adding what? The first parts of creation like rolls on stats or perks/feats really are just there for a base to get you over the hump of the first 25% of the game. After that then that's where you can really start looking in depth to the mechanics of spells abilities so on... not at the beginning. And this comes from someone that truly loves making characters in games like these. I've always found that the best time to really make a character "perfect" isn't the first playthrough. I see though that you mostly want a character or group that can have a life and background of its own? Well its not going to happen in a game like this. Visually seeing them, with set dialogue and quests, your more likely to find what you want in a regular game of D&D, you want options and harmony try playing D&D pencil and paper you'll have your perfect characters there.
  6. Hi, after playing a few days now I still can't get past how dark explored area's are in this game. Obviously the "fog of war" is suppose to keep unexplored areas hidden, but in this game places are still basically black after it is explored even in daylight. This is even worst in dungeons when I go to my map to move my party I can barely see a room or path away from my group. This is with the gamma turned up, which doesn't help as lit area's then become too bright.
  7. Hi, this is probably the first thing i noticed that needs to be fixed, is the area to click and the delay of looting corpses. Spending way too much time waiting that couple seconds for combat to end plus having to mouse over too much area to get the loot to show. If this was made to not clutter combat trust me it won't. In Icewind Dale 2 there were tons of loot piles constantly during combat and it never made selecting targets any more difficult. Or maybe its something with not wanting to add items during combat, but whatever the case i think it should be fixed.
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