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  1. To above. I really like picking those accuracy talents. I feel like ruffian weapon talent is like mandatory and helps a lot. Also having paladin with accuracy aura is nice bonus as well. I rarely miss. Chanter I've been thinking about replacing. My Cipher is such a power house that fights end too soon even on hard that I rarely hit 3-4 chants, when I do hit enough chants summons are not needed anyore since I only need to kill 1-2 remaining enemies. Maybe I try rogue or ranger instead. Maybe they offer more utility. Or druid.
  2. No. Neither does it affect the paladins flames of devotion ability. I also tested in combat, the result is the same Damn. I've been using Scion of Flame for nothing on my paladin then. I guess I'll be using IE mod to relevel my paladin. *sigh* I should start checking things myself.. Good to know they work with spells. I probably pick them for me spell casters then.
  3. There's a mod that allowed the player to do that in DAO. So hopefully a mod will be made for PoE companions too. I like being available to manually level up my npc companions. I don't mind companions being a fixed race/class since it's part of their story and personality, but i'd at least want to decide what talents and attributes they get. IE mod has ChangeClass command. It can be used to relevel character with it's original class as well. So it does exactly what you want. If you use it on Edér to change him into Fighter, he just gets level 0 and you can do manual leveling for him
  4. Blunderbuss Cipher is a power house. One shot and you can cast a lot of new stuff. It's actually more balanced with other weapons. Focus gain with Blunderbuss is just insane. I like the abilities tho. Both damage and CC. It's fun to play. I like Mind Blades vs small stuff as it clears it quite fast. CC on the other hand is valuable to keep lots of enemies in one place, so your wizard AoE gets the max value. Cipher works the best as support and CC character.
  5. If you get Edér at level 2 and level him up you don't actually get to pick talent. That Ruffian talent is total bonus you would not get otherwise. Also if you like leveling your companion by yourself, you can use IE mod and ChangeClass command to level them up by yourself. When you do, you just do all 3 levels at once if companion was level 3. No need to rush getting companions to maximize their talent potential.
  6. - Add unique weapons and armors to stronghold shops. Other Stronghold improvements as well. There's a whole thread about it. Stronghold could use some love. - Remove highlight from pet when Tab is pressed. I hate seeing that stupid box that read White Wyrm in it. Reason I don't use pets. - Add an option to game settings that allows altering companion attributes or level them up from 0 when hiring them. There are mods for this tho. - Make constitution more valuable stat for close combat companions and tanks. Maybe give it some DR bonuses or something. - Allow us to name our save files. - S
  7. Loot is the reason I slaughter everyone in that famous early game keep. Even if you could avoid fighting. It's a lot of money for such early game. Other areas I do play more RPish.
  8. I used IE mod to change my companion attributes. I'm having a nice playthru with all the companions instead of using full custom party. Now I get to enjoy companion quests and comments while having a good party. I could change their classes as well, but I just did the stats. No regrets. And having Durance with 10 resolve instead of 18 doesn't ruin my roleplaying feeling at all.
  9. I also think botanical garden is nice to have and curio shop. Besides those two, other upgrades seem really useless. I wish merchants sold some useful unique weapons and armors, but I've not seen anything useful in their wares. I regret taking prisoners. No one has ever come to pay me money to release them... I think killing them during quests at least gave me the loot they are carrying. So apparently it's not worth taking prisoners unless you do it for rp reasons. I don't mind paying for the upgrades and spending money on stronghold, but it gives so little back. I understand it is sup
  10. I've gotten this bug several times now, so I decided to share it. Description: - Character sometimes get stuck during combat and cannot move. - If companion is stuck and all enemies are killed, combat ends and I can save and load to fix the issue. - If enemy is stuck and all other enemies are killed, combat doesn't end and I cannot save and load to fix the issue. - In screenshot provided in dropbox file Edér is knocked down. - I've had this happened with enemies as well. They get stuck in some sort of motion of knocking down or that archer skill they use in Raedric hold, where they
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