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  1. I just got your survey, and have to say, I have to give feedback on this one. I bought just the digital version. I usually do, I am not really a fan of box-sets. What would certainly have gotten my attention for a boxed/shipping set would have been a mini figure AND a poster for my walls! Why did nobody ever consider something to put on your wall except a map?!
  2. They did take a risk doing this project with Kickstarter, as we did. They may got other investors to pay off too. Maybe they did great profit, maybe they did not. Maybe they get the cash-back or even profit of the sales now, maybe they don't. The deal was, we pay them for the game to be produced, they produce it. We showed, they showed and delivered. It's fine. Keep it by that, finances of them is up to them. I certainly hope they could make profit on the title, if not - it was not my risk to take but theirs. If they did profit, we'll see more games of them, and I certainly hope we will. I
  3. DA: O had more than two major cities. Still worked. And it worked great. It's about diversity. Because they did Twin Elms too short does not mean it's a bad idea.
  4. They're just hell of fine, being great dds in the beginning of combat, you can pull them out later and re-engage them to gain focus after the fighter has the monsters again. They're fine. As you have to deal with Monks "wounds" system, you have to deal with Ciphers "focus" System, pulling in, pulling out of close combat. It's part of the gameplay, and as I'd say part of maintaining strategies.
  5. Okay, I know that's ridiculous, I'm going to do it anyway, since I just reached 200 hours played (damn you!). I've been a backer since the first day, and I did wait desperately for the game being released. I didn't do much on betas (Linux user), and even didn't take a too close look until it was released. I didn't want to spoil my experience, hope you understand that . When it was released, I got a few days off work (heh, who'd have thought, yours busiest time, my playtime!). I am stunned by the game. It is by far the best RPG I've played since DA:O, and ye, it's an EA title, stil
  6. I just realized that doing the movie of "how easy it is to kill him". What I realized: Pausing the game lost the Keeper 2 points of his HP, and if that one was done by duration effects, it's still bugged, since I paused the game, and the Keeper is not supposed to loose HP while I do pause the game. In this Video you can clearly see him loosing HP while I paused the game, and since I'm sure he lost between the 3-and-1 one, I'm sure it's good to suggest that effects over time even trigger while being in paused mode. You can see it between me pressing pause and me resuming the game, that th
  7. Definitely wrong, I've finished endless path, and there is no upgrade to buy . The "Additional Storage" is simply missing - and since a lot of people finished endless path by now (since there is an easy way besides killing the dragon too), I'd guess it's really bugged (I did both ways, killing the dragon and doing it the "easy" way, it did not unlock). Would be not really logical due to the current storage systems to be able to buy additional storage though, so I guess they patched it out and forgot about the counter for the achievement.
  8. Nice, I had one of my parties trapped like that . Now I can continue my Monk :D.
  9. I did get this bug now as well. Interestingly, restarting PoE solved the issue (huh?). Just loading the savegame didn't. Seems to be a state-issue rather than a savegame bug.
  10. To notice, I tried to reproduce that: This only happens if you pull and run out of sight. So the opponents are still in combat mode, and don't have you "in sight".
  11. Still, it's an issue which shouldn't happen at all... but we seem to have more than just one save-issue (which was to expect at the complexity of the saves for this game).
  12. Found a funny Party-Bug. Create a Ranger, name the Pet the same as the Character (yeye, silly, I know, but I did the mistake). When you get to your Stronghold, and try to exchange some party members, you'll end up at 4 party members, without a chance to get more. The system thinks it got the party members, but only 4 of them keep traveling with you. You can only exchange the first 4 slots, the 5th and 6th are blocked, or - so to say, you can give in any char, they just wouldn't join you ;-). In the end, you're stuck with a 4-player-party, as long as the Pet and the Ranger are named the
  13. That's very strange, I'm running it on pretty much the same without problems, except for me using a different kernel (self-compiled 3.19). Though, people in the original thread tell that 1.03 fixed it for them - can you confirm that?
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