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  1. I just got your survey, and have to say, I have to give feedback on this one. I bought just the digital version. I usually do, I am not really a fan of box-sets. What would certainly have gotten my attention for a boxed/shipping set would have been a mini figure AND a poster for my walls! Why did nobody ever consider something to put on your wall except a map?!
  2. They did take a risk doing this project with Kickstarter, as we did. They may got other investors to pay off too. Maybe they did great profit, maybe they did not. Maybe they get the cash-back or even profit of the sales now, maybe they don't. The deal was, we pay them for the game to be produced, they produce it. We showed, they showed and delivered. It's fine. Keep it by that, finances of them is up to them. I certainly hope they could make profit on the title, if not - it was not my risk to take but theirs. If they did profit, we'll see more games of them, and I certainly hope we will. If they made a bonus - they'll need it to design the next game. It's cool, and as we all know, hardly anyone can afford to live on nothing for a few month out of idealism, especially not having a life, kids and pills to pay, being professionals who got other options. I just hope this was a profit for them, and not a bad experience. I'm playing on Linux, so you'd think I'm all about getting everything for free. I'm not. I'm willing to pay content creators and I do so, hard and good work must be paid. And I'm not using Linux because it's "free" as in "free beer", idealism for some part, for another that I can change what I want to change. And yes, I'd be willing to pay for my Linux System, but the Linux ecosystem depends on the thing called "Support". If you need support, you pay. If you don't, handle yourself (and I can). And I think I donated more to Linux projects than I'd have spent on Windows licenses, it's not rational, it's idealism. With all the positive reviews, I doubt they made a negative overall though, but what's it for real, only they know.
  3. DA: O had more than two major cities. Still worked. And it worked great. It's about diversity. Because they did Twin Elms too short does not mean it's a bad idea.
  4. They're just hell of fine, being great dds in the beginning of combat, you can pull them out later and re-engage them to gain focus after the fighter has the monsters again. They're fine. As you have to deal with Monks "wounds" system, you have to deal with Ciphers "focus" System, pulling in, pulling out of close combat. It's part of the gameplay, and as I'd say part of maintaining strategies.
  5. Okay, I know that's ridiculous, I'm going to do it anyway, since I just reached 200 hours played (damn you!). I've been a backer since the first day, and I did wait desperately for the game being released. I didn't do much on betas (Linux user), and even didn't take a too close look until it was released. I didn't want to spoil my experience, hope you understand that . When it was released, I got a few days off work (heh, who'd have thought, yours busiest time, my playtime!). I am stunned by the game. It is by far the best RPG I've played since DA:O, and ye, it's an EA title, still, I gotta' love it. I'd call the deal we had "we ordered, you delivered". And I want to thank you, because in the end, a Kickstarter is basically like being an investment - though, I'd have only lost ~130 bucks and a single investor would have lost way more :D. Things I definitely LOVE: Solo Play-Throughs - good one .. and a lot of fun. No idea how to deal with Adra dragon solo (to kill it) yet, but it's cool :D. Party and characters: Great characters Localization: Voice on Aloth in German? The Austrian buddy speaking? Well done, a lot of fun. Story telling: Who ever wrote the damn story, and especially the comprehensive dialogs: Tell me where to send the Chocolate. That was impressive work, especially considering the dialog trees, even though there were 1-2 bugs in the end, that's a failure rate of like 0.001 % I guess. Very impressive, I love it. Combat System: Ye, people can disagree here, but especially on harder modes - knowing the skills is essential, as it is on solo play-throughs (as using traps etc.). Game-Feeling: Caught me from the first moment, the whole setup and style of the Game. Things could have been better though, what I did miss: A Character System where they like/dislike you, within that, romances. Character System: More personality and more about the chars than the "tell me all about you" dialog, during the progress, there was not much added to the initial dialogs as far as I'm concerned. Twin Elms: Could have been done better, actually, it felt as if it was cut (very) short there. Environmental use: This was not done that bad, but I think the monsters react "dumb" on your environmental use. Combat System: It sometimes seems as if only the closest char is attacked, but in the end it boils down to a path-finding algorithm. That could have been way better, and way more challanging. Charakter Portraits should be mapped the the Character you created, or even more to what your character currently looks like. I hated having to choose one. I think this is definitely the best RPG in the past years, what's not a shame for other RPGs, but you should be proud of what you achieved. But if you give another RPG a shot, I certainly say it even can be done better. Considering the budget, this was a great game (I do know about budgets of AAA titles going from 15-30 Millions depending on the target group, not in the industry, but certainly did risk calculations for those kind of things). I hope you got some profit out of the game and can consider kickstarting and/or financing another game after the few bugs left are patched up. That would be great.
  6. I just realized that doing the movie of "how easy it is to kill him". What I realized: Pausing the game lost the Keeper 2 points of his HP, and if that one was done by duration effects, it's still bugged, since I paused the game, and the Keeper is not supposed to loose HP while I do pause the game. In this Video you can clearly see him loosing HP while I paused the game, and since I'm sure he lost between the 3-and-1 one, I'm sure it's good to suggest that effects over time even trigger while being in paused mode. You can see it between me pressing pause and me resuming the game, that the Keeper lost 1 point of health (in this case). https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VeVqE1r0544&feature=youtu.be. Please fix it, it's really a non-brainer killing him that way .
  7. Definitely wrong, I've finished endless path, and there is no upgrade to buy . The "Additional Storage" is simply missing - and since a lot of people finished endless path by now (since there is an easy way besides killing the dragon too), I'd guess it's really bugged (I did both ways, killing the dragon and doing it the "easy" way, it did not unlock). Would be not really logical due to the current storage systems to be able to buy additional storage though, so I guess they patched it out and forgot about the counter for the achievement.
  8. Nice, I had one of my parties trapped like that . Now I can continue my Monk :D.
  9. I did get this bug now as well. Interestingly, restarting PoE solved the issue (huh?). Just loading the savegame didn't. Seems to be a state-issue rather than a savegame bug.
  10. To notice, I tried to reproduce that: This only happens if you pull and run out of sight. So the opponents are still in combat mode, and don't have you "in sight".
  11. Still, it's an issue which shouldn't happen at all... but we seem to have more than just one save-issue (which was to expect at the complexity of the saves for this game).
  12. Found a funny Party-Bug. Create a Ranger, name the Pet the same as the Character (yeye, silly, I know, but I did the mistake). When you get to your Stronghold, and try to exchange some party members, you'll end up at 4 party members, without a chance to get more. The system thinks it got the party members, but only 4 of them keep traveling with you. You can only exchange the first 4 slots, the 5th and 6th are blocked, or - so to say, you can give in any char, they just wouldn't join you ;-). In the end, you're stuck with a 4-player-party, as long as the Pet and the Ranger are named the same. I ended up killing the ranger creating a new one, since that I ain't got any problems. As a notice to Obsidian: Never check on damn names, check on IDs ;-).
  13. That's very strange, I'm running it on pretty much the same without problems, except for me using a different kernel (self-compiled 3.19). Though, people in the original thread tell that 1.03 fixed it for them - can you confirm that?
  14. I did (a lot of) restarts the past few days, to check chars, skills and so on. Anyway, what I see as gamebreaking is that Chanter and Cipher are horribly strong. At least ability whise. If you keep using Cipher in early combat to take opponents, and Chanter to control the combat later on by summons - it's pretty much unbeatable (1 cipher, 1 chanter level 5 at the searing falls dragon, a bit a challange, but not worse than with a whole party). What I could do is take over both drakes with the cipher, killing the lows and getting killed by the dragon, after that I had enough to summon my blockers / dragons by the Chanter, and simply continue that (and placing correctly not to get in the flames cone of the dragon) - and it was done. Putting a defensive fighter there would only have made a difference on pull (was hard to keep the cipher to survive), damage whise it seems as if new summons don't suffer penatlies as characters do (athletics / combat duration). I wonder how that would have turned out with a defensively skilled Cipher, but in the end, both vocations are pretty ... essential and ... very powerful compared to others, even though, others have their use too (especially figher, druid and mage). I personally consider all others pretty useless due to a lack of opportunities what you can do with them and how you can use them to react on certain situations.
  15. Since the Update today I have a quest bug I didn't have before. "The Child of Five Suns", at the very first step where Pallegina has to speak to Agosti, when I come close to Agosti the Dialog starts. But I can't continue the Dialog, the Dialog Option to "Continue" is simply missing. What ever dialog option I choose first is irrelevant - just no way to continue the quest. Since it seems as the upload function here is completely borked / not working, my savegame and a screenshot as links: Picture: http://i62.tinypic.com/316qnwk.png Savegame: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B1GGr1MJn_K9eXF2Z0xPekRkbk0/view?usp=sharing If anyone tries the savegame, I know it's a horrible skilled party, but the intention was a different playstyle for that playthrough.
  16. A huge patch... some things I don't like though (balancing), but I'll see how I get along with it. And stunlock/freeze is as revjwh said really one of the most critical problems, even with darguls who can freeze half of your party - which happens.
  17. Well, now I've several tasks and quests which seem to be finished at Wyla in Cubicle Keep (Unwanted, Missing Sentries).. but after completing "Winds of Steel", Wyla seems to be dead, and there is no way to finish those tasks anymore. So, if you lete Wyla die in this event, maybe the Tasks should fail, so they don't appear to be still "doable". They annoy me due to being "active" in the log, and looking for "what to do next" I always stumble over them and am like "ah ye, the Wyla task...". Savegame tells me it's too big to be uploaded.
  18. Okay, I've decided to dabble a bit, because skilling seemed to make no difference. I've played my fair share amount of time, on easy and hard (~40 hours since release). My question is: Are skills completely useless? Mostly, things seem to decide on level, except for the story, that one just goes along weather you have the level or not. Comparison: Good-skilled party, l4-5 at light house, skilled properly. Complete fail, can't seem to do the first room on lighthouse. Worst-Skilled party ever (fighter only int, mage on const, priest in distance wand-fighting on dex, Wizard on Dex, Ranger on Const, Chanter skilled on Const), and all only leveled-up stealth - with ease at level 6-7 at lighthouse, works only with autoattack, you can go afk to take a piss if you want. Really? I mean, I love the game, but that's a bit ridiculous. And I could beat the Draken in Caed Nua with both, the good skilled and bad skilled party - on hard (took some time and a lot of tries though, and a proper party setup - I needed an off-tank (Eder, I'm fighter myself) and two priests (Durance and my own one), ofc a chanter (NOT Kana Rua, skilled badly - most powerful vocation I'd guess though, at least at longer fights they are .. or there is no replace for their skes/dragons/ghosts - chanter does it's own party), and I used a ranger because I don't get along with rogues well yet, neither I do with ciphers - and melee there seemed to be deadly. That's hard? Try better...
  19. The only thing which sucks about this game is, that it sucks up my time like a black hole and my wife already got a bit mad this weekend :D. Though, I could put it on the bad weather we have at the moment .
  20. http://www.amazon.com/Middle-Broad-Sword-Matching-Scabbard/dp/B001THHXDU/ref=sr_1_4?ie=UTF8&qid=1427739260&sr=8-4&keywords=sword and hit your screen. Works Seriously, I am a bit annoyed by the loading screens too, especially switching between city districts - I don't mind on maps or anything like that though. I don't know if it's linux or unity, but it seems to be pretty well cached (loading screen after the first time loading is like 1-2 seconds, and I don't have a SSD).
  21. Temple was pretty "ok" to me, Lighthouse is a nightmare though, almost every fight someone gets knocked out. But it probably wasn't designed for lvl4&5 ;-).
  22. Sad, thanks for the update though. I still hope for a christmas present by you (namely the linux beta) ;-).
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