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  1. Hello again, Quick question: Does accuracy and Damage multiplier bonuses from weapons stack? If so, which duo out of these three weapons would you recommend for a very melee-oriented cipher? (offtank-ish) My guess is that I should keep the mace and the flail in case damage multiplier stacks; the crit on the sabre is nice, but I get much more attack speed and overall damage with the other combo. EDIT: Just realized that adding 'Exceptional' enchantment to the mace took Damaging 3 away, which being there by default with the other damage multiplier implies that it does indeed stack. The questi
  2. It looks more like editing current models rather than choosing to wear clothing instead of a bulky platemail for a visit to the Palace. Plus, if the tab were to be implemented ingame, cosmetic mods could be built around it to add even more colour to the PoE world! Thanks for the link, though, will definetely check it out. IcosahedronXIII.
  3. Hello again, I couldn't find a thread referring to this, so I might as well make one where we can discuss this properly. Being a sucker for roleplaying, I always tend to build up an extensive background on my party as soon as the game starts. I wear certain equipment on city areas for roleplaying purposes, refuse to take in certain characters according to my allignment: the works. However, I wish PoE had a little feature implemented that could make all this roleplaying much more easy and inmersive: A second equipment tab for clothing. Much like in other installments, this tab would have no ef
  4. In 'Supply and Demand' the Watcher deals with the issue of prostitution, choosing to side with the ruthless mercenaries that want cheaper courtesans or the matron of the Salty Mast in order to keep the nobility satisfied. While I enjoy the many vs few choice, isn't it a little bit weird that all of the sudden the Watcher has turned into a bonafide pimp? I do like fancy hats, though.
  5. True, but it still felt like they were giving too much of a bounty for that quest (which, as you pointed out, might be the purpose of it) Any deity concerning secrecy and knowledge-whether it be in this universe or others-always feels wrong yet satisfying to serve; kind of makes you wonder if it has something to do with the taboos and/or morbid curiosity around hidden stuff that makes us feel reasured of our position or if it's just an obsessive attempt of ours to control what's beyond our reach. During the same quest, the deity offers you an alternate way of dealing with the issue, does any
  6. I am currently experiencing the same issue, though in a different area. Here's the screencap: Resting didn't help.
  7. Hello again, I will edit this thread everytime I encounter something odd or contradictory from my perspective; all of the "issues" posted here are mere nuances that I share with you all in hopes of sparking a few laughs and talking about how finicky we all are. Needless to say SPOILERS AHEAD. Let's get to it: On the quest Built to last, the scrivener you're supposed to rescue resists to tell you anything about how her research works, afraid that she might give away too much and cause trouble again. A few lines down the dialogue, she willingly HANDS YOU the entirety of her research and entr
  8. Hello again, As per norm, I've just noticed an issue that might have been happening to me for a long time; the AoE bonus area provided by int modifiers on my cipher's abilities seems to work only occasionally. In fact, I thought this area was part of the red circle itself up until I noticed that sometimes I got a yellow circle surrounding it (as it is usual in the other classes) and sometimes I didn't. This difference happens while casting the same skills -so not an ability issue- and can vary within the same fight. I don't have pictures right now, but I'll upload some as soon as it happens
  9. Hello again, After the most recent patch some weapons' look has been revamped, yet Hearth Harvest's new icon seems exceedingly big even to the point it overlaps with other icons. In the screenshot attached you can clearly see what I'm referring to, I am unaware if this is just a bug I've encountered or everyone's model looks the same; whichever it is, the icon looks terrible so it might be worth looking into. IcosahedronXIII.
  10. Oh, I'm at the lighthouse, this post was originally about it but it somehow focused on the initial encounter with shades. The teleporting skill on spectres and shades is still there, at least on GoG, since on my last run a single spectre managed to kill Aloth while casting and almost downed my main. The stun-per hit is not as frequent, but I think that's due to so much Constitution and Resolve foods. Will keep you posted. icosahedronXIII.
  11. I play scripted NPCs on this run mostly for flavour purposes, as soon as I'm done with the playthrough I'll make my own party I think fast weapons are far better on cyphers during low levels (if you have the right accuracy) because it lets you recharge your spells that much quicker. My arbalest does regen a big chunk of it in just one slow blow, but if it fails I'm stuck for another 4-5 seconds without spells. IcosahedronXIII.
  12. The problem with moving around the lighthouse is mainly the furniture. it's tough to get in range for some AoE spells with so many broken tables lying around. I've tried other approaches too, buddy, it's just that with my current setup (not a fan of power gaming, relally) I can´t really seem to hit it off before my DPS heroes go unconcious. Puppet Master proves helpful on my 20 INT Cipher, but most of the time they cancel my cast or I'm left with no spells for a very big chunk of the encounter. Both blunt melee and pistols seem fairly ineficient at hitting them. I haven't really tried a
  13. Hello again, Is it just me or the ghost in this game totally wreck ass? More to the point, I have a 6 member party with mostly scripted NPCs as teammates (Durance, Edér, Aloth and Kana) aside from a monk and my cipher; I'm playing this playthrough on hard and I can mostly cruise through every fight without having to rethink my tactics. However, shades and spectres make my life a living nightmare (get it?) I've tried magical damage (both fire and shock), all kinds of weapon types, buffing my characters with foods and spells, focusing just one shade and moving on to the next... but it's jus
  14. Hello again, It's an embarrassing thing to say, but I've just noticed on my first walkthrough of the game a bug that may have been consistenly going on for at least a few hours. I have an Island Aumaua with the racial Ability Armed to the Teeth, which grants an additional quickdraw slot to the hero. So far so good. After a few savegames, I noticed that the weapons on my third quickdraw where dyed in red and I could not equip them anymore. After removing them from the slot, a padlock appeared on it as if I had not acquired the ability and now I cannot use it. I've change instances, reloaded p
  15. I've got a GoG release and have also experienced this, usually after skipping a dialog before it finished narrating it, the following bit will start at the very end of the sentence and finish abruptly. However, this has also occurred without me interacting with the dialog in any way. Will look for a specific conversation that has this issue (as I believe it's more of an isolated case with a few dialogues rather than a recurring glitch) and place a savegame here. IcosahedronXIII.
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