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Found 5 results

  1. Good Morning, I love the game, and I still play it even though I’ve had some consistent issues with video. I’ve spent a week working on my video setup and I haven’t been able to change the symptoms at all with any tweaking. So I thought I’d reach out and see if you could provide some insight on what the root cause might be. My primary issue is I don’t know the term for this behavior so I’ll just describe it. In gameplay, in settings where the lighting is dark, I’ve getting a lot of flicker and flashing where it’s impossible to make out any fine detail. If I’m in indoor lighting, I’m seeing some very thin, flashing outlines on my companions. If it’s outdoors and daytime, I don’t notice it. So I welcome any suggestions and I’m also wondering if there’s a technical term in game development for this. Thanks! Michael Just to save a little time, here’s my setup with spec Samsung TV - 50" Class NU6900 Smart 4K UHD TV (2018) Model:UN50NU6900 - https://www.samsung.com/us/televisions-home-theater/tvs/uhd-tvs/50--class-nu6900-smart-4k-uhd-tv--2018--un50nu6900fxza/v2/ Connector - 4k HDMI iVanky High Speed 18 Gbps HDMI 2.0 - 3 ft. Xbox One Both devices are fully updated with latest OS’s/Firmware
  2. Current Content Build ID: 579590 What's gone done got broked? After downloading the latest patch on steam (It was ~578mb) and then loading up my game, i immediately noticed my characters feet were pink and any of my characters obscured by something, such as my rogue half behind the gate, and his pet dragonling. Weird, but i thought it might go away. Walked off and entered scouting/stealth mode and suddenly all my entire party turned a shade of pink. I tried changing areas and restarting the game, and also playing with the graphics settings but to no avail. Here are my current settings: So going back into the game and deciding to just play on i discovered it also occurs on items (aka dead bodies yet to be looted) on the ground where there shadow would normally be and also on NPC's as they entered/left the fog of war. Though i forgot to screenshot those. Then i opened my map to quickly move somewhere and saw this: Eww... It stayed like that as i moved around and had the same strange... stuff, all over it on other maps too. Though when you moved the mouse over either a character or a map marker it changed to this: Have attached a DxDiag and the output log. I know i'm not currently running the latest drivers for my graphics card, but i'm still using the same drivers/setting i was using yesterday before this patch and while i was having no graphical glitches like this, so i don't imagine that that is actually the issue unless something major was changed to affect the way model/spite shading works in the latest patch. DxDiag.txt output_log.txt
  3. Hello again, Is it just me or the ghost in this game totally wreck ass? More to the point, I have a 6 member party with mostly scripted NPCs as teammates (Durance, Edér, Aloth and Kana) aside from a monk and my cipher; I'm playing this playthrough on hard and I can mostly cruise through every fight without having to rethink my tactics. However, shades and spectres make my life a living nightmare (get it?) I've tried magical damage (both fire and shock), all kinds of weapon types, buffing my characters with foods and spells, focusing just one shade and moving on to the next... but it's just impossible for my party to bring down the first lighthose encounter without having to pull some shenanigans. I'll post a few pictures of my party later on, please keep "you suck/your party is weak" responses to a minimum, I'd just like some advice on how to deal with these monsters without a complete do-over. IcosahedronXIII
  4. Loving the last update, just one thing jars me a bit - the shadows of the characters make them seem out of place. One poster mentioned in the update thread the shadows need to be more solid around the legs - as the small distance to the ground allows for less dissipation. Another poster mentioned as a last resort the Fallout style shadows under the figures. IMHO all these have two advantages over the shadows from the PE screenshot: They give a very solid base for the figures. No appearance of floating at all. Also, they never feel out of place (irrelevant of the direction the light is supposed to come from - as in the last two images) Here is a quick edit of the PE image with similar flat shadows for the party. 50% opacity black, following the shapes of the models (this was traced by hand after removing the original shadows and was a lousy effort). They should be very easy to achieve in-game (way easier than the current ones, I imagine). While they appear maybe even less "correct" (and more technologically "old") they seem, at least to me, to fix to a large degree the "out of place" look of the characters. The image also darkens the bottom part of boots. This makes feet appear further away than the upper body and not in the air (there was a good explanation about this effect in a Shadowrun Returns update or article somewhere). This makes the figures a bit less "float"-y, too. The changes should be the most obvious with the party member that is the lowest on the screen, as the ground there is mostly one colour and it is easy to see the shadow. Picking a different angle so the shadows are even a bit shorter should improve the effect. In summary: More solid shadows make the characters appear properly anchored to the environment instead of "floating". Darker shoes (less reflective of dynamic lights) makes them appear on the ground, not in the air. Do you agree? Does this version of the image make the party appear a bit more natural or is it just me?
  5. I have been giving some thoughts to some of the technical problems with implementing dynamic lighting and realistic shadows in a "2.5D" isometric game. The thing is, dynamic lighting and realistic real-time shadows are something people have been working on for a long time in "true" 3D games, and it is not that hard to find and implement good solutions - in fact, Unity will handle this pretty nicely - see what they offer here: http://unity3d.com/unity/engine/lighting However.... Those techniques are meant for a 3D environment, and I just cannot see how they would apply directly to a "2.5D" game - I cannot see a simple, good solution (and I have done enough programming at the DirectX level to be reasonably familiar with the issues). What worries me is that if Obsidian decides to implement realistic real-time shadows, it would require substantial work, but if they don't, they might disappoint some people whose expectations are based on their experience with "3D" games. Personally I don't need to see real-time shadows - but I don't really know what expectations people have in general. .
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