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  1. I have been playing a bit for the past few days on Mindflayer (only got a lvl 18 cleric yet, though) - the experience is pretty much what I expected - overall the game feels a bit like a WoW clone - not quite as smooth, but at least it is free. What surprised me a bit, though, are the various differences from D&D - sure, the regular stats are there, but hitpoints and everything else is changed - makes more sense that way for a non-turn-based game, maybe...just needed to adjust to it. What annoys me most is that currently there is no language separation - it is annoying to end up in a group with french speakers and not understand a word of what they are talking about....but I guess that when the open beta is over and the game goes fully live there might be language-specific servers. Perhaps the most interesting aspect is the Foundry - with the community-created quests - some of them surprisingly good.
  2. Eh... That would be "bat" as in "baseball bat" (and besides, the word is "kylfa" - "kylfu" is the accusative/dative/possessive form) The Icelandic word for the (animal) bat is "leðurblaka" which translates to "leather-flapper" or something like that. On this subject, the word Skuldr has a very definite Old Norse feel to it. In the old mythology, Skuld was one of the three "norns" who ruled over people's destiny, with Skuld being the manifestation of the future. (The other two were Urðr (the past) and Verðandi (the present). In modern Icelandic the word "skuld" means "debt". Adding the -r to the end turns this into a masculine name - and maybe the Skuldr is responsible for future debts - the patron demon of politicians?
  3. Having different NPCs active during the night opens up some interesting possibility for "night" quests - which can only be started or completed during the dark hours, but of course the dangers during the night should be different too - muggers in the cities, prowling predators in the wilderness... Yeah, I like the overall idea, but maybe the OPs level of details is a bit excessive.
  4. A two dimensional reputation system might well make sense, but in that case I would aim for a different system - On one hand you would have a "like" score with each faction, which would among other things control what they are willing to do for you, discounts you get on their merchandise and so on. On the other hand you would have a "trust" score with each faction, which would among other things determine whether they are willing to give you important tasks or information. This allows people to develop reputations like "Trustworthy, but not very likable". However, for the purpose of this game, something like this might even complicate things too much - a per-faction reputation score will probably be just fine 95% of the time - and at the very least it is way better than a single game-wide reputation score, like some games have.
  5. I had pretty high expectations, but this demo even exceeds what I expected at this point in time. Really nice work - well done!
  6. I doubt the static backgrounds would make a huge difference. When the camera is still, the "background" in a full 3D game is pretty much static anyhow - the big effort is in (re)drawing all the polygons that are moving around - animated fighting models, in other words. There would be some saving, yes, but I don't think it will be significant. I would not object to big battles, where the characters are surrounded by a horde of enemies, but I really don't expect to see anything more that, say... 50 models at the same time as an absolute maximum....
  7. Are special moves and such really that relevant when you just have a group of small characters? (As opposed to Skyrim and Dragon Age, mentioned above) where your character can take up most of the screen, and you can really observe the details) Just asking.....
  8. Wow wow wow...yes yes YES! I have really been looking forward to hearing more about the fulfillment site, as one of the main reason I was willing to put a fairly large chunk of money into this was because of the ability to put something of my own into the game - in my case a NPC, based on a character I created for a pen-n-paper RPG many, many years ago. Of course, I don't know how much of that character I will be able/allowed to put into the game - the name and class obviously - the personality as well, and maybe to some degree the backstory and motivation....but I'll just wait and see. One question, though - I think I remember some discussion about establishing a special closed forum, just for the $1000+ tiers - is that still being planned? And yes, thanks for the info on Torment: Tides of Numenera - I had indeed missed that.
  9. Well, that's not really it. It's more that people with no interest in MP/coop don't like the idea because adding this would take development resources - time and manpower, that they would rather see spent on making an even better SP game. Others are concerned that adding support for MP will either mean substandard MP, or compromaises that would negatively affect the SP. Anyhow, the discussion is irrelevant - this game is not going to have MP or do-op play, so why not just let this subject die...please....
  10. A DM client does not make very much sense for a single-player game, does it ? Regarding a toolset, Obsidian has said they will make the game moddable - but it remains to be seen exactly what we can add/change. For some speculation, see this thread: http://forums.obsidian.net/topic/62239-modding-what-will-we-be-able-to-do/
  11. Exactly the kind of update I like - thank you. One thing that is not entirely clear to me - is each godlike associated with one particular god, and manifesting a particular aspect of that god's portfolio, so to speak, or is it more of a "pick one look from a collective pool"? The first case would be very interesting, but that would kind-of imply the need for one "look" for each god, and the need to pick that during the character creation process - the second would be more flexible - you might like a particular look, buit not necessarily a corresponding god. Another question, which I have not seen answered - are any of the different races inter-fertile - that is, are there for example godlike/human mongrels in the world? ....and now I just hope we get the fulfillment site soon.
  12. I'm just wondering about the fulfillment site because, well...a while ago it was said that It's been a month or two (or a bit more) since then, and I was kind-of wondering if there would be any news on the fulfillment site soon....and the "special" forum badges, and the other stuff. Yeah, yeah, I'm getting slightly impatient, but if I have to wait a few months more, that's fine...I'm just hoping for some update.
  13. While I am pretty sure that many of the monsters in PE will be very familiar, I disagree with the idea that there are any classic "must-have" monsters. I will be perfectly happy even if I get no goblins, skeletons, orcs or giant spiders for example .... provided that I get at least a few brand new ones, or at leas6t old ones with some major changes instead - I like being surprised.
  14. The orlans look interesting, and I absolutely love the deity example. Nice update - thanks. One thing I wonader about is how much of the background info (like the deity backstory) will be avalable in-game (such as in manuscripts encountered by the PC) and how much will only be available externally (such as in downloadable PDFs) Anyhow, I love this kind of information - it makes the world feel more...well, "complete".
  15. Who knows - if PE is a success, there might well be a second kickstarter in the future for a co-op (or MP) game, perhaps set in the same world. Personally I just want a good single-player game for now....
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