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    Classic RPG's (Baldurs Gate series is by far my favourite), I engoy 8Ball (A billiards game), Tennis, Furniture Design and manifacturing AND PROJECT ETERNITY =D.
  1. Excatly! =D i think i mentioned something similar in an earlier comment. But yes that would work perfect =D.
  2. This is most a great point. I think that this could work on all of the non important NPC's. I think it should have a balance of this hour by hour take, along with certain more important NPCs walking around. (However, it would seem a little weird standing at a corner to see someone vanish because its the hour they are meant to be at the tavern. Thank you sir. Tips hat.
  3. Ye true. And to extend it a bit more there could be specific night forest quests. And certain areas where certain monsters sleep (bear in a cave)
  4. I'm very sure that there will be an option to rest for a certain amount of time integrated into the game.
  5. I understand what you're saying , but that is dota 2, i don't think that game would benefit from the idea as much as Project eternity. And don't forget this isn't about your fog of war increasing/decreasing during the night, its about the transition of sight when moving from un-natural light into the darkness.
  6. How is this a good idea, precisely? An arbitrary stonewall to progress? And how exactly is the game meant to progress once "you" have rag-raped some NPC? If "the ragman" is "you" then who are "you" once "you" have rag-raped some NPC? Once you're that NPC how are you supposed to become "you" again? It sounds more like you're just expressing your fantasies about being tentacle raped like a Japanese schoolgirl. Lol I see this guy is just another person in the forums that looks for any excuse to put down a post. He tried to do it for one of my ideas but ended up looking plain stupid. Do us all a favour man and try to be constructive in some way.
  7. I disagree. But each has their own opinion. Exactly this is another great example of how this idea can be expanded =D.
  8. I do disagree that it wont add much to the game, I thing it would open a whole new way of approaching the city for different missions and objectives. And every shopkeeper wouldnt have to have a house. If the game is designed like Baldur's Gate, they could simply leave the marketplace area and vanish. Or walk into a tavern. Besides, Only key shop owners and citizens who are deeply involved in quests should have their own house/apartment type building.
  9. Haha, I'm sure you wont get crucified :/. But yes i could imagine joining up with the local thieves guild and finding a whole new night life world. There could be robbery missions, assassinations, tampering of evidence in the local barracks while the guards are sleeping, fraud and so on. There is many possibilities As an alternative side, you could join up with the local authorities to infiltrate the night crime and thieves guild. Haha ye, i misused my words there. But yes grumpiness is the right wording. glad yall like it.
  10. My member title is now: (1) Prestidigitator. What does that mean? haha

  11. I personally believe that some old and new RPG's lack certain aspects of realistic cities. I personally would like to see standard daily routines on many of the NPC's throughout the city. Some of these elements have been added in past games (like Skyrim, BG2, assassins creed) but not to an accurate enough extent. I understand that some of you may disagree with me and may believe this to be a hindrance to aspects of the game. However, I believe it will add a certain beauty and also certain gameplay elements. Possible NPC time Cycle. (For this to work, a lot of citizen NPC models would need to be made) 5am - 7am (sunrise) Middle/lower class citizens begin to wake, head to work and set up for the day (market stall owners, farmers, blacksmiths, criers). Drunks should be sleeping in the odd alley in the slums of the city. The general city atmosphere is quiet 7am - 10am The rest of the middle and upper class citizens should be waking (some escorted by private guards) and heading the their respective jobs. Blacksmiths, bakeries, government buildings and all establishments should be opening by 8am. Taverns should have very few people in them, just the odd patron. The general atmosphere should be noisy and busy. The streets should be at its fullest (Like peak hour traffic in an city on earth) 10am - 5pm The odd poor boy should steel from a stall in the markets The odd man should shout "I've been pick-pocketed!" Criers should be yelling out the cities events and news (like in BG2). Shop keepers should be yelling out to buy their goods (like in BG2). Citizens should be generally active thought the city. 5pm - 8pm Everyone should be closing up shop and heading home. Taverns should start to get crowded. The odd cloaked figure should be wandering the street. 8pm - 11pm Taverns and brothels should be making a roaring trade. The odd whore (not sure if they will be added) should be wandering around the middle class streets near/around city guards. The odd citizen should still be around The odd cloaked figure should be wandering.. The odd drunk should be wandering.\ 11pm - 4am Should there be a local thieves guild this should be their most active time. The odd Tile should fall off a roof. Drunks should be sleeping in the alley. Cats chasing Mice. The general atmosphere should be pretty quiet. Gameplay Features automatically Added Assassinations: This gives certain NPCs a cycle that you can base a killing around. Should I eliminate the target while sleeping? Or on the way to work? ect ect. Waking someone up: Should you finish a major quest, you may chose to wake up the NPC you are collecting your reward from. This may result in them slightly disliking you. This may have an effect on a future quest down the line that is related to that NPC. Meeting certain people at certain times. There would be quests, in which you could only meet a certain person at a certain time of day. You may need to meet them at home at 9pm, or at 6am early before too many people are around. 24/7 Stores There would be some stores in the city that could be open 24/7. But these stores should charge a little more in price. So if your desperatly need some bandages, or, a black robe, or a knife ect ect, you have no choice but to buy from a 24/7 store and spend a little more money. I feel as though this would be a great addition to the game. Please add your suggestions and constructive criticism. Cheers Bhaal_Spawn
  12. This is excatly it. Also torches and light spells would increase the FoW radius.
  13. Ye I thought it might be hard too impliment, however i thought id make the suggestion althought my suggestion about the camping in the wilderness should be easy to impliment. Starting at a campfire will blind anyone. Thanks for the feedback though =D
  14. Appologies if I havnt made it clear enough. But it's quite clear that you have misunderstood this post, next time you reply to a post dont be as rude as you have been please. Now ill explain to you and others in detail if I wasnt clear enough (1) You mention in your 2nd scentence: Of course a "dark alley" is going to be "dark." I NEVER said that RPGs in the past like didnt make alleys dark at night. Man you really have to learn to read and understand meanings. What I proposed, was that when characters sprint from an area with Strong un-natural lighting (like a main street with bright lamp-posts), into an alley with NO LIGHTING, that it starts out initially close to pitch black and slowly becomes more clear. Its just like the exapmple I gave in my post, however i will give you another one as you clearly didnt understand the first. Do me a favour and stare into the brightest light in your house then stare out a window into darkness. You will have a delay time for your eyes to adjust, at first it will be pitch black then slowly your eyes will decern contours, adjust and eventually see objects in that darkness. THIS is the feature i propose. Not just to make an alley darker than a street with lights on it. (2) You then say this " There are lighting modifiers to accuracy in classic cRPGs throughout the late 90s. The lower the amount of light, the lower the accuracy of characters when attacking targets in the dark, lower chance of detection if sneaking, etc." I never once mentioned anything about accuracys in the dark in my post. This is quite clean, and of course old rpgs had this. However i did say this about 3 quarters down my post: "- Certain characters could perform perfect assinations from dark areas and not be seen for a few seconds, giving valuable time to escape." I cant recall baldurs gate, icewindale, neverwinter nights or any of the old rpgs initiate this concept. Hoever it is in Skyrim when you shoot an arrow while in sneak mode. But in any case you have made a false attack at my post once again. (3) And finally you say this: "You might as well be saying "I am concerned with swords in the game. Let me start with a real world example, as I am sure this forum's users will not understand the concept. Swords are sharpened metal blades that deal bodily harm to creatures they strike which are not properly armored. I am concerned that swords will not function as weapons in this game, I hope Obsidian implements swordsin this fashion." This is a forum to help improve the game, not a forum to hack on other members while the person being rude is wrong in the first place.
  15. This implimentation wont necessarily make assassins too strong. I understand this could make assassins stronger, but its not like mages cant cast protective spells. Or that fighters cant have strong armour, or that you cant scout the alley with a long ranged mage light. Or perhaps a *Listen* Perk could be added. Oh and no need to apologise man, nothing wrong with constructive critisism
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