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  1. This is really the problem with all modern CRPGs. People tend to talk with ignorant contempt about AD&D but that was RPG for decades and decades; all developed by the gamers themselves for years andn years. Every single detail of AD&D was there for a reason. The job of Black Isle wasn`t to reinvent the wheel but to move the 30 year RPG tradition AD&D represented over to a new medium, period. But at the same time the development of RPGs was taken away from the gamers themselves and put in the hands of more or less clueless devs who all later decided to reinvent the wheel because the
  2. Why is it so incomprehensible to you that some people find the game just average, and other people find it terrible? Kind of like, oh let me just pick some random game out of thin air here... how about Baldur's Gate? Or Icewind Dale? Yeah, there are people that don't like some of the classics on which this game draws its inspiration. Is it really, honestly so hard to grasp that some people find flaws in this game - more than they feel can be fixed to make it a great game? What are those people doing in these forums ? Trolling ? The forums are for people who (more or less) like the game, car
  3. Baldur`s Gate = RPG classic Pillars of Eternity = Not an RPG classic Since we`re spouting opinions as facts; everything about BG is better than PoE, possibly except the graphics. Music, story, game play. You name it.
  4. well, no. mat516 seemed to express our concerns about the review already, so no need to repeat. the thing is, where matt no doubt read the whole thing, we couldn't. am admitting that we got a few paragraphs deep before we realized it were offering little more than a bad nostalgia flashback to too many rants we recall from a couple years o' poe development. the disenfranchised, limited by the obsidian message board medium, found a new outlet to release pent up vitriol? am not actually opposed to such rampages as Gromnir has indulged once... maybe twice. *shrug* lewis black at l
  5. CRPGs have never really been hard though, at least not in the way something like Starcraft is hard. As long as you can save all the time this will remain the case. If you absolutely want PoE to be hard then play it without pausing the game and refuse to load your games when you fail. if you die you have to start over again. That sounds hard enough for me and you won`t have to spend any time complaining about the difficulty of a game that isn`t about being difficult, but telling a story and making the player figure some things out to advance the story. It`s not just lazy slackers who make games
  6. DUDE...Master Stairs. 'Nuff said. Users/[uSERNAME]/Saved Games/Pillars of Eternity Dude, learn to read. Nuff said. I wasn`t able to reach the master stairs and had to get back up to rest and get supplies. Why are forums always crawling with people liek you who have an opinion and just can`t wait to cram it into a conversation whether it`s relevant or not?
  7. To quote Sims 3: "Taba flims!" Apparently that makes sims literate so maybe it`ll help you.
  8. This is weird. My quicksaves take about half a second while my loading screens last 15+ seconds. And it apparently doesn`t matter if it`s a broom closet or Alaska I`m loading. it`s exactly as slow every single time. And I have a high end PC so shouldn`t have any problems. I`ve just uninstalled it now because it isn`t playable for me. I was on level eight of Od Nua but before the master stairs when I ran out of supplies and needed to rest. This entailed 14 loading screens up and down so about 7 minutes straight of staring at loading screens just to rest and buy two supplies. I don`t understand
  9. And another one. Who in the world could possibly care when you stop reading something? Just leave the page and don`t leave mindless comments when you don`t have anything intelligent to say. Just the utter stupidity of complaining about people`s opinions when that`s all the people on this forum are doing all day long boggles the mind. Yes it`s an opinion. That`s why I posted it here, in order that I might express my opinion. But of course, my opinion are a waste of time, even though you decided to leave a mindless comment underneath it anyway, while your mindless comment is worthy of everyone`s
  10. I stopped reading here. Good, you don`t sound very interesting. Now all that remains is to stop commenting on threads when you have nothing intelligent to contribute and we`ll be getting somewhere.
  11. Well, look, everyone is entitled to their opinion, and you're definitely entitled to yours OP. But I think it's strange to expect PoE to be better than Baldur's Gate. The comparison itself is fair - this is a game that explicitly sets out to recapture some of the spirit and style of the Infinity classics. But how could exceeding and improving upon those games possibly be a meaningful measure of PoE's success? I mean, the Baldur's Gate games are two of my favourite videogames ever. There is nothing that has drawn me back in so frequently and so satisfyingly as the BGs. For me, deci
  12. I`ve been enjoying playing PoE quite a bit. But for the life of me I can`t understand the hype over the game which seems almost hysterical to me. After having finished the game I felt pleased but at the same time slightly disappointed, perhaps because I had expected more. I do not think it is an improvement over Baldur`s Gate at all quite frankly. In some cases it`s just not as good period. When I wrote a Metacritic review to this effect, where the flood of 10s is just beyond belief, I was subjected to a comical campaign of enraged fans who not only downvoted this review - fair enough really -
  13. I figured that was the case and that they`re not meant to be as slow as they are for me. But my loading screens right now are about...15-20 seconds? When you`re in the Stronghold or in Defiance Bay it`s just terrible. Enter a house - loading screen - walk for two seconds to the stairs - loading screen - nothing on the second floor and down the stairs again -loading scren - out the door - loading screen. Repeat for every house in every area and every time you want to visit the stronghold and it just saps the fun out of exploring for me. I`m pretty sure that whole houses would load in BG and not
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