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  1. We couldn’t find that page. Please check to make sure you’ve typed the URL correctly. You may also want to search for what you are looking for. Sorry Because of its privacy settings, this video cannot be played here. Watch on Vimeo
  2. Are you daft? I am a backer and avid gamer. So **** off. I am so sorry about mentioning that perhaps that candy cane you are sucking on is not so healthy and manufactured in the best country. You are clearly offended by this.
  3. lrn2readingcomprehension *facedesk* There will *never* be sex workers in a capitalist society that will get decent wages and conditions.
  4. You said it was part of the narrative. Ît's a game mechanic, you are addled in the mind box my friend. I'm not a politician, if you are appalled by what words I use, I suggest you take deep breath before reading.
  5. And you can't grasp the very simple idea that actively encouraging players to have sex with prostitutes in order to get resting boons might not be the brightest of social commentaries there is. It's not social commentary, that's the point! It's a part of a fictional world narrative. If you worry about social commentary, how about that you get can get adored by entire cities for killing people? I don't understand why you want to make a problem where none is. There is a problem with prostitution in the real world, how about you focus your energy there, instead of on something like this? Stop dodging the frikking resting boon man. It's meta social commentary. The resting boon is a game mechanic, not part of the narrative. Bitch plz. Thanks for the laugh.
  6. And you can't grasp the very simple idea that actively encouraging players to have sex with prostitutes in order to get resting boons might not be the brightest of social commentaries there is.
  7. It's not random, it's part of a quest. It's not the *sex event*, it's the resting boon for having sex with prostitutes. If you play this game on harder difficulties, you'll be very interested in getting these boons. It's just stupid that to get bonuses I have to have sex with prostitues that have sex on a frequent basis with a whole bunch of other people as well. Do you people not see the problem with the resting boon? Sure defend the game all you want, but I'm focusing on this resting boon. I repeat what I said above. Why the resting boon? That actively promotes having sex with prostitutes. Wow. You do not know it, but you are very wrong. Germany has since 2002 legalized brothers, and the *workers* there are as you say, in control of their own lives - to the extent that they can chose between poverty in former Soviet Bloc countries or relative poverty, but then they have to let **** into them on a regular basis. Anyway there is an article about this very thing in the OP, go check it.
  8. Sex is fun. Sex with a prostitute is not. I did grow up. It seems you did not. Yes, this is a game. A game that supposedly would "take on mature subjects and delve into them". Instead it's just a VERY generic RPG that feels auto-generated. If you're going to take on, for example the subject of prostution, at least do something MORE with it. Dive into the situation of being an exploiter, portray the story of the prostitute, the degenerate and the law of the land .. It's very empty in this regard. Throw your coppers at this if you want, I on the other hand rather pay for a deeper experience next time. Alas, the illusion of the "good brothel" lives on.
  9. Prostitution is bad, mmkay. https://tinyurl.com/p85snvu http://preview.tinyurl.com/owwa6pl Am dissapoint
  10. I think the text: "Is this like a runestone or something?" would be kind of funny for players to see inscribed there. Sorry I can't contribute with anything else right now :| It could continue with a line below it "Yes it is, and you missed your chance of being forever remembered!" And another line "So did you!" ... etc.. uhm... I can find the door m'self
  11. Would I be able to get an accurate read on my own personality by playing the game and seeing how the world reacts to me? (if my choices are consistent with how I would react in real life) If yes, that would be pretty cool indeed. Allthough, given the situations that will be prestented to us, I'm sure most of us would run away at first sight of a very scary looking monster, giant sword or not!
  12. I'm all for it! We should be able to start as cripples and then go ahead and finish the game, and get an achievement for it in Steam! : - ) Say what you will 'bout achievements, but they are good cookies.
  13. Real men edit bbCode directly. Real men code a forum for forum users to use so that we have intuitive and easy ways to use bbCode!
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