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  1. @kgambit If you go here in that thread, you'll see Feargus gave a different answer while he was manning the Kickstarter Comments section. I actually asked it on the Comment section as well and was told a compromise would be reached. The Reddit discussion was the confirmation that there would be no kill XP. It was announced the same time as regenerating stamina and caused quite a reaction from the crowd. * Edit: The rest of that post was Cantousent's opinion, not Feargus.
  2. To be fair, I was one of the people who were called names -- I believe one person described my (and others) position on quest/kill XP as 'disturbing'. To this day, I can't figure out how wanting a quest/kill XP similar to the I.E. games would be considered 'disturbing'. I mean it was pitched as a spiritual successor to the I.E. games which had quest/kill XP. It is what it is. I'm still hoping they'll add something for exploration (which I always loved in the I.E. games).
  3. To be fair, if backers were following the Kickstarter, they found out about the quest experience literally one day before the Kickstarter ended through a Reddit discussion on 15 October 2012. Of course, I realize not everyone followed the Kickstarter as closely as some others. I really had to re-evaluate my pledge given that information. At the end of the day, my pledge was more about supporting Obsidian as a company than about the game. There are so few mid-size developers left these days, and it's clearly a struggle for them to stay afloat. I actually increased my pledge on the last day, but it was in spite of the announcement, not because of it. I hope they will at least consider adding a little experience for exploration and overcoming obstacles or clearing a map using whatever method fits your style. It would certainly add a lot to my experience. I know they won't completely overhaul the system, but adding in some incentive for exploration would go a long way to making the game much more enjoyable for those of us who prefer quest/kill XP.
  4. It doesn't happen every time. The funny thing is, in order to get the quests back in the journal (if they disappear), you have to exit to the main menu and then reload your save. If you reload a save, you may (or not) lose some gear from the companions. It happened three times for me, but I had stopped and started playing several other times and didn't lose any armor/weapons. One time I think was simply entering a shop (or at least that's when I noticed a couple of the companions in their undies). Oh well, it's beta after all. Give it a try -- you may get lucky and your companions won't strip down for you.
  5. I may start a new game later. After my Cleric and/or Rogue/Wizard lost their gear for the third time, I admit to a certain amount of discouragement (and I was broke). Plus, I was afraid the local law would throw me in debtor's prison or arrest me as a vagrant. If I could set aside 3 or 4 hours to play non-stop so I wouldn't need to load a save file, it would probably go better since some of the issues happen at that time. Oh well, I'll read the forums for awhile and try again later or tomorrow. Thanks about the avatar!
  6. I was under the impression PoE was using an objective based system, not quest. From what I've seen so far, it feels like quest based only. Between the quest experience, the journal losing quests, and having the Rogue, Cleric and Wizard lose their armor/weapons on me periodically when I load a save, I think I'm done for awhile. (Actually, I don't have enough money to buy armor/weapons for the third time. ) I'll wait and see what they're able to do with updates.
  7. I have found the Wiki to be helpful in answering some of my questions.
  8. Before you pass judgment, have you seen the community enhancements to Forton in this thread. Just saying, keep an open mind. Never drink wine and post. I'll show myself out now.
  9. Hey, I was just trying to let everyone here know what Roby said in the ongoing Multiplayer Thread today, which is where this discussion should be taking place. If there's no difference, fine. I don't have a horse in this race, so carry-on.
  10. According to Roby Atadero in this post today: He's addressing Multiplayer, of course, and not Coop.
  11. Is it too late to change one of the Memorial Stones to TrueNeutral's idea? Here Lies Adam, Killed By Beetles Just kidding. Thanks for the update at a time when you must be incredibly busy.
  12. Yes, the expansion was planned back during the Kickstarter and was included in some of the Tiers. It's an actual expansion and money obtained through the Kickstarter for PoE will not be used for the expansion. Nothing is being cut.
  13. Thanks, Indira! I was more than a little late. I read the entire thread, and it looked like everyone had a great time watching the live feed! Poor Adam. Two party wipes. The game looks amazing to play, and I'm so glad they kept the difficulty at a good level. I'm sure I'll have my share of party wipes while I'm getting used to the system, but, to me, that's all part of the fun!! Hope to get up tomorrow morning to enjoy the live feed with everyone.
  14. Well, it looks like I missed the party entirely. I'll make a serious attempt to rise at 5:30 am tomorrow to see the second installment. Not sure I'll succeed, but I'll definitely try. Honestly, I can't wait until next Monday. I see myself spending days (probably weeks) making dozens of characters and taking them for a spin. I'll try all the classes and some of the races -- may try a male character as well. Do you only play your own gender? Just curious. Sunday evening will feel like Christmas Eve when I was a kid and still believed in Santa Claus. Thank you Obsidian!!!
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