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  1. Stripe says payment can take up to 24 hours, but this is the last day Should I cancel the order and try Paypal instead? - Edits: I just went ahead and canceled the Stripe order and redid it with Paypal. . . seems to have worked
  2. I have no issues watching gameplay footage of games I have not purchased yet, but with ones I have it's easy for me to stay away Of course there is the issue that we can buy the expansion right now so logically I could watch footage still
  3. I guess each person will have to decide whether they wish to double down or not I'll edit the first post in the mean time with the info everyone shared Edits: or perhaps not because there is no option for me to edit the OP?
  4. I was mainly interested in knowing when it was first announced. . . If it goes back to the original kickstarter then it's something I either forgot about or mearly overlooked - Any other info on the X-pack would be useful though as only announcing it probably won't be enough for some people (the way it's listed in the addon) I found this thread after a little bit of digging, but haven't read through any of it yet: http://forums.obsidian.net/topic/64755-more-info-on-the-expansion-pack/
  5. I saw it under the addons section when I was confirming my pledge Needless to say it's impossible to make that kind of decision now with no up front information Also. . . 10 days from now I won't be able to edit my addons any longer Were expansion(s) planned all along for Pillars? My biggest worry is stuff that was suppose to be in the original game (finished content) is now being cut out on purpose
  6. Leaving it open till Dec 3rd was very generious. . . Since it's past the 4M mark I decided to throw down finally 3rd game I've ever backed
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