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  1. There's definitely too much VA since Pillars is supposed to pay homage to PST/BG/IWD, and none of those games had full VO. Reading rates are usually much, much faster than listening (and I'm not even talking about skimming/speed-reading), but my problem is that with full voice, I had to slow my reading down to match, which is awkward and only appropriate when reading a book aloud to your 2-year-old child. In the old IE games, the initial "flavor" sentence meant I could extrapolate that voice acting onto the rest of the dialogue text but without slowing down my actual reading, but Pillars-style got so distracting that I've muted VA completely, which is a shame. Given what we had been told since 2012 (and see sig links), I'm under the very distinct impression that we could have gotten more branching text content if the full VA was dialed back. :/
  2. You know, I had to wait for a friend to order their books to compare, but why on earth did Obsidian not include the "Collector's Edition Guide" book in the signed box for the $250 and higher Kickstarter backers? We only got the thin Vol 1 Guidebook (Almanac), no CE book.
  3. I don't have butthurt, I just don't see why Obsidian couldn't have made their position on speech and censorship clear before I wasted my $50 on their game. Now I have it sitting in my library and I can't play it because they forced an unethical game patch on me. If someone was offended, they could've created an optional patch for those people, not screw with my game. This is why I dislike digital distribution. Had it been a physical copy, I could've returned it or sold it, but on Steam I'm out of $50 and don't have a game I can play. First of all, you have an extremely incorrect view about what "free speech" is; that Constitutional right doesn't extend to private industries. Secondly, you also fail to understand the difference between "can't" and "won't." It's your own willful choice not to play the game, and that's fine, but you really should own up to it instead of laying the entirety of "woe is me" blame on Obsidian here. That's pathetic and implies you have no control over yourself, in which case, your opinion is moot.
  4. AMD Phenom II X6 1045T 2.7GHz 8 GB DDR3 Radeon HD 6770 850MHz, 1GB GDDR5 4800MHz Windows 7 Pro And my 90GB SSD is almost entirely full now, oops! (There's only 6GB of space left.) It's running fine so far, no noticeable hiccups at all.
  5. I had to go find it, but I explained a content problem and proposed parallel companion development in 2012. Obviously the problem is that companion content would double or triple. Maybe Obsidian would be up for such a thing in an expansion or something, but certainly not the main game with 8 significant NPCs.
  6. Too contentious. There are at least a dozen threads since 2012 about it. Any "romance" stuff in computer games is far better added as fanfic player mods. Let precious dev resources go towards broad content.
  7. Considering so many other players don't have issue with playing other non-sneaky classes, the problems you list are clearly entirely PEBCAK. If you TRY to play the rules as a D&D ruleset, you will fail. Read stuff. For example, the stats work rather differently from how D&D works. None of your post is valid criticism. In fact, it sounds like you don't know how to use pause or autopause and never bothered reading about the actual systems in place. Like engagement.
  8. No. See links in my sig and search the forums (seriously). From the very beginning, this game was designed as a pure single-player game, which greatly reduces debugging complication and low-RoI costs.
  9. "I didn't do my research and demand all games cater to what I personally want even though this Kickstarted game was obviously made for a target audience that does not include me, so this game is unplayable and bad." -Suna
  10. This isn't an issue at all. None of the IE games could rotate, so you're lucky to even get zoom instead of true fixed camera.
  11. Look in the tech support forum- there are plenty of people who've run into bugs that made the game unplayable. Seriously, guys, I have zero incentive to hate. I've been behind this game (almost) since it game out. I don't think you understand what "self-selection bias" means. Consider that 77,000 people backed the Kickstarter alone and then more people have bought retail at release. These problems aren't endemic unless the support forum is brought to its knees by thousands of people trying to post at the same time about problems. Everyone knows games are constantly patched and launch day hiccups aren't uncommon. First-day patching isn't even surprising anymore. Sometimes you just have to wait, and due to the infinite configurations out there (like thousands of driver versions), some people have to work around some quirks. That said, if the existing workarounds in the tech support forum don't work, you're better off giving as much information to Obsidian as possible about your system, all driver versions, DX, you name it, and maybe they can find something.
  12. A patch can't fix wheezing hardware. True, it's possible his game is actually bug-free but there are other things going on. But we'd never really know. Hardware incompatibility is the biggest reason to release a demo, I guess.
  13. Well, what's going to happen is if OP gets a refund, he'll just keep the game for free and wait for patches to fix them.
  14. Hm, notice the mixed/low user reviews are "It's too old school for me." Bugger off my lawn, asses!
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