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  1. This issue is clouded by many factors. If I and 77,000 other people paid a team of writers to write a book and we weren't happy with it, I think we'd be justified telling them what we didn't like about it. That's the main problem with developing anything to appeal to 77,000 people: there are a lot of different expectations. In the regular industry what people want and what is made is determined mostly behind the scenes. Game developers have to convince the people with money that their game is worth the investment and investors keep them on a short leash to ensure their money isn't being wasted
  2. This is exactly the kind of game they promised and I'm happy to say that they delivered. Above all what has consistently impressed me the most is the music (Great Job Justin Bell and co.!). I also love getting caught up in the quest lines and the companions are very well done. The main villain seems incredibly cool and I can't wait to discover more (just finished the Sanitarium part of Defiance Bay). The combat is fun but sometimes too drastic. I hate shades, shadows, and spectres, but most other enemies have seemed fair to me. Tactics are definitely what determines a fight that you have to re
  3. I'm considering trying my first run on Hard as I consider myself a bit of an expert at these types of games. My hesitation is that I never played the older games on Hard. That said, I've been devouring any scraps I can get for the last few months (years?), and think I could handle the challenge. Ironman doesn't seem fun though, at least not until I've beaten the game. What if you played through and got beaten by a cheesy tactic in a boss fight? Starting your tale from the beginning doesn't sound appealing to me unless it's on my terms.
  4. My favorite character from Game of Thrones is Oberyn Martell. Sensuki, do you have experience playing a 2-h long weapon fighter with light armor? I don't have the beta but I'm picturing a fighter with skills more focused on active abilities and damage rather than passive abilities and defense. Any advice would be great
  5. Very well done, the best of your videos in my opinion though I also really liked your story video. Looking forward to part 2!
  6. Just want to give compliment Wespenfresser! Nice job, those look amazing I probably won't use them, but I like seeing really well-done art for one of my most-anticipated games.
  7. Thank you for your passion, diligence, and your time spent improving Pillars of Eternity. I loved the IE games and felt terrible after those types of games stopped getting produced. I couldn't understand why, since I didn't buy many other types of games. Anyway nostalgia is a powerful force and it's difficult to divorce oneself from your earliest feelings and how you would feel today if you experienced the same thing. That said, I hope this game lives up to your and many of our high standards (and we all know you'll mod it if it doesn't! ). Seriously, you are the ultimate fan.
  8. So this post is about the difference between a game allowing you to customize elements of your characters and a game allowing you to optimize those things. Most games do both. Take league of legends (or any MOBA) you can choose 1 of over 100 characters and then tailor them to your own sense of style or competition. You can make an attack focused character and shore up their defenses with talents and runes. Or you can choose to focus on making them even better at offense or give them some utility abilities. Since LoL is a competitive game there are a lot of "trap builds" that you should not do
  9. I agree it would be more interesting if each deity granted a specific spell at each level, that was only available to its followers. That way picking a deity felt more important (I'm picking this deity and getting this spell) and getting new spell levels would also be slightly more exciting (what spell does my deity give me now that I have 2nd level spells?). I really like the idea of making this class shift more based on the deity choice while still sticking with an overall class mold. Having access to slightly different spells and different talents seems to be fitting with the legacy of IE g
  10. Nice videos and suggestions. Also more concise than your previous one One question though, since you did now show actual combat from the bg video, what difference would it make? I think in BG I remember characters standing around if they had just killed an enemy they were commanded to attack, instead of going after another enemy. Though this could be changed with AI behaviors set to aggressive, then they would just go after the next red circle. This is an option I liked having for fighters/melee characters without many active abilities but did not use on mage/healer characters since I wouldn
  11. I like your videos but I think they might be more useful if they were more concise? You spend a lot of time talking but your major points could be summed up much quicker. I like your viewpoints but sometimes you belabor the point a bit much. Also they aren't really "videos" if you don't show clips or gameplay, at that point its just an audio clip. As far as the topic, I like exploration XP. I think maybe having it in all areas is fine, but having a bigger bonus for finding hard-to-find areas would gently encourage people to seek out those places. Like 100 xp for just going to a new area, b
  12. I'm of course torn on hearing of a delay. I'm very glad that the game will have the level of quality it needs to be a true successor to some of my favorite games ever made. I'm also very sad that the wait will be that much longer. However, I have other things I need to do and have already waited quite a long time. Most people that kickstart projects must have a good sense of time and a strong well of patience to draw on. Looking forward to more progress, polish, and pillars of eternity!
  13. So one of the best parts of DnD and freeform PnP games is that when you've invested a good amount of time into a concept you can work with the DM to create some unique game elements for them. If your character is a blacksmith you can forge your own weapons and armor, if you are a wizard you can pen your own spells, if you are a rogue perhaps you come up with your own feat or combat maneuver, etc. In PoE you can craft items and enchant them, which is awesome and scratches this itch to an extent. But given how flexible many of the systems seem, it would be awesome to be able to create your o
  14. I'd rather shell out for an expansion pack then shell a little for nickel and dime DLC. To me, DLC always feels like things that could have (should have?) been including in the main game experience but someone decided they could make some extra money by charging extra. On the other hand, expansions typically feel like a moderate amount of work that is done to refine game systems and further the experience, usually with ideas that could not have been included in the main game (D3:RoS is a notable exception as they intentionally held back the Jeweler artisan for expansions despite coming up with
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