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  1. With to lollop I mean he je will jump forward feet by feet with no animation. Please compare screenshot and savegame.
  2. Sometimes Rolling Flame is not reflected at a wall or object but goes through it. In my recent case that was not only weired thing which happend: Rolling Flame went through the closed door north to me where it hit enemies. It got reflected, but not only one Rolling Flame came back but two. At the same time enemies south to me got magically hit by another invisible rolling flame. It's magic! Please compare screenshot and savegame. P.S. it's not the only bug related to this very particular spell, there are two other bugs too: one and another one.
  3. Unfortunately not only Hiravias is affected by this bug. Durance endurances and health stuck both at 16 points! Sorry, it wasn't a bug. Everything got restored after resting.
  4. I experience a permanent reduced endurance for one of my characters. I could not figure out where the panelty comes from so I guess it's a bug. Please compare screenshot and savegame.
  5. Load the savegame and press the tabulator key right after: A floating caption will appear saying "*NameError*". Screenshot and savegame.
  6. Since I have explored Caed Nua Endless Paths level 6 I can find a hovering stone or a skeletion in the map. Please compare screenshots and savegame.
  7. Hello everyone, names and prices are missing for items I sold to the dealer in the chapel. Please compare screenshot and savegame.
  8. I just skimmed through the last pages, so there's a serious discussion going on about a limerick? Really? Don't you have better to do (e.g. enjoying the game, searching Easter eggs, ...)?
  9. Since recently I got a duplicate icon for the "Shadowing Beyond" abilitly with a text displayed saying either "Caps" or now "SysRes" Please see Screenshot, Savegame and Output.log. Happy Eastern!
  10. Swift Aim increases the attack rate by and and the reload speed. However, in the descprition it says: "The ranger gets into a speedy and fluid offensive rhythm, reducing Accuracy but increasing Fire Rate and reload time with ranged weapon and Attack Rate with melee weapons." Either it's "and decreases reload time" or it should say "increases [...] reload speed".
  11. I would like to see that too. I think both would enhance the game experience a lot. For the latter please display all names not only in combat but anytime the TAB key is pressed.
  12. I find it very laborious to first enter the house and then to walk up the second floor. To me there could be just a buttom for resting in the stronghold options menu.
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