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  1. Another one: In Od Nua floor 3: Something on the floor with a text box containing no text. Seems to be clickable but characters don't do anything when the point is clicked. Screenshot in the same location.
  2. On the quest in Ondra's Gift where you need to find the stolen cargo container -- The text mentions four enemies even when more show up. In this case, seven on Hard mode. Screenie uploaded to same location.
  3. Sanguine Armor is one of the first items to have Retaliate -- it's available via a sidequest in Defiance Bay.
  4. I found a save in Roderick's Hold that took place after killing pretty much everything but Roderick's team. Some loot piles are there, maybe this will help by associating them with an ID further back in the file?? Uploaded to same location as before. More bugs with screens same place: Old bug: If a character is Maimed/max 1 HP and you level them up, their new (temporary) Endurance cap will rise to match the new HP total, even though they're still Maimed. Possibly WAI? Old one that was supposedly addressed in the recent patch: Items gained from quests do NOT show up in both logs. Up
  5. Also, post-patch only: When fighting enemies capable of using poison, Eder will frequently say that he's been poisoned aloud (no text in the log), whether he's actually been poisoned or not. Repeatedly. *e.g., "Not to alarm you, but I'm slowly dying of poison.")
  6. A group of issues, all either introduced with the most recent patch & hotfix, or which were in the launch version on Steam and persist post-patch. Win 7 64 bit, 8gb RAM, GTX 660 video Thanks in advance! New glitches: Roderic's Hold -- Unable to reproduce (will try some things later and upload a save if I can trigger it again) but I have screenshots - Went through hold, entering via climbing vines in NW corner. Killed many of the enemy groups in there except Roderick's group and mercs near the front doors. Wore priest robes to bypass floor full of priests (and loot it clean - po
  7. I had the Sanitarium go all-hostile on me (both floors) when I threatened to turn the researcher downstairs in to the statue guy. The guards were nowhere near my party, yet they all went red as soon as I saw them.
  8. Hrm, it seems the forum puts a time limit on edits. Anyhoo: Tested both of the above -- Matuse appears to be correct. I did a run through of the starter area, ending with juuuust over 3000 EXP when I recruited Eder (just enough for level 3). Even though my chara was level 1, Eder was level 3. Note that Aloth (grabbed just before this) was level 2 but about 300 EXP short of level 3. I tried loading an earlier save --- IfI level up to 3 before grabbing either one, then I go an sleep in the Inn *without* triggering Aloth's fight (there's an upstairs entrance for a reason ), then take Eder, A
  9. Yeah, I had the exact opposite. Saves are incredibly fast for me now.
  10. Interesting. Sounds like a reportable bug to me Might wanna send them a save of the "level 2" version if you still have it. I was planning to start over after this patch anyway (I used the prepatch version to experiment..which mostly meant 'seeing which factions I could tick off the most'). thanks, all!
  11. Just curious if anyone's had experience with either of these: On my next run, I would like to snag all of the "story" companions at level 1, so as to better control their leveling. My question is, is their base level dependent upon my MAIN character's level at the time they are found, or on the average of ALL my characters' current levels and/or the highest one? e.g.: If my main is level 1 and the rest of my group is level 4, will the new Companions be level 1, or closer to level 3? It seems to be based on the main only, but I was wondering if anyone's actually tried just not leveling the
  12. Thanks for the list! I know that the notes are tentative, but is the save game fix gonna be in there (the issue with inactive traps bloating the filesize/load time)?
  13. Devs - Thanks for the update on the update! As for games releasing with tons of bugs --- They shouldn't have more than a handful of significant bugs (this one has a lot of bugs, if only a few truly major ones (save bloating and the associated load time and crash issues, stats disappearing or getting multiplied, etc)) -- but they're obviously working hard to get them squished. I've seen many a game that was in FAR worse condition at launch, and I've seen many that were in better shape. A buggy release is a risk I've come to accept, after having been a gamer for nigh upon forty years. I'm no
  14. Makes sense to me -- If you've never been to a given map/area, the game just needs to keep track of the fact that you've never been there, and assume that it's in its default state. Once you've gone to a new location, it now needs to add the flags (such as "does this object/mob exist?" and coordinates & item colections for dead enemies) to the save file for everything in there. That crap adds up over time. )
  15. The "story" companions you meet will be near the bed where you rest in the Stronghold. Not sure about created companions.
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