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  1. You can get the achievement by getting the hangman, going to ukaizo and then reloading the autosave.
  2. In the ending slides for me Xoti apparently split into three, going with Eder, dissapeared into her nightmares and continued sending me letters and being close to me... seems like the combination is quite illogical and each slide speaks about a different ending as the other ones. https://depili.fi/poe2_gamecomplete.zip has the savegame
  3. The multiple Crookspur quests interact in strange ways. I first got the quest from Principi and the rant from Seraphen about slavery. Sailed for a while and got the summons to Deadlight, went there and got the quest updates. Then I got a quest from Vailian trading company (IIRC) to go and speak to the Principi for a mutual interest, went there and got the same dialogue about Crookspur, same rant from Seraphen and the same letters to go to Deadlight...
  4. Yes, a way of turning the scaling back on would be much appreciated, I got stuck in Dunnage by the ambush and only realized way way after that the scaling went away with the needed difficulty change.
  5. The morning star has an enchantment that makes it do 0 corrode damage over 0 seconds, and that can even be boosted by enchanting to 0 corrode damage over 0 seconds with 0% chance to kill near death enemies... Something doesn't seem to be right here.
  6. Yeah, for some reason the corpses of dead summons from the Grey Sleeper soulbound esoc seem to sometimes follow you on area transitions, even without triggering combat. Sin tis with the wicht corpse and a reverant corpse, both decided to hang around on top of one bench in the caed nua main keep looking really glitched. Back before the new savegame format many different summons were getting permanently saved in the mobiledata part of the savegame, this might be something similar.
  7. The documentary was really awesome and well put together. Seems to capture the whole roller-coaster ride perfectly.
  8. You need to learn the language the spirits speak, and that happens in Heritage Hill.
  9. "Sod of you lousy cleric, I don't need your healing or your buffs, I'm the worlds greatest fighter!"
  10. When I was digging around to filter the traps created by chanter rime and frost from my savegames I noticed that if there is a corrupt "chunk" in a save the game still loads, but everything after that corrupt chunk is ignored. For the first iteration of my cleaner with slightly wrong handling this meant that my characters lost most of their equipment. Maybe this is also due to save file corruption? Might be caused by HD errors or whatnot. The things that will make debugging the possible corruption hard are that the game doesn't give any error to user when loading a corrupt file, it just si
  11. Well, the medieval "economy" was pretty much two-tiered, peasants seldom even saw any money anywhere, it was mostly just trading stuff for other stuff and merchants/nobles were all about showing how rich you were by spending that wealth around, with for example a single dress that costs more than a sizeable town built from scratch. For a modern person that economy would make no sense at all. (One common tactic for a lord to keep his most troublesome lieges in check was to go visiting them often keeping them almost bankrupt from the feasts).
  12. Demogorgon doesn't care about your wizard casting his puny time stop.
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