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  1. The game played without issue for several hours but once I reached Neketaka, the game began to lock up requiring a reboot. When the crash occurs, my screen with either turn black or display vertical brown bars on a black background. Game sounds will continue to play for a few seconds and then the sound will go into a high frequency loop that sounds almost like a buzz and my PC becomes wholly unresponsive, requiring a hard reboot. Win 7 16 GB RAM AMD Radeon R9 200 series 19.3.3 drivers ASUS P9X79 Pro mobo I ran GPU-Z and created a log file. Looks like there's something weird going on with GPU memory usage. I've tried lowering gfx settings to low and also lowering screen resolution/playing in windowed mode but the crashes persist. Any ideas? There is no crash log available. I've attached the output_log.txt from the PoE2 data file. I've also attached the GPU-Z log file and my dxdiag. output_log.txt GPU-Z Sensor Log.txt DxDiag.txt
  2. I've got every character in my party and extended entourage maxed out. This battle is ridiculous. What the hell happened to the concept of play balance. This isn't fun at all. Pretty much killed my enthusiasm an interest in progressing any further in the game.
  3. Fiddled around a bit more. I have found that if you dismiss and then recruit NPCs at the stronghold the -20 penalty will disappear for them but there's nothing you can do to remove the -20 penalty from your main character.
  4. Hopefully this works. Link to savegame. https://mega.co.nz/#!ZhQAmY6B!uBCYZ3aOSnl5Y09Ms46Zk7pEuOWdtWsAaFd1h4O9Jw4
  5. I never had this issue prior to the patch but I notice now that every character in my party has a -20 penalty to concentration listed on their character sheets and that my spellcasters are constantly flubbing their spells in combat now. I have an image of the character sheets but the forum software won't let my attach it as a file nor will it let me upload it to photobucket and link it.
  6. I re-mapped most controls for camera, map, inventory, etc to the number pad and arrow keys. When I press one of these keys, it completes the action that I assigned to it but it also tries to implement another action at the same time that I have not mapped nor do I see an option for in the key assignments menu. For example, I've remapped the LEFT arrow to the character sheet. When I press the left arrow, the character sheet page opens but the arrow press also cycles through the different party members. I've remapped the NUM7 key on the number-pad to SLOW speed. When I press that key, the game does slow down but it also tries to select a party formation.
  7. I can sort of do the basic combat QTEs but the more complex ones that I've just started running into are simply not possible. I usually like to use my TrackIR head tracker's mouselook feature to control direction and the numpad keys for movement and interaction. With this game, that's just not an option and I'm now at the point where I simply cannot progress any further, even with the difficulty on the lowest setting because the lack of key binding features make it phyiscally impossible for me to do so. Please add a remapping feature devs.
  8. I tried to use a Hex editor to change the ASCII codes but that didn't work either.
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