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  1. Its not about a whole economie system. If you would do this, then you would have to install a propper trade-system, etc., too. Its about the feeling. Its about, if the world makes sense. And in this case, it doesn´t make sense. I got the feeling, that nobody was sitting there for this 5 minute - topic (or maybe even 1 hour) and was thinking about, if the whole system is balanced. Because it clearly isn´t. I played table-top games for a long time and there you have whole price lists for feeding the backround information. And here in the game this price list topic was taken together without thinking, without sense. For me it destroys the feeling. For me it destroys the game. I can understand it for low - budget companies, where maybe one guy is doing the whole job, or where you put pupils at the computer. But in case of obsidian, which was founded 2003 and has some people sitting there, which use to pay their bills, their mortgages, their taxes, it is embarrassing. Such people should have some sense for, what prices are reasonable. And in a world, where the average salery for security staff is 10 copper per day, then it absolutly makes no sense at all, to let the player pay 150 copper for a decent hotel room. And i don´t think, this "budgeting between making a good story and constructing an economy" must be taken as a choice. A good story includes some reasonable thinking in prices. Otherwise the backround information don´t add up and the stroy is broken. Especially as you don´t have to construct a economy. Just some reasonable prices. Or does this kind of telling makes sense? "I was hunting down the mighty dragon. I fighted for hours. It was a terrible fight, but at the end i was succesful and was able to pillage his hort. There was a big pile of gold coins. At least two millions rupeen worth. And i was able to pack this whole amount on 10 burros. I traveled to the next village, where i was able to pay the whole rent for one room for one day! I was so lucky!"
  2. Hi. After i was finishing a quest, where i was able to receive "the most valuable diamond at the west coast" and i was paid like 2000 copper coins for it. After this i was going to the inn, where i paid 150 copper coins for one (!) night. I mean, i hire people for 10 copper per day and pay 150 copper for one single night at the inn? Even it doesn´t matter, if i am a single-person-group or a full packed group with 6 people, i pay this price. Then i go to the trader and pay 5 copper for one (?) or a whole pack (?) of eggs. If i pay like 10 copper a day for my staff, how are they able to feed themself with this prices? Eating dirt? In my oppinion the price system does not make any sense at all! Saleries, prices for goods, rewards and payments for "DIAMONDS" are connected together. But in this game the developers did not spend enough thinking on how this whole stuff works.
  3. Ok, i putting it up here, because it is closest to my problem as well: I just wanted to start the game (steam version) and it crashed. A little window was showing up, where i was asked to send the information to the developers. But as there are no information available, where to send it, i was searching for some time and gave up now. If you want to have the information to be send, then it would be nice in closer future, if this error windows field would include some adress, where to send it, not just "send it to the developers", because first of all, there are quite many of them, and second of all: i can´t find one. And i cannot find a sending option here. So: have a nice time. By the way: the problem vanished, when i just started anew.
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