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  1. Is there a temporary fix? Is there a way to revert back to the previous patch?
  2. Sking, he had boots of endurance in mine, so yep, he did have an item.
  3. Here is my save as well: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B1sKJIi0vCBUaHczT19zOWg3a0E/view?usp=sharing Try this.
  4. Hi There, Has anyone experienced this with the new patch? Basically, Hiravias is stuck at half endurance, no matter what I do. I kicked him out of group, recruited him again, rested, cheat rested, healed him, no fix. Any advise?
  5. Actually i noticed that after the patch one of my own team members is bugged this way too. Specifically the NPC druid (can;'t remember his name). Basically no matter what i do, he is at half endurance.
  6. You know, i find it very entertaining that everyone is trying to put classes in to tiers. Bottom line, you have a party, and every person can pull their weight in the party. Without Eder i'd b wrecked, without Durance, Eder would drop, without my monk, the big bosses would take forever to drop, without my chanter the summonings that help immensely would be wasted, but till then his chants help in small subtle invisible ways, and without Aoth and a druid, huge expanses of enemies wouldn't suddenly be confused, flamed, iced, etc... etc... Bottom line, no class is better than another, because asi
  7. Hi All, Not sure if everyone has created this yet, but I thought it'd be fun to see what people believe are some of the best spells/abilities per class, for the first let's say 6 levels. I'm still too low level to venture an opinion to be honest, but want to see what the more experienced have to say about it. ok............... GO!
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