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Found 6 results

  1. I'm wondering about the True to Form sidequest for Hiravias, and just which direction to steer him in in the end. While I'm inclined to follow Galawain's request in the end and send the souls to strengthen the Dyrwood, Hiravias seems happier in the end if he sticks with Wael instead of going back to Galawain. If I encourage Hiravias to follow Wael, though, he'll also encourage me to break my promise to Galawain and do what Wael wants, which will mean the Dyrwood will suffer (and the dragon fights in Deadfire will harder, from my understanding). What's the more ethical direction to encourage Hiravias in? What way did YOU steer him in and why?
  2. When in Elms Reach, I'm supposed to go to the druid named Tamrwn near the tree pedestal and speak with him to push Hiravias quest. Unfortunately, despite the little guy being with me, the conversation doesn't trigger, Tamrwn only says, if I want anything, I should speak with another druid next to him. I ended the whole WM expansion before coming to Elms Reach, been in the Blood Sands location and read the stone tablets, but without the conversation I can't progress in the quest. I can't find any solution on this or other forums. Did anybody had a bug like this, or am I missing something? EDIT This may be important. I've started the game after some break and manually copied the saves to the right folder. I see now that Hiravias quest description is grey, not black as in other active quest. There were no problems with other alredy active quests, but maybe something's wrong with this particular one? Best regards
  3. Hello! This is my first fourm post and I'll cut to the chase. I sent Hiravias to escort Berolt from Caed Nua. I didn't want to go to Twin Elms without him so I did some WM II quests while I waited for his six days to finish up. When he got back all of his loot was gone and stark naked (this is really disheartening because he had two soul weapons bound to him along with an invisible cloak) and he was under level. When I tried to level him up his name wasn't even Hiravias anymore but "tGender" and then two of him spawned! However only one of them could follow me while the other just stood still. I've got some screenshots as proof PLEASE HELP! I have only one save before buggy!Hiravias shows up and unfortunately, I don't have any saves made before I sent him to escort Berolt. Edit: Here's a link to the pictures as proof 1.https://docs.google.com/drawings/d/1WVle926PrNgpoNV9HcY9V_4rEJj1eyYWV_yC3BBCuko/edit 2.https://docs.google.com/drawings/d/1q4DWu05xZX535NR6tI6hmddJQJ12QeR8H6eNhyL1lSs/edit
  4. I figured I'd open a new thread for these issues (originally reported here), seeing as they are separate from the issue described in the thread where I had posted them. The main issue is that Hiravias's head is detached from his body (offset issue.) Additionally, some characters have a different color for their complexion depending on whether it is their face or their body. SAVED GAME: link REPRO STEPS: Load the attached saved game. Go to your inventory. Select Hiravias. Observe that Hiravias's head is detached from his body. Screenshot. Select the protagonist. Observe that the protagonist's head is a much darker/greyer color compared to the complexion on the rest of her body. Screenshot From your inventory, select Sagani. Observe that Sagani's head is a much brighter color compared to the complexion on the rest of her body. Screenshot.
  5. I experience a permanent reduced endurance for one of my characters. I could not figure out where the panelty comes from so I guess it's a bug. Please compare screenshot and savegame.
  6. I just entered an Engwithan ruin and looted the dang place, with Hiravias in my party, and he never made a peep. Given that he's a Glanfathan, shouldn't he, like, mind? Where by "mind" I mean "try to murder us all"? This wouldn't bother me if we'd at least had a conversation about it and I had to convince him that it was for the best, but none of that happened; he literally never said a word. Or did I somehow miss something that I was supposed to see?
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