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  1. Thank You for the answer. I spoke with Hiravias about his problem with the clan etc. and the quest started. Now (I checked in the walktrought to be assured) I have to find a druid in Twin Elms who knows something about his clan. I found the guy (Tamwrn, a druid in a yellow cloth) and went with Hiravias to him, but the conversation isn't poping up (the one You can see here at 17 sec - https://youtu.be/mMToFFRzIv0?t=16s).I can't progress further into the quest, I even tried to edit manually the game files so the conversation is obligatory, which succeded, but didn't push the quest further...
  2. Hello guys, maybe someone on this thread can help me with a quest problem I have... The precise problem is written here: https://forums.obsidian.net/topic/96428-hiravias-quest-true-to-form-bug-spoilers/ In short: I can't proceed in a quest for no reson. I tried to restart it or change the advancement with the editor Xaratas posted in this thread, but I can't manage to do anything, only to force the conversation with an NPC which in the end doesn't advance the quest. Can somebody give me hints how to edit the quest file to proceed in the quest?
  3. When in Elms Reach, I'm supposed to go to the druid named Tamrwn near the tree pedestal and speak with him to push Hiravias quest. Unfortunately, despite the little guy being with me, the conversation doesn't trigger, Tamrwn only says, if I want anything, I should speak with another druid next to him. I ended the whole WM expansion before coming to Elms Reach, been in the Blood Sands location and read the stone tablets, but without the conversation I can't progress in the quest. I can't find any solution on this or other forums. Did anybody had a bug like this, or am I missing something? EDIT This may be important. I've started the game after some break and manually copied the saves to the right folder. I see now that Hiravias quest description is grey, not black as in other active quest. There were no problems with other alredy active quests, but maybe something's wrong with this particular one? Best regards
  4. Well... sh*t. I wanted to check how's the campaign going and I almost spit my coffe when I saw that it has ended and we're already gathering money for another strech goal. I didn't have the chance to say it in the previous, now closed topic, co I will say it now. Fluffle, You have my sincire gratitude for rolling this campaing. I always wanted to be some sort of patron of arts, co-finance a campaign and have a contribution in some fundraising. Thanks to You one of my wishes camed true, and thanks to everybody who pledged the THING will happen! I'm really happy we made it, in huge part due to our magnificent anonymous donator (a Leaden Key member maybe? :D) Really thank You guys and I know whatever will be decided here and will turn out, will be magnificent Now, when I will play the game and meet the BIB, although there won't be any "Korin" mentioned, I will imagine I am (or I was, depending what Obsidian will manage) one of those guys, on that ship in that world, meeting with the heroes of Dyrwood. THANK YOU
  5. Ok Fluffle (you bastard!), you've convinced me to update my journa... my pledge! Little less than two weaks, but I think we can manage to get the whole sum.
  6. Well I don't really care about the recognition, I'm just happy to be a part of this croudfund and making something LEGEN- wait for it -DARY! I hope we will get to the final point and make the BIB a thing Sorry for the offtopic, but I really must do this - WE HAVE THE BIB BADGES, ARRRRRR!
  7. Good! Just shared that clip on Facebook. Thank you! Yes! Good idea! Spread the news! Everyone to everywhere! :D Ay ay Captain!
  8. Is there a way to watch the Q&A where the guys from obsi mentioned about our croudfunding? I coulnd't watch it when it was live.
  9. Ravel could be a pale Elf or Human who is a mix od some base classes thats givig a shaman in effect or somerhing alike, like mage cleric or mage cipher.
  10. All ideas are great, but I can't relate our croudfunding with those changes in the game. For now we don't have enough money to make a BIB crew or ship, If we get to $750 we could make an item in the game, f.e. the BIB flag. If I'm missing something then sorry, please correct me.
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