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  1. Right, I'll wait for the patch then. Thanks for the reply!
  2. I just installed the game yesterday to play White March Part 2 and it slows down to a crawl everywhere. I don't remember having this problem before. I'm playing on Windows 10, with i5-4570, GeForce GTX 960 (latest drivers) and 8 GB RAM. Anyone else getting this problem? DxDiag.txt
  3. Yeah, the keep's a nice idea but poorly implemented. In the beginning, I assumed those rest bonuses would be cumulative and you'd have all of them, so was pretty surprised when I found it was far better to rest in inns. I'd enjoy it much more if there was some life around there too, with people wandering around, not just big empty spaces.
  4. I've upgraded my keep to 38 Prestige and 37 Security with 4 hirelings and yet I seem to be running at a net loss on taxes. Just lost 606cp to bandits and only gained 75cp from taxes. I haven't even made enough to pay my hirelings! This seems crazy considering how much I've spent on upgrading the keep. Is it actually better for you if you don't upgrade the keep at all? That way you can spend money on other things and not waste it on hirelings and upgrades? I honestly can't see the point of it otherwise.
  5. I've totally upgraded my keep, employed 4 hirelings and got 38 Prestige and 37 Security, yet I'm still getting the same seemingly random amount of money lost to bandits and gained from taxes. Just now I lost 606cp and gained only 75cp, so it seems like I just threw all that money invested in the keep away. I honestly expected to recoup some of my costs!
  6. Same thing exactly- hirelings currently unpaid and leaving despite being paid on payday and nothing in the treasury. Has anyone from Obsidian actually acknowledged that this is a bug or working as intended or that we need to do something to pay them? I haven't found them saying anything at all and it isn't mentioned in the upcoming patch notes. Would be nice to know whether they're working on it or just pretending it doesn't exist.
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