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  1. A dash from column A, a heaping helping from column B to be honest- I have an odd penchant for histrionics sometimes. Everyone's given magnificent advice though, I see I'm not the only one who's had the same affliction before! Maybe I'll just have my first playthrough on easy and try my best to relax with a character that has a fairly simple concept going on
  2. So uh, hi everyone. I'm having some slight issues with character creation. I'm experiencing fairly horrid reroll syndrome / OCD and absolutely cannot bring myself to play the game because sooner or later something about my character just seems off, wrong, unconvincing or just mechanically unsound and worthless. The farthest I've gotten with a single character so far? Gilded Vale. ENTERING Gilded Vale, that is. The amount of different options and mechanics means that it's basically impossible to create a character that would have all of its aspects be in harmony with eachother. You can either
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