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  1. A dash from column A, a heaping helping from column B to be honest- I have an odd penchant for histrionics sometimes. Everyone's given magnificent advice though, I see I'm not the only one who's had the same affliction before! Maybe I'll just have my first playthrough on easy and try my best to relax with a character that has a fairly simple concept going on
  2. So uh, hi everyone. I'm having some slight issues with character creation. I'm experiencing fairly horrid reroll syndrome / OCD and absolutely cannot bring myself to play the game because sooner or later something about my character just seems off, wrong, unconvincing or just mechanically unsound and worthless. The farthest I've gotten with a single character so far? Gilded Vale. ENTERING Gilded Vale, that is. The amount of different options and mechanics means that it's basically impossible to create a character that would have all of its aspects be in harmony with eachother. You can either have character that's actually worth half a damn gameplay-wise OR a character that's interesting and seems to come to life on its own, not both. Unless you consult dozens of guides and how-to's, of course.. But that just feels wrong. The inherent fault here probably lies with the fact that you have to fabricate the entirety of the character's background at the kick-off. Contrast that with say, Baldur's Gate where most of your character's background and traits exist only in the currents of the player's imagination. There's very little emergence here, in contrast. I find myself constantly trying to abide by this preset make-believe background and it just claws at my mind how much that limits my enjoyment. Very few of the gameplay mechanics are explained beforehand. A perfect character otherwise might very well get simply gored later on because you tried to spice it up a little. I'd rather not fall into min-maxing and constant cookie-cutter builds because that would gnaw at my enjoyment of the storyline incredibly much. I just.. Ugh. I feel like I threw forty denars down the drain. I quite simply cannot cope with this. To find any enjoyment, I'd have to spend tens of hours studying the game, spoiling the plot completely and crafting a perfect character that has a fully pre-built lifespan from the beginning to the end. I've experienced the same feeling before with other games of course, but none quite as severe as here. But I suppose that this is the eternal curse of having to try and make something a story as well as a game system at the same time. Is anyone else going through something like this or am I just mad?
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