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  1. Yeah I agree with that. With some games (Battle Brothers for a recent example) I've even seen fans get extremely upset when the devs said they weren't going to sell DLC after the game was completed. I also remember the Oblivion Horse Armor incident you mentioned before and how much it pissed people off. By now, something like horse armor seems completely innocent compared to some of the stuff I'm seeing out there and nobody seems to mind at all. People will learn to swallow anything if you push it hard enough.
  2. A season pass usually just means it includes all DLC made for that game*. Don't know why they call it a "season" pass though. Doesn't bother me either way because I'm not buying a season pass anyway. If the DLC is worth the price I'll gladly pay for it, but I'm not very eager to buy some DLC bundle before the any of DLC is actually released or in some cases before it's even announced what the DLC will be. *there are some unscrupulous companies that sell a season pass and then make separate DLC which isn't included in the season pass, but I'm going to assume that's not going to be the case
  3. I don't understand what is meant with a "Roguelike Mode" in the survey.
  4. After some brainstorming (I can't take all the credit here) we managed to fill out the complete roster. It's harder than you'd think and I'm not entirely happy with some of these, but may it inspire someone.
  5. So essentially, Edér having Weapon Focus is the bug, him not having it is as intended?
  6. I recruited Edér before the patch, but currently the game is patched. Like I said, I'm not using any mods and I didn't respec Edér or anyone else. If the patch changes his talents, shouldn't everyone's Edér be missing his Weapon Focus? Or at least, everyone who patched the game?
  7. Nope. I'm not using any mods. I also didn't touch the console.
  8. I have no idea how or when this happened, but I just had a look at Edér's character sheet and for some reason he doesn't have his Weapon Focus: Ruffian anymore.
  9. This is what you get when you cave to the first person to loudly disagree with you: You open the floodgates for every moron with an opinion.
  10. I always love traits that come with a tradeoff, like the background traits in Fallout or Arcanum. Not only does it feel more flavorful than just stacking on the bonuses, it also gives the powergamer in me something to obsess over.
  11. I'll probably play a Humanb/Godlike Paladin first, because I usually like Paladins. I just hope the game will have some cool offensive Paladin abilities so I can get my Holy Smite on. I'm very tempted to play a Dwarven Rogue though, for some reason. Wielding the biggest gun I can find, of course.
  12. Very cool, thanks for the post. Is there any distinction between what classes use what weapons? Are there any obvious incentives for certain playstyles or classes to stick to certain weapon types, or is it more about what kind of defensive properties the enemy has? In other words, could I end up having a Paladin dual wielding daggers and a Rogue two-handing a warhammer and be just as efficient as the other way around? Or even equip my entire party with spears because for some reason I just love spears that much?
  13. Well, like I said usually multiple factors play a role. So in a system where speed and damage are the only factors, you can just do the math and get your DPS. But if other factors, like flat damage resistance, are also factored in it becomes a more complex (and thus more interesting but also harder to balance) system as a whole.
  14. After reading the recent update, there's something that's been gnawing on my mind. Most classes seem to have a fairly obvious preference for melee or ranged combat, while others can go either way depending on preference. A Fighter seems to have a melee bias, a Ranger would likely use ranged weapons exclusively, and a Rogue could put either option to good use. So far, so good. This distinction makes sense given the combat roles of each class. The thing I'm not sure about is when it comes to different weapon types in the same range category. A typical example would be a melee Fighter vs
  15. I think when you start obfuscating to-hit values, you get some awkward situations. For example, you keep missing an enemy, and you can't figure out why. Does the enemy simple have high defenses, are you very unlucky with attack rolls, or is the enemy actually unhittable? Things like that can be very frustrating, especially in an RPG where hitting or missing is (semi-)random. From a point of realism, I imagine a warrior would at least realise why he's missing his attacks, so there should at least be some way to estimate why you're missing, and if you're just barely missing your attacks or swini
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