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  1. Ok I take umbridge with these questions. To me the price of the base game is irrelevant when considering season passes. To me its about the pricing of the season pass VS the DLC covered under it. A season pass should also only contain major dlc/expansion content. It should not cover cosmetic dlc or small content. So for example. a Season pass is announced at a nice round $30.00. I expect said season pass to give me 4 pieces of DLC valued at $10 each. Why 4 and not 3? Because I am taking a risk. Any one or multiple of those DLC's could be bad from my perspective or not worth their dollars value. Further I am make this purchase under the assumption there will be no bundling later on. Its about trust. a season pass is me giving you money up front in trust of a quality product. I need a little carrot to go with that stick.
  2. 1.3GB to push 2 changes? damn the data structures of this game are monolithic
  3. if maerwald is to be considered reliable, it is shortly after conception occurs giving his own raping death reincarnation cycle
  4. maybe its the hardware i grew up on but I am tolerant of load times up to a minute :/ the real problems comes from a rapid succession of loading screens
  5. POE is a 32 bit application therefore it can never use more than 2.5GB of RAM unless you edit the exe to be large address aware then it can use 3 or so GB. This is an older version of the unity engine before I believe it supported Level streaming similar to Unreal engine 3 or above. Thus that 1 room shop is a completely separate map file
  6. well I bit off more than i could chew this afternoon and wound up facing the alpine dragon. I was swiftly killed. I ordered my character to use a wurm totem in the hope of summoning a drake but some time during the action him and my party died. this lead to a weird state of the party wipe screen not triggering. save files are from before the dragon encounter. Sorry about giving all them their names are cryptic https://www.dropbox.com/s/nll6bwr1diqx5ju/alpine%20dragon%20bug.zip?dl=0 output_log.zip
  7. I'm not sure POE needs to move away from unity but it does have a couple flaws. the character models are 3d against a 2d background. this kinda creates a perspective dissonance and causes some.. odd, light reflections on the character models. Its like they are standing on top of the world rather than being a part of it. Also the zoomed out perspective causes a lot of pixelation on the finer details of the 3d models, Some LOD improvements could be had
  8. I'll admit i have not given Hirvias much of a chance since i like earlier ones better and pelliginias short and rather dissatisfying quest did not encourage me to swap out for new folk. My two favorite moments so far: As mentioned above the eder and fox tree, Bring sigani and kana into the salty mast at the same time and sagani tells him to cover his eyes
  9. here ya go https://www.dropbox.com/s/93nkwc4lzv8lwox/FoW%20Aggro%20Bug.zip?dl=0
  10. There is ab it of problem with the agro mechanics. I have noticed it in small amounts in some interior dungeons but sometimes when you agro one group of enemies it chain agro into other groups obscured by unexplored FoW. This has manifested itself worst to date on the Northweald Map. In the far north I agro the first group of stilgears to the right of the cave and after they are dispatched I remain in combat mode, resulting in being unable to rest, use consumables or transition to other areas. As far as i can tell I have also agressed the additional packs across the stream but the AI does not consider me in its engagement radius. I don't think this will be patched int time for 2.0 but it still needs logging. Supplemental video in case My written text is less than clear. https://youtu.be/RZGsFUWgYWE output_log.txt
  11. Did this patch change the maximum level you can zoom out? it feels like i can not go out as far
  12. ya AOE spells go off where you target them regardless of where you victim is currently. this is a bit frustrating when it makes you miss a lot. makes intellect a very important state thanks for the advice maybe now i can last more than 20 seconds
  13. I just fixed htis today byt delting the "loadedsave.zip" file from the %temp% save working directory. Seriusly why does this directory exist? at the very least it shopuld not bei n %temp% one system clean and it could wipe your progress.
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