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  1. There's an opportunity to do so early on in Defiance Bay, as part of one of the side-quests.
  2. Hello all, Finished this fight Sunday night on Hard difficulty, two-shot it with a party of 4 at 4th level. Since I like to play these games with a mild degree of immersion, I didn't utilize any positioning tricks. It's difficult but doable at this level even with the initial charge and being vastly outnumbered. Thought I would post some tips regarding what to do. My party: Me (4th level Druid), Eder, Aloth, Durance. Tips, in no particular order. 1. Focus on disabling spells over blasts to start: This is a key rule in all Infinity Engine-style games. Going pew-pew-pew will only get you
  3. Clean, The crash reports are automatically generated and stored in the Steam directory on your hard drive when the game crashes. On my computer they're located at: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\Pillars of Eternity - Public Beta They are stored in a date-time format, such as 2014-11-02_093900 If you want to attach them to these posts, you have to click on the "More Reply Options" button to the right of "Post" (lower right hand of the screen as you are typing a response). That will give you the option to attach files. Crash reports will need to be compressed in order to
  4. I think my very first exposure to computer games was on a Tandy, and it was either King's Quest or Leisure Suit Larry. To this day I still somewhat miss parser-based commands. I also remember when floppy disks were actually, well, floppy.
  5. Very enjoyable update, combat better, quests can now be completed, Lle a Rhemen fun to blast through. Unfortunately, Dyrford Ruins not accessable (at least for me) due to repeat crash issues. More on this with logs in the bug forum.
  6. Same issues, have addressed with a separate post and attached crash report folders. The problem seems to be with Dyrford Crossing/Ruins. I'm also getting the "too many heap sections" message on some crashes.
  7. As others have posted. This appears to happen when you partially clear the Crossing/Cave, then leave and go back to Dyrford town. Can sometimes make it into the Crossing on repeated loading attempts, but attempting to descend into the Ruins inevitably crashes the game. I cleared the spider cave except for the Queen, killed Kograk and brought his head to Rumbald, got the Egg and brought it to Hendyna. In the cave I grabbed the skull key and Trygil's note. On returning to Dyrford Village, I confronted and killed Trygil, then rested for the Dragon's Den bonus. When attempting to trans
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