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  1. As it says in the title, I get the confirmation prompt, hit accept, and the upgrade goes back into the inventory and doesn't show up on-ship. This extends to all ship types, as I've gotten all 5 and am unable to equip it on any.
  2. Are Faction relations from PoE1 going to have an impact in any meaningful way in Deadfire? I.e. supporting The Dozens, Doemenels et al.
  3. I apologise for the necro-bump, but I asked Chris this question on twitter last month and received a prompt reply. I doubt MCA is the type of person to renege on an already made promise!
  4. Strange, I've encountered that party twice, and both times they all just die, and I'm not given an option to capture her.
  5. So I decided to be a proper lord and collect as many prisoners as I could, and when I found I could not collect anymore I googled list of potential prisoners. To my surprise I had collected all of them except for one: Naelde. I was curious as to where she was to be found, and the circumstances under which you find her. Any help would be appreciated!
  6. Oh boy, if you think that's bad try looking at the clock to realise it's 8am Friday morning and you've been playing since 12pm on Thursday
  7. Has anyone taken any yet? I've finished my dungeon and I'm as far as Defiance Bay, but have yet to take one!
  8. I apologise for the Necro-Bump, but I felt it quite touching that this memorial was able to be put in.
  9. I honestly don't care either way if "Romance" options are in-game, but coming from a few thousand hours in Crusader Kings I twitch when I think about owning a stronghold and not having heirs.
  10. Discounts incentivise consumption. Also, I'm fairly sure you get a couple in-game items in return for the pre-order.
  11. I would personally love more companions as long as they have some actual depth to them and they're not just mindless NPCs that happen to follow you. But! This is Obsidian, master of character depth, so I'd donate again with 100% trust in you guys!
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