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Found 3 results

  1. Greetings, I played the game to the end once (on hard), currently i'm playing a PotD party with an Bleak walker on a future party of 6, but i'm planning a future PotD run (preferable Triple Crown Solo), and so i studied some Rogue builds. Evaluating the rogue abilities and talents i would like to suggest something that was already done with the barbarian abilities. As Barbarians have the Brute Force ability, that make the character target the lesser defense of an enemy bettwen Deflection and Fortitude, i would like to suggest the following ability for a Rogue: Improved Evasion (or any name that comes to mind): Prerequisite: Adept Evasion. By the select of this skill, the rogue become so aware of his surroundings that he become capable of evade attacks instead of block (deflection) them. When this character suffer an incomming melee or ranged attack, use his/her reflex or deflection attribute, whichever is higher, for defense rolls. So, what you ppl out there think of it? Obs: By this suggestion, the talent would be only avaliable on level 8+. Obs2: Adept Evasion should suffer an penalty, if this talent is taken, otherwise rogue would become the ultimate defensive class.
  2. Hi Dev team, Please help to fix the issues below: 1. Swamp slime is getting way more damage than it is supposed to. This essentially breaks the flow of the endless path exploration for me since these poor creatures fall like flies while the battles are supposed to be much more difficult: 2. When the attributes provide a negative modifier to a particular defense, the subtracted amount is X-1 instead of X. For example let's take a Dargul. By default it has 40 (Defl) 35(Fort) 35(Refl) 30(Will). Its attributes are: Per 12, Res 10 --> + 2 Defl Mig 10, Con 22 --> +24 Fort Dex 18, Per 12 --> +20 Refl Int 12, Res 10 --> + 4 Will This provides the following default defenses: 42 59 55 39 Let's apply the following afflictions: dazed, flanked, frightened, prone dazed: -2 Dex, -2Per, -2Int flanked: -10 Defl frightened: -2Res, -2Dex (suppressed) prone: -2Dex (suppressed), -10 Defl, -10 Refl Per 10, Res 8 --> - 2 Defl (bugged to -1) Mig 10, Con 22 --> +24 Fort Dex 16, Per 10 --> +12 Refl Int 10, Res 8 --> - 4 Will (bugged to -3) This provides the following defenses 19 59 37 32 instead of 18 59 37 31. And here is a picture as proof:
  3. The recent discussions about Combat Challenge =/= Obfuscation and the inclusion of a stat popup and Bestiary logs raises an important question to me regarding a particular feature of the Infinity Engine games (and Dungeons and Dragons) that I rather enjoyed. In all of the D&D campaigns that I played, the target values of skill checks and Armor class were never revealed by any Dungeon Master, you had to do the math yourself. You might be able to figure out what the AC of a monster was if you knew the value from the book and the DM was using it or you could approximate it by the armor they were wearing, or you rolled a miss on a 17 and then someone else hit the same monster on an 18 in a later round. In Baldur's Gate, Icewind Dale and Planescape Torment - Armor classes were never shown in the combat log, only the attack roll was displayed: For example Sensuki attacks Josh Sawyer: 15 + 6 = 21: Miss However in later titles (the trend started with Neverwinter Nights 1 or 2 I believe) the target DCs for skill checks and AC values for enemies were shown upon rolls in a manner similar to this (using a D&D example here). Sensuki attacks Josh Sawyer: 15 + 6 = 21 (vs AC 24): Miss Eternity will be supporting transparency by default as Josh wants players to engage in the mechanics, and it makes it easier for people unfamiliar to RPGs of this kind. That's fine with me because we will also be able to disable the popups that fill in the enemy defense scores. However I am a bit worried that the combat log will still show target values. I have asked multiple times but have not got an answer yet - perhaps the question wasn't noticed or they haven't decided yet, so I thought I'd post a poll. Please keep in mind this is for EXPERT MODE only. Personally I do not want to see target values in the combat log, I would rather work them out myself, yes it means I have to do some 'unnecessary' arithmetic which some people may find bothersome, but these people are hopefully not Expert mode players. I am not too phased about whether values are shown in the Bestiary as I probably won't use it, but I wouldn't be against having stats disabled in the Bestiary as well on Expert Mode. I don't want to know anything, let me figure it out please. Personally I felt Baldur's Gate 1 gave the best feel, it didn't give you any feedback about the states of enemy health either. I'm not too phased about that I'm more concerned with not being able to see their defense scores and skill check targets than anything else. Hopefully there's some more Expert Mode players out there that feel the same.
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