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  1. I can say that the Kith x all part is true. But the beast x vessel i don't know. In Anslog Compass, the guls don't attack the xaurips and in Magran's Fork the will o' wisp will not attack the wolfs. Life would be easier for solo players if PoE races had more hostility between them :(!
  2. I found that sometimes enemies can attack each other, or they attack animals and provoke their aggro on them. Does anyone have know the patterns? Is their agressivenes based on kind (kith, beast, vessel...) or the behavior is more complex?
  3. Dunno, i would at least diminish the bonus for two handed weapons, so sabres are kept in the game.
  4. Now the char is done, i'm keeping him. But i changed the approach, used ranged attacks, survival is 3 so i get +1 mov. that's suffice to make most of the enemies return to their position when chasing as the game calculate my speed greater than them, so i killed the little nasties with hit and run tactics. A future dragon fight, if i even try, will be a hell to deal with.
  5. There's also the Anslog's compass that stop me from finish a quest. But is that stun defensable by will or it's perma based on hit (if you're hit, you're stun)? That make sense as my Barb Build is: Str 8 Con 8 Dex 19 Per 17 int 10 res 17 My fortitude def is **** (and i regret the Res 17 that only has use for banters).
  6. Drop con would be easly, but to take advantage of speed the use of fast weapons with low Might would result in damage scalling low. Anyway, for me, sneak attack and all these dps damage from rogue should be restricted to fast weapons, otherwise a penalty would be imposed to the skill. Sneak attack should be: 50% when using fast weapons, +15% with any other. Dirty Fight: Only work with fast weapons. Whitering Strike: Only fast weapons. Deathblows: 100% with fast weapons, 30% with any other. Of course i'm suggesting here considerable changes, but i have the feeling that Rogue was kin
  7. Greetings, Trying to solo a PotD and faced an very incoherent problem: Permanent stun from Xaurip Skirmisher. From my perspective, a solo player (unless doing the ultimate achievement) should avoid fight with a dragon... not a goblin. Basic quests and map travels are being blocked by this. no other enemy has a 100% stun chance as Xaurip. Even grase attacks will result in perma stun. I'm holding my barbarian solo game for now until this is fixed (what shouldn't be a problem for the devs), just change 100% chance to some % chance. Obs: If the game isn't balanced for solo, it should be now
  8. Greetings, I played the game to the end once (on hard), currently i'm playing a PotD party with an Bleak walker on a future party of 6, but i'm planning a future PotD run (preferable Triple Crown Solo), and so i studied some Rogue builds. Evaluating the rogue abilities and talents i would like to suggest something that was already done with the barbarian abilities. As Barbarians have the Brute Force ability, that make the character target the lesser defense of an enemy bettwen Deflection and Fortitude, i would like to suggest the following ability for a Rogue: Improved Evasion (or an
  9. But if we base the choice of class of the NPCs that we can get, Hivarias (druid joinable NPC) can come at the same time that Sagani (Ranger Joinable NPC). Hivarias is a lot more fun, and he comes with an unique spiritshift that isn't allowed for anyone else that's more powerful than others. I have little time on these forums, but barbarians appear to be pretty fun to play. It would be an wilder class, that has a lot to do with the Glanfathan people and very functional, specially if you take Éder on begin and use him as a tanker. For how to build the character, that i will let to pe
  10. Barb build Ready, atm i have the custom mage and barb with me, trying to get to Caed Nua directly at lvl 3 (main) and lvl 2 (cohots). Time will tell if it will work or not.
  11. Hi KDubya! I'm in doubt about the barbarian, thought of make him later and play 5 members party until lvl 6 or 7. Chanter ==>In overral, seeing this party is composed of 1 tank (bleak walker main char), 1 main DPS (Zahua WHEN i get him in WM), 1 off DPS (Devil of Caroc in her dirty ranger role, maybe not the best role for her, but i have difficult to see her stat structure adapt to a dual hand daggers sneak thief), 1 buffer (Durance) and 1 crowd control / AoE damager (mage), do you think a chanter will fit beter here than a barbarian? I can trade the barbarian for a chanter (beside my
  12. Hmmm, i see. Thx @K Galen B, i will adapt the mage build to these new infos. It's a bit hard to accept that Might give damage to anything, even spells and bolts of crossbow. A misjudge of the devs maybe (in not link magic damage to int and ranged damage to dexterity), or maybe they did it on prupose, who knows. i will also adapt my durance for this run with your hints.
  13. Greeting People, I'm new in PoE, just finshed the game in the Hard Difficult in my first playthrough and now i'm preparing myself for a new game to be played in PotD Difficult. Overrall, i find the game somehow easy in Hard Difficult with 2 (two) exceptions: Adra Dragon Fight at level 10 with 4 characters (Extremly hard from my perspective. Until lvl 12 i keep my party with the max of 4 characters all the time). Albine Dragon Fight at level 13 with 5 characters (a little difficult). Based on that i'm making preparations before i embark in PotD difficult and the party i have in mind i
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