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Found 11 results

  1. Description: Not sure if this is the right section for it, but two Fighter abilities / talents aren't exactly working as intended - the Guardian Stance upgrade to Fighter Stances, the Unbending skill, as well as the Unbending Trunk upgrade. Steps to Reproduce the Issue: Guardian Stance reads: "Enemies that disengage from the fighter are immediately attacked and proned, if successful." What it does: It seems to occur regardless of who disengages, and if the fighter actually performs a disengage attack. You could be running in circles and proning everyone that you engage just by moving out of engagement range. Unbending reads: "50% of Damage Taken converted into Healing for 15.0 sec." What it does: It actually converts 100% damage taken to healing, a 1:1 ratio, effectively making the fighter immortal for the duration. Unbending Trunk reads: "75% of Damage Taken converted into Healing for 15.0 sec." What it does: Yeah, it heals more than your damage taken, so not only are you immortal, you actively heal any lost health the more you get hit. I'm not sure about Guardian Stance, but Unbending and Unbending Trunk applies to NPCs as well, so when they hit that button they become effectively unkillable until the ability expires. Important Files: Er, I think this is largely irrelevant, but I'll upload a few videos to showcase it the abilities in question. Guardian Stance: Unbending: Unbending Trunk:
  2. Greetings, I played the game to the end once (on hard), currently i'm playing a PotD party with an Bleak walker on a future party of 6, but i'm planning a future PotD run (preferable Triple Crown Solo), and so i studied some Rogue builds. Evaluating the rogue abilities and talents i would like to suggest something that was already done with the barbarian abilities. As Barbarians have the Brute Force ability, that make the character target the lesser defense of an enemy bettwen Deflection and Fortitude, i would like to suggest the following ability for a Rogue: Improved Evasion (or any name that comes to mind): Prerequisite: Adept Evasion. By the select of this skill, the rogue become so aware of his surroundings that he become capable of evade attacks instead of block (deflection) them. When this character suffer an incomming melee or ranged attack, use his/her reflex or deflection attribute, whichever is higher, for defense rolls. So, what you ppl out there think of it? Obs: By this suggestion, the talent would be only avaliable on level 8+. Obs2: Adept Evasion should suffer an penalty, if this talent is taken, otherwise rogue would become the ultimate defensive class.
  3. I chose brilliant radiance talent that should modify "holy radiance" (per encounter priest spell) to add burn damage to all foes. I tried numerous times and without any luck. It seems to me the talent is not working at all.
  4. So there is a big nerf to Defender Fighter coming, but it is not topic about it. Lets asume that devs want to push Fighters to be more than meatshields, and be usefull in combat. However, there is little builds of DPS fighters, and i hardly see reason to build one, since for bruiser there is Barbarian and Mon, for DPS Rogue, for utylity Paladin/Chanter. And if we want it all there is always Druid/Cipher/Wizard. Being tought is nice, but dosnt help much if you dont do much. So far the best things to say about Fighters is that hey offer "blunt and passive gameplay" (quote), and they always "can pick neutral talents and learn Lore skill" (also quote). So the question is: what need to happen to DPS Fighter be a viable party member? What new items, abilities, talents should aprear? Which existing talents, abilities need to be changed? Of course there is a big challenge how to even balance with 4 time per encounter slicken bunch of enemies prone. But the hope is that fighters could combine some tactical debuffs, and normal attack dmg in one ability, and have it avaiable 2 times per encounter. Existing talents/abilities: Disciplined Barrage - Is just soo weak. Accuracy is not big problem for FIghters, and if is, there is more than enought ways to buff accuracy or debuff enemies deflection, all this in longer duracion and as aoe. Could be +20 Acc, +30% attack speed, 20 sec, 1/encounter. It is barrage after all. New talents, abilities: Shatter - Powerful Strike which tears enemy armor into pieces. Reduce DT for -10 for 30 sec. 2/encounter. Also deals normal dmg. Pommel Strike - You forgot to stick them with pointy end, but they are stunned now so its ok. Normal attack.Stuns for 10 sec, 2/encounter. Under the plate - Fighter is master of armors and knows every weakness. Gain passive 3 DT reduction with all attacks. Higher Ground - What falls down shall never raise again. Against prone targets fighter gets +50% dmg bonus. Passive. For synergy with knock out, and also some weapons, and other classes. Synergy builds are fun. Shake it Off - Could be used always as long as fighter is alive. Instantly ends all negative status. Like stuns, paralyze, blidness. 2/encounter. Neutral Talents (all classes) Weapon Precision: WeaponType - You learn how to use your favorite weapon type in most deadly way. Gan +0,25 critical multiplier in your favorite weapon type. That could be better as neutral talent since we can't exacly say that critcals fit better fighters than barbarians, or rogues, or rangers. End there could be much more. Much more is needed. So this topic is often for other suggestions. Some may look like overpowered from level 1 perspective, but in comparison to end game caster it is just what needs to be done to bring some fun, and at least click something. EDIT: Disciplined Barrage is more widely viewed as lucklaster. There is more need for offensive Fighter class abilities than talents, since as talents you can always pick neutrals, and for abilities you do not have choice.
  5. I'm not sure if the description (-attack speed) applies to spellcasting as well, and I vaguely recall reading something about shields affecting spellcasting (for some reason, I recall it had to do with Speed, though I'm thinking it's more likely the Accuracy penalty of big shields)? Thanks!
  6. Hello, Seems that the damage bonus from Wildstrike talent (at least Fire for Wildstrike Fire), is not working at all. It is supposed to add 30% of the damage with Fire, but according to combat log i only see piercing damage while in my spiritshift wolf form. Is it normal or i am missing something? edit : i am playing with the lastest updte as of 04/04/15 edit2 : disregard this post. When checking in detail for the damage done, it is shown that the burn damage is applied.
  7. How does the indicated percentage change in Armored Grace, and other bonus/penalties for that matter, work? It's very unclear. Are they refering to add/subtract in Percentage Points or a percent change? Say, given armor has Recovery Speed: -40%. With Armored Grace, what would be my new Recovery Speed penalty? 24% (percentage points, 40-16 =24) OR 33.6% (40 x 0.84 = 33.6 (16% reduced from 40)? Thanks
  8. Hi, i want to create a Cipher for my second playtrough.This time i want to min/max a little bit.I aim to create a inteligence-based CC spells only Cipher, to get most out of max Int. I want to use guns.Mainly because i never played ranged, and didnt played much of a dnd rpgs with gunpowder. RACE Should i choose Godlike for that +1 inteligence?And try to max out Int to 20?If yes, what kind?The racial bonuses seems a little off... Or just go with human? Atributes What would be the ideal number of inteligence for max CC?Is 20 overkill?I dont think that Might will give me bonus to ranged damage.Low cont is ok, i will be back anyway and plan to have at least 2 tanks.High dex i suppose, and maybe resolve for interupting reloading and casting spells? Talents From Cipher tallents: Greater Focus.Since i will do big damage, should i have this so i can earn more? Biting whip?I think its good, i would take it. Draining whip?Instead of Greater focus? Psychic/brutal backlash.Since im not at front lines, i will not be will targeted, no? All tallents Weapon Focus Ruffian.I think its must.I will be using pistol AND blundebuss. Marksman/Close shooter : What is close and what is distant?I would take Marksman. Gunner.Since guns are slow to reload, would this be good? Two-handed style.Wiki didnt sad it is only for melle...so i dunno What about armor?Should i carry only light?Or some lighter medium armor? if you have any tips in area i didnt mention, let me know.And thank you in advance for any advice!
  9. Hi, i have few questions concerning several talents: 1) Envenomed Strike - is this talent applying to magic weapons (weapons which attacs with magic projectiles - rods,wands,scepters) as well? The description http://pillarsofeternity.gamepedia.com/Envenomed_Strike - would make it a bit weird. 2) Two weapon style - http://pillarsofeternity.gamepedia.com/Two_Weapon_Style - are rods/wands/scepters all two handed, or is it possible to dualwield them? Dual-wielded wands would be quite cool 3) Talent groups like Greater Wildstrike Burn/Corrode/Shock/Freeze , Wildstrike Burn/Corrode/Shock/Freeze, Secrets of Rime/Spirit of Decay/Heart of the Storm/Scion of Flame etc - choosing one element will prevent us from taking another on the next "talent level" or in case of druid during spiritshifting we can actually inflict up to 4 additional elements?
  10. Certain classes in the game are kind of set in a way that make them so suited to melee that you wouldn't use them for anything else, they are much less interesting by design than others, or they acquire all of there spells and have a generalist feel because they lack any limitation. So, this thread is to give suggestions to Obsidian as to what we would like to see as talents/feats in the game. I don't think we need to give specific numbers because this system is too new, and it would likely not get implemented 100%. So, I am going to give a few examples: The Arcane Gift: You can use a level 1 spell from the Wizard class as a twice per rest ability (probably a limited selection). Nature's Gift: Same as Arcane Gift but for Druid Spells. Gift of the Gods: Same as previous but with Priest spells. Arcane Steel: Caster can increase melee accuracy by using a cast from any level spell (higher level spells increase accuracy). Last until encounter ends. Some of these Talents should have Attribute requirements as well. I think that Talents giving spells from one class (priest for instance) to any other class in the game should have an intelligence requirement), while any melee buff Talents should have MIght Requirements, any talents increasing ranged should require Dexterity, and so on. This would give more weight to the decisions made with Attributes, while not allowing you to make a crappy character, and possibly allow Obsidian to increase the impact of the Attributes themselves (some people aren't happy with the amount of increase/decrease of stats based on how you spec your attributes). Anyway, food for thought. I look forward to critiques on my Talents, and new talent suggestions to come.
  11. This thread is intended to suggest talents that specialize the gameplay of classes into more specific archetypes, similiar how prestige classes in DnD 3.X work. The guidelines I tried to follow during this write up are the following: - Work with what is in the game, e.g. no absurdly demanding changes to systems, so that it could be actually implemented - Ignore actual numbers (for the most part) as they would need to be tweaked anyway - Ignore upgrades to basic stats like 'Deflection +X' , focus on concepts - Try to give an incentive to play the class according to its subtype instead of boring flat out passive bonuses - Respect the design paradigm, e.g. avoid too much class overlap or having actual dual classes that can do what both classes do simultaneously without much of a disadvantage What's the difference between this thread and the other talent threads? It's organized by archetype. In particular, I mostly comment on prestige classes from NWN 2 in this thread where some KITs from BG2 will follow later. I suggest some talents with a short motivation when I think it makes sense or explain why the concept can be already realized (in theory) otherwise. Before I get to the classes, I drew a conclusion to the overall design of prestige classes: IMO, prestige Classes in NWN2 fall in one of four categories, relative to their base classes: 1) Dual Classes Examples: Arcane Trickster, Divine Champion, Sacred Fist IMO, are not applicable to the design of PoE as they give you roughly 75% progression in both classes, whereas PoE aims for something like at most 80% / 20% by customization with talents. 2) More of the Same, slightly different Examples: Assassin(Rogue), Frenzied Berserker(Barbarian), Arcane Scholar, Doomguide Most of the unique stuff is either already incorporated into the classes in PoE or the difference is systematic in DnD so that it'd hardly make sense to transfer it into extra talents for this. As for the talents that just make classes better at what they do, no one needs me to come up with them so I skip them. 2.5) Flavour without new mechanics Examples: Shadow Thief, Harper Scout Suffers from the same problems as 2) 3) New Concepts or some kind of twist to mechanics Examples: Dragon Disciple, Pale Master, Duelist, Shadowdancer These are things I feel should be included in PoE via Talents if possible, although special fighting styles (duelist, dwarfen defender) are already implemented in PoE in terms of equipment properties. I will skip some of the prestige classes I consider to be in 1) and 2) and especially in 2.5). So let's start with NWN2. 1) Arcane Archer Summary: Elven wizards that can deliver their spells through archery. Motivation: TBH, I don't think there is one. There should be more ways to play a dedicated archer other than the ranger, however, the focus of this class lies in the spells. It works well in PnP but didn't work that great in the NWNs because of the implementation of spells via talents. Too convoluted and gimmicky to apply to PoE, so passed. More on archers when dealing with KITs. 2) Arcane Trickster Summary: Spellthieves that combine their cunning and magical talents. Available to: Rogue Spellthief (Active, 1/Encounter) Targets Will, on success steals an enemies buff and gives it to the user. Motivation: That's basically all there is unique to this class, otherwise it's just a wizard and a rogue at the same time, so it goes against design intent. 3) Assassin Summary: Stealthy killers that use afflictions to weaken their target. Motivation: IMO, that's basically the rogue in PoE, so passed. 4) Blackguard Summary: Dark Warriors serving evil. Available to: Paladin Nefarious X [Modal, Aura] Prerequisite: Zealous X (any Aura already learned, where X denotes the aura) Replaces Zealous X. Gives half the positive effect of Zealous X to the party and inverts the full positive effect of Zealous X on the enemies (on the opposing stat). Examples: Zealous Focus gives accuracy. Nefarious Focus gives minor accuracy but reduces enemies deflection. Zealous March gives +2 Movement Speed to the party. Nefarious March gives +1 Movement Speed to the party and -2 Movement Speed to the enemies. Motivation: Turns buffs into debuffs (on the same action) , inverting the role, so there is a parallel. Note that there is a subtle difference between „0.5 buff on the party, 1 debuff on enemy“ and „1.5 buff to the party“ as the effect is based on proximity to the paladin. 5) Divine Champion Summary: Bastardchilds of Paladins and Fighters. Motivation: IMO, that's basically the paladin in PoE, so passed. 6) Duelist Summary: Dexterous fencer focused on parrying and making riposte attacks. Motivation: IMO, that's basically the fighter with a rapier and having defender turned on all the time. In particular, it's hard to come up with a defensive fighting stance without the concept of attacks per rounds that doesn't end up being too similar to defender. So passed in a way. 7) Dwarfen Defender Summary: Dwarfen Bollwerks on the frontline. Motivation: IMO, that's basically the fighter in PoE, so passed. The Gish / Eldritch Knight / Warpriest Summary: Magic wielders that go to the frontline, using weapon and magic alike. Available to: Cipher, Druid, Priest, Wizard. i) Battlemage [Modal] Get a minor penalty to accuracy. When using a spell, get a medium bonus for the next melee attack. When using a melee attack, get a medium bonus for the next spell. ii) Defensive Casting Prerequisite: Battlemage When Battlemage is active, get a minor penalty to deflection. While one of the bonues of Battlemage is active, get additional a medium bonus to deflection. iii) Concentrated Casting Prerequisite: Battlemage While one of the bonues of Battlemage is active, get a medium bonus to concentration during spellcasting. iv) Extended Arcane Veil Prerequiste: Arcane Veil Changes Arcane Veil from 1 Use/Day, 25 Deflection to 1 Use/Encounter, 15 Deflection. Motivation: There is a clear incentive to switch between casting and attacking, which IMO is the main principle of a gish and it boosts the stats neccessary. I feel that it's neccessary to tie the bonus to melee only, as it is pretty much a no-brainer if it's working with ranged weapons. What kind of gish you play depends on the base class you are picking. It's modal instead of passive so that you can play defensively with ranged weapons if an encounter demands that. Note that the boni don't stack, so after making 10 melee attacks, it's neither a 10 times accuracy boost on the next spell nor an accuracy bonus for the next 10 spells, the same for the melee bonus. 9) Frenzied Berserker: Summary: Ravaging Madmen. Available to: Barbarian i) Self Sacrificial Rage [Modal] Increased Attack Rate but Damage over Time. ii) Greater Carnage Increases the range of carnage. Motivation: Frenzied Berserker resolves around maximal hurt, both in absolute damage and splash damage, but the barbarian already does most of this anyway. 10) Invisible Blade Summary: Clever Fighters using Daggers. Motivation: Contained in the rogue, just dual wield daggers. Passed. 11) Pale Master Summary: Necromancers on a first step to becoming lichs. Motivation: Sadly, it's not really applicable in the setting. Either way, the chanter somehow has control over undead summons already, so passed in a sense. 12) Red Dragon Disciple Summary: Descendants of Dragons, invoking their draconic Heritage. Motivation: Should be in as a talent line for druids, with the third talent or so giving a dragon shapeshift. That'd be awesome for an expansion, as shapeshift forms are already locked for the main game. 13) Sacred Fist Summary: Monks using divine magic from within. Motivation: The unique abilities are already on the monk in PoE, otherwise it's just a cleric and monk at the same time, so passed. 14) Shadowdancer Summary: Artists of deception, operating on the border between light and shadow. Motivation: Given that there is no stealth during combat, a concept like hide in plain sight is not possible, and it would also go against the principle of mixing combat and noncombat skills. 15) Weapon Master Summary: Masters of a single Weapon, using them as if they were part of their body. Motivation: Given the focus on being able to switch weapon sets, I don't think there is much chance to get talents to specialize in a single weapon instead of a category, which takes the concept ad absurdum. More on KITs from BG2 on a later day. Please note that because the way DnD 3.X works differently from DnD2, there aren't actually a lot of talents that can be recovered from the prestige classes. The KITs in BG2 should be more open for special talents.
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