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  1. Thanks for the thoughtful response, Wotcha--I really appreciate the notes about Comm Mod intention. Yes, Blood Mages seem a bit OP, I would like to feel at ease picking another sub-class regardless of the game's difficulty. Thanks for the note, Rooksx. Following Wotcha's point above, I feel that if I want to play a Wizard, as I increase the game's difficulty, there's an increased need to spec as a Blood Mage (or being at a notable disadvantage). So, I'm looking for ways to remove that pressure, so I can enjoy playing my chosen sub-class without feeling that fights are unpleasantly more challenging because other sub-classes are subpar.
  2. For a first run, would the Community Mod and Wizard Revision mods decrease the game's difficulty? I like the idea of both, but don't want to trivialize my first experience. The Specialized Wizard abilities seem quite powerful, I'm curious how encounter balance shifts with this mod (esp. after the subclass bonus was increased to +2 PL).
  3. I'm planning a build and while reading the forums, I noticed two things about Concelhaut's Crushing Doom: At one point, it was classified as an Illusion Spell. Is this still the case? At one point, it wasn't scaling with PL (either the Illusion PL bonus from gear or Concelhaut's Pet's bonus)--has that been addressed? Thanks!
  4. I just hit L12 with my Wizard, and am only presented 2 spells to choose from for my L3 Spell mastery (two that I don't even use). I tried unequipping grimoires, respeccing, reloading/restarting the game, and no luck. Anyone encountered or heard of this before? Edit: Screenshot added for clarity's sake. If this is not the right place to ask for help, please let me know where to go.
  5. I posted this in another forum, but after 71 views, no reply: I enchanted my bow with Burning lash, but I never see any burning damage--is it a bug or am I missing something?
  6. Hi, I've never noticed my bow dealing burning damage, despite the enchant--all damage shows up as piercing. Is that normal behaviour (and the burning damage is being added silently), or is it failing to do anything? Thanks!
  7. I'm not sure if the description (-attack speed) applies to spellcasting as well, and I vaguely recall reading something about shields affecting spellcasting (for some reason, I recall it had to do with Speed, though I'm thinking it's more likely the Accuracy penalty of big shields)? Thanks!
  8. Heya, Having just played a Druid through the game, who was a ranged character (bows/guns) but mostly spent the game opening with a spell and casting a 2nd or 3rd spell, at best, between attacks, I wouldn't bother doing a full spec of talents on ranged stuff. Instead, support other things with your selections. I went with marksman and gunner. I feel now that I wasted those two talents because while I did take a lot of shots with an arqeubus, it wasn't such a big deal, compared to wanting to use some of my big AOE spells more. Might gives you more damage and more healing. Big deal there. I didn't run a Priest. Healing is super useful in harder difficulties. Early game on easy/norm you could play with zero heals practically. Even in hard with good micro-management you can get by with no heals with a well crafted group. But otherwise, if you're casually playing, heals are pretty nice to avoid a re-load. And a Druid gives you that. So high Might is great there. Plus it's usually AOE, so INT is important there too. INT gives you higher durations and more area of effect. It's worth it. You don't need DEX. The speed increase is not much and not worth losing an attribute over. You'll find might far more useful over the course of the game. You'll find higher INT more important over the course of the game. Any character can shoot a bow. But only characters with spells (or a high Lore) can drop amazing spells. So you might want to ensure you support your spell casting and let non-casters worry about shooting stuff with their talents. Very best, Thanks, MalVeauX--really great stuff! Yes, I've maxed Might and Int, so, that's taken care off . I ended with the following plan: WF: Adventurer (benefits flails and wands--Rot Skull is considered a Wand), Weapon and Shield (more survibability if engaged in melee + vs. AoE), Marksman (also benefits Rot Skull), then + Flame/Lightning/Corrode damage (or Superior Deflection/Cautious Attack, more likely). From what I've gathered, the +bonus spells aren't that great, and you don't really need more than 2-3 +Elemental damage. The thought was that the only talents that really support spellcasting (and are worthwhile) are the +Damage, and you don't need all of them. So, I've focused the other talents to either increase survibability, or increase damage output in the early levels, while I don't have per-encounter spells. At the same time, the talents I picked for the latter also benefit Rot Skull, which apparently is very good, so, they don't go completely go to waste. Any additional feedback welcome!
  9. Thanks--just wanted to let you know that I followed the instructions here (item 20), and it worked like a charm.
  10. Thanks everyone--just wanted to let you know that I followed the instructions here (item 20), and it worked like a charm. Although you have to remove your characters equipped gear (not quickslots/inventory), for some reason mine disappeared when I did this.
  11. So, rather than restarting the game for the nth time (which would probably lead to me dropping the game entirely--my brain's gone numb from sheer repetition of the first 3 quests of Gilded Vale--when I usually discover mistakes in character development), I'm considering re-speccing my char using IE Mod. Does anyone have info whether the mod will affect my possibility of getting achievements or, worse, some sort of VAC penalty?
  12. Good to know Elemental talents apply to Wildtrike--a pity Spiritshift doesn't scale well, would've been awesome to just take Elemental and Wildstrike talents.
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