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Found 5 results

  1. So i had the sabre tarn's respite for the longest time on my character, but i don't have it anymore, it disappeared. However, i can still enchant the item, but is nowhere in my stash or player/party inventory. I tried to enchant the sabre to see if the way it is coded would replace my item with a new item with the enchantment, but it didn't, I have no clue how to have the weapon again, i could load a save, but i did like 5 hours of gameplay before realising i did not have tarn's respite anymore.
  2. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Rännig's Wrath Flanking or Insistence replaces Flurry. Redoublement or Retreat replaces Thrusting. original enchanted with Flanking for example Flurry disappeared, makes the weapon worse than the original one. Duskfall Drawing Parry has no icon and actually provides nothing in combat(I checked the hit roll in combat once) Tuotilo's Palm Outward Spikes ununderstandable discription: attackers when missed by an attack with Melee attacks vs Deflection. Actually it is a weaker version of riposte: it grants a chance to do a Shield-only counter-attack when missed by a melee attack. Balanced Shield provides +0 Deflection and +0 Reflex (it did exactly what is said in tooltip: +0, +0 ) The Bloody Links Both Crimson Steel and Feed The Chain lack Icons, don't know if they work. Saru-Sichr Poison Dipped deals 0 Corrode Damage ---------------------------------- I think I have found more bugs related to unique items, but I can't remember right now.
  3. Hi, I've never noticed my bow dealing burning damage, despite the enchant--all damage shows up as piercing. Is that normal behaviour (and the burning damage is being added silently), or is it failing to do anything? Thanks!
  4. Hi there, first of all let me thank all of you at Obsidian for delivering the best RPG I've played in years! I wish you the best of luck with further development of this new franchise and all other endeavors you have in mind!!! I've stumbled across a bug, trying to do my first enchantment in the game - enchanting the garbage sabre to "Fine" one. Previously I've found some of the "Fine" weapons and armor in the game, so I knew, that the appearance of these items changes to a "prettier" version (both in-game, paperdoll and the inventory icon). But doing such enchantment myself hadn't changed the weapon's look, although it added the blue background to it in the inventory cell. I,ve tried save/load but to no avail (although before 1.0.3. all my found "Fine" items appeared same as the ordinary ones, but the patch gave them new look). The enchanted "Fine" items share the same enchanted properties as the found or bought ones (+2 Acc. 1.15 DMG and show the same "Fine" icon in the enchanting UI) - they differ only in their appearance, and thats quite emmersion breaking. I've made a save with sabre and robe enchanted this way, and placed them near the "Fine" sabre and robe, which I bought. You can find them in Eder's inventory to the right - the difference between bought as "Fine" and enchanted to "Fine" is evident. Please find the screenshot, dxdiag, log file and save in attachment below. Thanks in advance! Hope to see it fixed in the next patch))))))))) https://www.dropbox.com/s/kchk1q1s5un5ftq/bug_report.zip?dl=0
  5. Hi everyone! I tried selling my enchanted (Fine, Burning Lash, Slaying (Kith)) War Bow to Sonild in Admeth's Den. When I click the Bow in the trade menu it looses it's two Enchantmens (Burning Lash and Slaying (Kith)) the moment it's placed on the bottom section of the trade window. I wouldn't have noticed the change had the price not gone down from 1610cp to 410cp. I'm not sure whether I enchanted the Bow with (Fine) or bought it with the enchantment, but I did put the other two enchantments on it. The bug isn't very gamebreaking but I couldn't find anything similar on the first 5 pages of the forum so I thought I'd share. Cheers!
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