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  1. Thanks for the clarification. If i understand from that table, basic scale armor dr is 7, pierce is 5, so 75% of basic DR. So in case of Hirbel, indeed (7base+2fine+3proofed)*0.75=9. A coincidence that made me think proofed bonus was not applied compared to armor DR shown (9) But, does that mean basic Hirbel pierce stat is 7? Then this is the same as armor base DR. In this case why 75%? 75% would work for a basic scale armor : 7 base DR, 5 pierce DR, or any enchanted version of it (fine scale armor...) When i hover a fine scale armor (basically same as Hirbel's skin exept proof
  2. Hello, All is in the title This missing stat has been overlooked (and reported) since a few months now, despite the armor having Pierce-proofed attribute. To compare, a fine standart Scale armor has 7 pierce DR when Hirbel Protective Skin has not the proofed bonus applied. I am quoting an older post : http://forums.obsidian.net/topic/76100-bug-hirbels-protective-skin-missing-pierce-damage-dt-endless-path-lvl6-when-equiped-or-swapped-with-other-armor/?hl=hirbel answers : - no other pierce DR bonus item equiped - no pierce DR bonus applied at all in the combat l
  3. In my game post 1.03, companions like Hiravias and Pallagina when hired had their base DT at -2, with malus to pierce, slash (and freeze or fire iirc, around -2 -3 each). This lasted as long as i didnt reload my game.
  4. I confirm this, Would be great if corrected for next patch got some named weapon i cant replace some enchantments because of same problem as above.
  5. This scale armor is obviously missing the pierce damage DT, when you swap it with another armor, it has none. When you wear it directly, the pierce resistance is not applied also. Bug solving : You have to equip it once, then unequip it without releasing it (keep it drag), and put it back in the armor slot, only after this the pierce damage DT applies. BUT As soon as you close inventory screen, you loose the piercing resistance. Obviously bugged
  6. I add my 2 cents in this post, with the duration of the spiritshift form. Right now Druid = random kamikaze since we dont know what the counter is and the form can just deactivate in the middle of ennemies (which means death because of de-engagement rules) Why making this form with a timer? Rather make modal as it is shown in spiritshft description. This makes the druid completely useless in melee after a few seconds, at the risk of dying because after the spiritshift form is gone you can mostly only rely on your spells to fight and survive. I really like to play a druid, but
  7. Hello, Seems that the damage bonus from Wildstrike talent (at least Fire for Wildstrike Fire), is not working at all. It is supposed to add 30% of the damage with Fire, but according to combat log i only see piercing damage while in my spiritshift wolf form. Is it normal or i am missing something? edit : i am playing with the lastest updte as of 04/04/15 edit2 : disregard this post. When checking in detail for the damage done, it is shown that the burn damage is applied.
  8. Hello, Actually knockdown for druid wolf is recharged per rest. Is it supposed to be like this? Just wondering because of other spiritshifts. Per encounter would be better in my opinion, and would make the wolf spiritshift less useless.
  9. If the spell is something that replaces their weapon with a magical summoned one like the wizard's corroding staff, I believe they've said there'll be a fix in the first patch that also fixes saved games. It is more complex than just that (though its basically the problem). The spell replace the weapon, and any weapons in the weapon set is removed from game, and you cant equip any ofhand weapon anymore or shield, if you recast Firebrand, which "partially fix" the problem.
  10. edit (cant edit old post) seems it is not just shield but all off hand weapon that cant be equiped anymore with the Firebrand bug.
  11. Related to some bugs here : Casting Firebrand spell for druid, and saving after combat while still active = loss of weapons in weapon slot after + cant equip anymore a shield in weapon slot more details here : http://forums.obsidian.net/topic/73380-druid-firebrand-spell-is-game-breaker-after-a-reload-if-still-active-prevent-equiping-weapon/ no workaround exept reloading a save before Firebrand casting
  12. Hello, Saving right after a combat while Firebrand effects are still on = game breaker when you need to reload that save. When reloading the timer is going down to 0s but the Firebrand weapon is still in the weapon slot. You cannot swap any weapon with it. If you fight,you actually fight with your fists only, but the Firebrand icon is still there. This is obviously linked to the "reload a save while active effect was on" bug, but it leads to another bug : If you recast Firebrand, this time the icon vanish after the spell timer. BUT You loose whatever equipment was in
  13. Hello, The racial bonus for pale elf (10 resist in burn and freeze) simply vanish if you swap an armor in your inventory with another one by double clicking on it directly (i tried with hide armor, leather armor you get at the encampent from a dead body, and calisca's scale armor). If you remove the armor first before wearing another armor the bug dont happen.
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