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Found 4 results

  1. I'm not sure if the description (-attack speed) applies to spellcasting as well, and I vaguely recall reading something about shields affecting spellcasting (for some reason, I recall it had to do with Speed, though I'm thinking it's more likely the Accuracy penalty of big shields)? Thanks!
  2. DEFINITELY do this again for spell casting The spells probably won't have schools, but it would be cool incantations like these were used in this game. The BG1/IWD ones are the best from any game IMO.
  3. Many people do not like Vancian casting because it causes Wizards to often be passive actors with very limited numbers of actions. They are often torn between the choices of expending their limited and precious resource in an overwhelming manner on an "unworthy" engagement to participate, or throwing darts if not. The problem with non-vancian systems though, is that the frequency and reproducability of spells forces the scope of their effects and potency to be reduced for terms of balance. Enter the Scrolls and Wands. Scrolls allow you to hold infrequently used situtational and utility spells indefinately, without sacrificing spell memorization slots for more practical, desirable, and frequently used spells. Wands allow Wizards to remain a presence on the battlefield for ordinary engagements, so that they can save their "meaningful" spells for dire engagments and scenarios for which they were intended. To step outside of the proverbial convential box, imagine a scroll that is not consumed with use, but merely has a percent chance of being destroyed. My point is, that through the implementation of scrolls and wands, a spell system can be designed with maximum usefulness and originality, while preserving the utility and endurance of spellcasters. Furthermore, from a design standpoint, it is easier to create more consistent rules which limit wands and scrolls, than meticulously balancing out every detail of a spellcasting system without error. So don't forget about scrolls and wands! Food for thought. Ideas? Suggestions? Critiques?
  4. First and foremost, this is not a dig or a complaint about the current up-in-the-air spellcasting system that Josh Sawyer has been talking about on the forums and on his formspring account. This is a discussion where we can discuss the potential advantages and disadvantages, and perhaps unforseen problems with it. I've just come fresh from a lavatory session where as you all know, many ideas and realizations come from, and this particular unintentional feature of the system kept bugging me, so I thought I'd bring it to the forums. for some history, here is Josh's recent formspring post concerning spellcasting This sounds pretty good. It's in the same vein as the vancian D&D style system we all know (and love?), but attempting to resolve some of the issues with it on RTWP PC games. One problem I can see though is this (and it's all relative to other game mechanics, so it may not actually be an issue): Let's use Sawyer's example. Party is getting ready for the main encounter to a quest which they have decided to solve through battle. It has been the party's experience that these types of encounters tend to last between 1-2 minutes realtime not including paused time. To get the maximum spell-casting efficiency out of Aloth, the player has him expend all of his 3rd-level spells immediately at the start of the fight so that he has the opportunity to cast all of those again by the time the fight ends. He then (with exceptions where needed) casts all second level spells and first level spells to make maximum use of the lockouts. The issue here is that the optimal method of spellcasting may be casting spells all same level spells together in a sequential order and or spell levels in a sequential order (up or down), which does not make combat that tactical really. However this issue is tied to the time encounters take, the lockout times of spell levels, what spells are available in the grimoire and how many spells of a level a grimoire holds, the developers may be able to fix this problem. What do you guys think?
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