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Found 3 results

  1. Hi everyone! Played PoE 1 and and played a little of Deadfire (got distracted by an game release, that was like a year ago). So, I thought I’d start fresh in Deadfire. Got some ideas on what I want to build, it’s just a matter of picking one. But if you have any other ideas this is how I like to play. No, I don’t play on very high difficulty, and yes I still want give some thought into my build. Just because I prefer playing for RP and leisure does not mean should “not worry about” or “play what I like”. You can still make planned out build and not care about the details. If you disagree you can take your comments elsewhere. Anyway… I like an easy, versatile, and well rounded build. From the way I see it, I like your standard Copy-and-past hero. Your Skywalker, Mario, Frodo and Jack Ryan. The character you immediately know “That’s the protagonist”. I would say “balanced”, but if it requires a lot of thought to keep balanced then I’ll just go without, most weaknesses and lack of synergy in most Rpgs are not game ending as people think they are. In my honest opinion at least. Not a lot of details to worry about like min/maxing, micromanaging, or reliant on specific gear or skills/spells. There are two ways I approach gameplay, in and out of combat. In combat I like focusing on pure combat, balancing between close and long range for whatever the situation requires, spells/skills/ and other such tricks on a whim not relying on them. Buffs and Debuffs are fine if you can remember to use them diligently, but that is not the case for me, I’m a “Oh yeah, I can do that!” Kind of guy. I’ve alway been an agile Dps fighter in other games, I do like things like great swords and heavy armor, but what I do is take the item and test it out a little. Then give it a companion with the right build, go back to my preferred build, and live vicariously the my party members. Outside combat; I’m the complete opposite, while I am quick to jump into combat a lot of the time (Not every time, but half the time). I try to avoid combat anyway I can, or at least try to use the most cleaver approach to any situation. This can be either using a diplomatic approach, using intuition checks. Or lies, stealing, picking locks, intimidation, and other such delightfully shady chicanery. Most cases I’m a rogue, but there are exceptions if I can get the right skill set. Alright, took a minute but I think that’s everything. Now, for the builds I have in mind as mentioned in the title. All builds will focus mainly on two weapon style and medium to light armor, they are also are multiclass. The Vampire: As you probably guessed this is a Bloodmage, again while not reliant on specific spells, this build will have Vampiric themed spells. Like the Concelhaut brand spells (Brandname magic? Weird, but makes sense). Mixed with Rogue, especially a Trickster, the themes fit amazingly. However, I find the the fighter and it’s health regeneration has an even better fit to the vampire concept, the idea that vampires healing from any wound right in the midst of battle. And as vampires tend to be viewed as enigmatic and eccentric nobles, I like the idea of a courtly blood knight. I like Pale Elf for this build, simply because they look the most like vampires. The Harlequin: This is a Mindstalker, specifically a Trickster/Soulblade. No assembly required, ready to go right of the box. This is great a Dps fighter, which as I said I enjoy, and playing as an Hearth Orlan with the crit chance is not bad either. Plus, a Trickster/Soulblade Orlan is the perfect tricky little gremlin (No offense to Serafen and Mirke). The Watcher: This is the Hierophant build, subs unknown, most likely Wizard will be no sub. Now, I know caster/caster Multiclass isn’t very popular, especially since Wizard can’t generate focus. But I think the Heirophant is the epitome of what a “Watcher” is supposed to look like (To me at least). And the Heirophant, IMO, is not as bad as some of the other double caster multi’s. And again I will be playing with a forgiving difficulty, does that mean I’m out danger from doing something really stupid and getting killed? Of course not. Cipher will also make up for some Wizard’s lack of physical damage, as for defense, enough levels and good armor should handle that fine. This will be a Human, while I don’t like how situational Fighting Spirit is, should work well with Heirophant in case things get sticky. The War Forged: This is a Battlemage tank with a focus on Pyromancy. This build probably will do better with Two-Hand weapons and heavy armor, which is fine, like I said. I am flexible. This will definitely be a fun build as well as easy to use. I can’t think of any better race than a Fire Godlike, they look great and the racial fits like a glove. let me know what Y’all think, any suggestions is welcome, I know I don’t rely on specific skills/spells/gear. But if you’re into that, I’ll listen, just be concise and speak layman.
  2. Does anyone have good recommendations for grimoires that synergise well with certain subclasses? I am struggeling to find a good book for my illusionist wizard, once I realized she could not use many of the spells in them. (Conjuration and Enchanting) Shows a bit the weak side of the grimoire system. Currently I am using Leofwyn's Grimoire. It has 10x Evocation Spells, 2x Illusion Spells, 2x Transmutation Spells, 2x Enchanting Spells, 2x Conjuration Spells So not optimal because of 4 wasted slots, but other grimoires I've inspected so far seem to have more spells I cannot use. The whole thing is a bit confusing if you ask me. Edit: Found a pretty good one for Illusionist Wizards around lvl 15. (tough quest) Arkemyr's Illuminating Discoveries
  3. Certain classes in the game are kind of set in a way that make them so suited to melee that you wouldn't use them for anything else, they are much less interesting by design than others, or they acquire all of there spells and have a generalist feel because they lack any limitation. So, this thread is to give suggestions to Obsidian as to what we would like to see as talents/feats in the game. I don't think we need to give specific numbers because this system is too new, and it would likely not get implemented 100%. So, I am going to give a few examples: The Arcane Gift: You can use a level 1 spell from the Wizard class as a twice per rest ability (probably a limited selection). Nature's Gift: Same as Arcane Gift but for Druid Spells. Gift of the Gods: Same as previous but with Priest spells. Arcane Steel: Caster can increase melee accuracy by using a cast from any level spell (higher level spells increase accuracy). Last until encounter ends. Some of these Talents should have Attribute requirements as well. I think that Talents giving spells from one class (priest for instance) to any other class in the game should have an intelligence requirement), while any melee buff Talents should have MIght Requirements, any talents increasing ranged should require Dexterity, and so on. This would give more weight to the decisions made with Attributes, while not allowing you to make a crappy character, and possibly allow Obsidian to increase the impact of the Attributes themselves (some people aren't happy with the amount of increase/decrease of stats based on how you spec your attributes). Anyway, food for thought. I look forward to critiques on my Talents, and new talent suggestions to come.
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