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  1. I’ve collected 2 parts of his soul and I can see another fragment up on the tower?? But I see no visible way to get up there. I’ve been at this for hours switching time periods with the sundial and at this point I’m at a loss. I don’t feel like completing it might as well just skip it and face the dragon any suggestions? The walkthrough honestly isn’t specific enough to be of any help. Maybe I’m just too frustrated to see simple solutions, lol
  2. I’ve played a lot of games... and a lot of RPGs. My first video game that I got addicted to was Legend of Zelda - the most incredible RPG saga ever made (arguably). When I started playing Divinity: Original Sin 1 and 2, I was beyond impressed. Like, those games are SO well done. Amazing. POE is its own beast though. Honestly I don’t think I’ve ever played a game with such an insane amount of spells, abilities and class combos to choose from!! Going through the Wizard tree I was like wtf there’s gotta be like 75 different spells in here, lol. Some of them sound so badass too.
  3. Thanks for the detailed and comprehensive reply it really is a minor disturbance, not one I’m going to keep dwelling on. I actually just figured out how to use the food I’ve been crafting and acquiring. I had forgotten there was a “Rest” button (on my setup it’s Z right now, that’s not the default) and usually before battles it’ll let you rest and eat. your answer definitely makes sense now that I think about it so thank you. Actually pretty logical, all things considered
  4. I can’t drag food over for characters to eat while I’m at an inn? Why? I don’t get how this makes ANY sense. I can eat before battles but not while I’m in an actual public spot for rest and consumption? Lol its pretty frustrating and I don’t get it. I’ve read a few similar threads so sorry if you guys are seeing “yet another misc. POE food thread” but this is just silly to me. I’d love to see who’s commandeering this logic train
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