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Found 7 results

  1. Dragon's Dowry arquebus is my first gun which deals damage to the wielder on attack(in accordance with description). This looks like reasonable tradeoff for powerful weapon. What I cannot understand is the enchantment which..umm..increases chance to get damage and increases this damage. What is this? And why would one want to spend resources on that?
  2. Enchantments : It's written "Known Recipes", so, finding Enchantments Recipes seems to be a thing in Deadfire now. That's great, I always wanted to be able to find Unique Enchantments in the First Game. Unfortunately, there's nothing at the moment in the Backer Beta except the regular "Quality Increase" for Weapons, Shields and Armors. Vektor doesn't sells any, and the Racist Lady didn't want to open her store for me. B*tch... ------------------------------------------------------------------- High Level Spells : As for High Level Spells, there's some pretty cool Stuff. Look at the Damage on "Great Abjuration". Level VIII : Level IX :
  3. Quick disclaimer: I've verified files (steam) restarted client, loaded and reloaded saves - it's consistent and reproducible. Issue description: When I open Igrun's shop-screen (in the Copperlane market) the enchanted Plate armor in Eder's inventory looses all its enchantments. Steps to reproduce: Talk to Igrun. Ask to look at his wares. Details: I placed the Plate armor in his inventory so it's easier to see: one can see that it instantly looses it's enchantments as soon as the shop window opens - no further action required. The issue is the same regardless of whether or not the armor is in his inventory or he is wearing it - it seems to be tied to that specific item. Hovering over the armor in the shop screen, its sales price accurately reflects the enchantments it should have (500cp) - but moving the armor into the transaction area causes the price to drop to its unenchanted equivalent (200cp). Looking in the stash, at the armor tab, there is a wierd unenchanted ringmail that costs 500cp - but again, moving it to the transaction area causes the price to drop to its normal value. Sorting the stash on Sales price (e.g. Highest to lowest) and moving items into the transaction area, causes the remaining items to jump around randomly. If you open Igrun's shop, then immediately close it without touching anything, then save, then load the save, then open his shop again, the armor has its enchantments back - and the issue seems to be solved. However I'm worried it is not, and that my save contains some corruption that will rear its ugly head at some later point - perhaps irrevocably. Such is my fear. GoogleDrive url to save file (2.67MB): https://drive.google.com/file/d/1ThOP1LKAdfoEi-_0LMsPcce_afHDJcDO/view?usp=sharing Setup: Win7 (with all SP / updates) i5-4690K 16GB ram GTX 970 4GB (if u really need details I can include the dxdiag stuff on request, but I was lazy since this shouldn't be a system issue, but rather mismanaged item-ids or some other game-code or unity issue.)
  4. So I'm considering trying to make a mod that allows you to reforge Soulbound weapons with the Durgan's Steel upgrade (and possibly other modifications like adding enchantments and quality as a separate option) once you have completed the soulbound challenges of the weapon. I've also gotten a request to look at whether class restrictions can be removed (and the relevant bonuses replaced) on the Soulbound items that I would like to look into. Does anyone know if this may be possible and any particular place I should start looking within the code to accomplish this? (This was originally posted in the general discussion forum until it was pointed out to me that this handy subforum existed.)
  5. I think this subject may interest some people, One of my concern on the 1st Pillars Of Eternity was that we'd get to know & see, every possible Enchantments we could do, like, from the very begining of the Game. And never had the opportunity to find that great treasure containing that awesome new Recipe for Weapons, Armor, Shields or Hats. Pretty sure it was a lack of time and ressources problem for you to make it happen. But now, killing Concelhaut, or Any Archmage should have this feature in Deadfire. Sneaking in his/her own private Library, looking for Unique Spells & Enchantments that only a powerfull Archmage know about. If I'm a Rogue, or have a Rogue, and sees that, an Archmage keeps his personal Grimoire in his desk. I'd like to have the possibility to sneak in at night, and steal it ! Obviously, Yselmir should manisfest & tell the Hero : "Hey, why not steal this Grimoire from him ?". Of course, Aloth, like the p*ssy he is, (I like Aloth...^^) would instantly disagree : "You can't do that ! it's one the most powerfull Mage's Grimoire in Eora, he must have protected it with all kinds of dangerous spells ! Even put a Curse that prevent others to use it !" etc, etc. Ok, all of this to say, I'd like Unique (hidden) Recipes in terms of Enchantments primarily, and maybe Weapons & Stuff in Deadfire. I hope they will be able to push that feature further this time around.
  6. So I'm considering trying to make a mod that allows you to reforge Soulbound weapons with the Durgan's Steel upgrade (and possibly other modifications like enchantment and quality as a separate option) once you have completed the soulbound challenges of the weapon. Does anyone know if this may be possible and any particular place I should start looking within the code to accomplish this?
  7. It seems that with the recent 1.05 beta patch the DR for armors has been severely messed up. 1. Player enchant for quality is not visible in the item's description. Notice the description and hovering info does not show fine enchantment, however the icon and the character DR information provide info to the fine quality: 2. The quality enchantments don't provide a consistent +2, +4 etc to DR. Form the picture above (notice that apart from the armor the character does not have anything else equipped) we have: slash and pierce are 18 instead of 17(15+2), shock is 7 instead of 8 (6+2). 3. Proof enchantments are no longer taken into consideration if also applying quality enchantments. We have the Saint War's armor below. Notice that compared to a standard scale armor the pierce DR is 8 instead of 5 because of the pierce proof: Now if we apply fine enchantment we have no more pierce-proof in the character's DR information and in the item's DR information even though the pierce-proof enchantment is still listed: Link to save: https://www.dropbox.com/s/fl76pqy1zz111oo/19763b1694ef459ab10d7c8883be9647%2010867471%20Copperlane.savegame?dl=0. Somehow saving and loading fixes bug #1, but as can be seen from the picture above there was something wrong. The other 2 bugs are not fixed by save/load.
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