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  1. Uploaded a simple new item I created while testing new items. Adds a new unique spell book to The Dark Cupboard shop. The book also contains four new spells. I've tried to make it so the book/spells would give a boost to a conjurer wizard play-through and also have a theme. Book: Improves power level of conjuration spells by +1 Spells: Fiery Bolts - LVL2 spell similar to Minoletta's but does fire damage. Wishful Boon - LVL5 spell that grants random inspiration from Smart, Strong or Insightful. If the caster is a Conjurer (subclass) the inspirations are upgraded to Energized, Brilliant or Intuitive. Scorching Retort - LVL6 spell that creates a ring of fire around the caster. Any ranged attacks that hit the caster cause a retaliation of Fiery Bolts spell back at attacker (range 15). Serpent Song - LVL 8 spell that summons a Naga Warrior. It can be downloaded here Any thoughts or feedback let me know!
  2. Yea I'm also trying to get my head around how to add items to vendors (loot lists) in a way that wont cause collisions with other item mods. For example inside the object type "Game.GameData.LootListGameData" with DebugName : "Store_05_AD_Marihi" there is a sublist for items - where the new unique poleaxe was added as an extra element. The author as a copy of the LootList object with the mod. The issue is though if I also create a separate weapon file and have a copy of the same LootList object it will overwrite the other mod authors', I don't think the "Item" sub-list can be added too dynamically? Anyone got an ideas how this works? I also get the feeling the DebugNames are referenced inside the game and the UUID used as pointers only on some initial load or something?
  3. Can anyone confirm whether the 25% of Hits converted to crits from Disciplined Strikes works for spells? I'm testing with some missile spells and can't seem to see anything in the log to indicate it's procing. Also I noticed Minolettas Minor Missiles have no accuracy. This implies they always hit but likewise can never crit?
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