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  1. seriously, even with those few lines of text you manage to make them hard to read. would it hurt so much to proofread your post once?
  2. yeah, the thing about flails bugged me as well. you can buy them at the vendor in the camp at the very start, but not in gilded vale... ?!? not even after the upgrade of their blacksmith?! kind of a let down.
  3. mostly bonus items, though some are rather good upgrades early on. i haven't encountered any mandatory quest items yet. good to know that the skills are used in scripted sequences, thanks, i didn't know that.
  4. Anybody else feel like this? To me it seems it far surpasses the benefits of the other skills. Also, I've had Aloth join in on a conversation (8 lore at that time), yet the dialogue options were restricted by my lore level... kind of underwhelming... so party member skills are solely for the passive benefits like using scrolls? kind of disappointing as well... Still it is an awesome game!
  5. i'm a bit concerned about this as well, however, i decided that i will simply play whatever suits my liking and disregard the game mechanics pros and cons for my first playthrough. i hope it will work out
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