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  1. Not far into the game. But the more I play the worst my opinion gets. Combat is too fast, spell casting is too slow..so many unbalances that i hope are fixed soon. I think we all..me included got a little over hyped. RIght now..this is a 5/10 game IMO. I hope we have a patch soon to fix alot of issues.
  2. That makes umm no sense...well combat will be easy now...give everyone a crossbow for the first sneak attack...then switch to thier reg weapons. This game needed ALOT more testing and balancing. This new car we have is awesome..but now were looking under the hood and its not a good as first thought.,
  3. I agree with alot of the OP. This combat is WAY too fast. This game is over hyped no doubt. So far every combat is handle the same way. This game needs another 90-120 days of fine-tuning IMO.
  4. So my mage will use the crossbow just as good as my fighter?
  5. So theres no weapon skills in the game mostly? So anyone can use a bow/sword/2h anything? Am I right? I see u can put points into a weapon that gives a little bonus but u have to level up to do that?
  6. how important is it to have 6 characters in the game? I'm in the early stages in a find combat to be very tedious and tough but I only have 4 characters I do however have money to get other characters and I was thinking of getting 2 more? Is there a character that the healer because that seems to be my downfall because you can only carry for camping supplies? the type of healing I need to someone that can remove the maimed effdct.
  7. I want to try another character but I dont wanna ruin my save? I cant find where it is?
  8. OK i'll try that. Just seems like the mobs are on top of me and someone is dead so fast. My party is 2 wiz's, druid and barbarian. Maybe i need a fighter?
  9. Yea thanks for the advice. This non-stop pausing is what isnt fun for me.
  10. To me..this maybe 44.99 wasted. The combat is too fast. Your characters go down WAY to fast. Seems combat wasnt polished. I loaded up the enhanced version of icewind dale and u can tell..there's a HUGE difference in the way combat works and feels. Whats the point of having a tank character when the mobs are all over the place? They are hitting every character and the characters go down fast. I think the reviewers are being to forgiving because on other message boards the combat seems to be the #1 compliant. I'm still playing it...im hoping its gonna get better maybe after i "practice" with th
  11. Too many people get worked about about 1 character. Just make something..dont worry about it..Enjoy the story/game/fun!
  12. So the pre-made characters will be like in baldur's gate? They'll have dialog and interact with everything? I still would like to make my 6 person party! Thanks for answering my question!!!
  13. After watching a few videos I just realized you can only create 1 character? That sucks if that's correct?
  14. I'm VERY interested in this. If I kill a mage i get his spell book? Are there spells i can ONLY cast if i've killed a certain mage and have his grimoire?
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