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  1. I have almost finished my first run of PoE, and as much as I would like to love it, it's just not so entertaining. I mean, there are no aspects of the game, that makes me go "wow, that is so cool". There are just things that are "ok", and things that I wished were done better. The story is not so thrilling either, combat needs a lot of work, writing is decent, although I began to skip ALL the backers NPC's - they are just such a waste of time, stopped reading that **** after first few hours of the game. And most of all, it is NOT similiar to IE games. I mean, the graphics and UI are similiar
  2. Sensuki, have you finished PoE already ? Can you say that you are satisfied ? ; )
  3. Negativity ? Maybe some, but except that, the game is getting far better feedback than anticipated I think ;d
  4. Hi ! Pillars of Eternity is actually out, still can't believe it ! Unfortunately I was unable to get past the character creation, as I can't decide who to play... I guess I need your help ! I'm thinking about Fire godlike Monk with high STR, CON and DEX, but with low PER, INT and RES... So I'm affraid that I will be unable to pick many of the alternative dialog options. On the other hand, I was thinking about playing Druid, but then there is already a companion druid, that I wanted to invite to my party... So the advantage is that I would have high INT (high dmg + alterna
  5. Hi guys, sorry for new topic, People are streaming Pillars of Eternity on TWITCH for several days now, but there is still no logo on the "all games" list for Pillars of Eternity. I think that someone should inspect it, I'm not really sure who have the acces to do that, and if it can be changed by anyone, but I think that it would probably increase the games popularity if it had the LOGO. Because right now it shows only the giant "?" instead of Obsidian's beautiful box cover, as you can see below:
  6. Sensuki, have you ever tried the Myth series ? If not, you should totally check out Myth2: Soulblighter. It's awesome tactic strategy game. I finished both games in last 5 years, it didn't age at all.
  7. It's 10 days to go, HOLY CRAP, so much waiting and it's 10 days from now, can't wait tbh ;d
  8. For me companion and player voice sets seem a lot more childish comparing to those in bg2 and iwd2. They sounded a lot more serious, it's like BG2 voice sets were lord of the rings quality, and PoE voice sets are Disney quality ;d
  9. We talked about this around a year ago, and they didn't change it, so yes, it is too late.
  10. It seems that this game will be kinda like Wasteland 2. Overall good game, with great story and RPG elements, but filled with dissapointments at all fronts. Shame it has such a low production value, after all the money they've got through kickstarter. Oh well, maybe after the succes of games like DA:O, Wasteland2, Pillars of Eternity, Tides of Numenera, we will eventually get a AAA version of those games. Let's hope so.
  11. Combat wasn't the weakness of IE games.
  12. This ! I really miss those powerful "ARGH" and stuff like that from Baldurs gate. It sounded so harsh and crude. Noone makes sounds like that nowadays. Shame ! Overally I'm really dissapointed when it comes to sound effects in this game, I think that combat lacks intensivity because of that. Incantations are bearly hearable in poe. Spell sound effects are like "bziuuum", animation is still going on and there is no sound left. You can't tell that the spell you cast is powerful.
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