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  1. i feel like empower was introduced for casters to have their "big moment" back, as they lost it when going from per rest to per encounter, it does the job, but for martial classes huh.. ressource refil is handy "sometimes" i guess ^^
  2. i'm not a big fan of this priest/druid trinket idea tbh... those 2 classes feel bad in deadfire because their initial design for poe1 was to have a lot of situational support spells, but as you unlocked everything as you leveled up, it wasn't an issue and you ended up with a class that had a lot of options for different situations. In deadfire, the spell pool is almost the same (RIP prayers), but we have to select only a few of them, while having in mind that we went from a "per rest" to "per encounter" system, meaning each spell selected has to be useful in most situations, which basically means goodbye situationnal spells, and is miles away from the initial class design (from low spell usage frequency / high impact to using a spell every action). people say they want trinkets for these 2 classes because they want PoE1 options back, but on a flawed fundation... it's a bandage. I think druid and priest need a larger rework than just trinkets... Not only their ressource/available spells, but also the spells themselves... I mean yes trinkets would give those classes more spells and make those classes "better" (which litteraly anything would do considering their state), but to me it feels like a cheap fix compared to what a proper rework could bring.
  3. How about just using a system similar to PoE1, but instead of DR being flat values, it's %dmg reduction values? And PEN being "ignore %dmg reduction amounts". Main issue with PoE1 was that fast/low dmg weapons were usually weaker than slow/high dmg weapons, as the fast weapon would get the DR applied more often. Let's say an enemy had 10 DR: 1 hit for 100 damage was 100-10 = 90 dmg 2 hit for for 50 dmg each was (50-10) + (50-10) = 80 dmg But if you said that instead, 10 DR was 10% dmg reduction, then: 1 hit for 100 dmg becomes 100*0.9 = 90 2 hit for 50 dmg each (50*0,9) + (50*0,9) = 90 aswell This way, you don't have penalties when using fast weapons over slow ones. And PEN could be something like "ignores 50% of enemy DR", so an enemy having 10% damage reduction would have 5% instead etc... But surely the devs though about this, and they opted not to go for it, so there might be a reason why this is also flawed?
  4. At the same time, in PoE1 you didn't have as many options to deal with CC as we do now in PoE2 with the inspiration/affliction system, so i can understand it was frustrating. Now not only are afflictions a bit weaker (confusion being irrelevant now, but terrified is good so it kinda balances out), but we also have resistances and a way to dispel with inspirations... Resulting in CC not really being a concern anymore. I think "forcing" players to deal with afflictions at higher difficulties would make gameplay more interesting. I don't think it can be done with current PoE2 (due to the amount of resistance items available), but hopefully PoE3 will ! It felt like they tried to do that more in the DLCs, a fight that comes to mind is the long lasting alchemy researchs defense vs the poison nagas on SSS (reduce healing on your party + everyone takes raw damage every few second), but even then it was very manageable without any Con buff or poison removal. It's hard to balance properly tho, for exemple a game like Pathfinder has an extreme approach to it, either you have "The Key Answer" for an encounter and you can beat it, or you don't and you lose miserably... Which i don't think is a good approach either. You have to find a middle ground where the encounter challenges you with aspects you can interact with in multiple fashions, which i think PoE2 affliction/inspiration system does pretty well, it's a good fundation at least, unfortunately we don't really have to use it :/
  5. Deadfire affliction resistances downgrade afflictions by a tier, which basically means : Mig resistance : Immune to stuns Con resistance : Immune to 100% heal reduction Dex resistance : Immune to paralyze Per resistance : Immune to blind Int resistance : Immune to dominate Res resistance : Immune to terrified Note that from these resistances, the only one that doesn't totally gives you immunity to the "hard CC" (lock a character) related to the attribute is Int, as it downgrades Dominated to Charmed which is "almost" the same thing. Considering the Racials, Items, and Talents providing resistances, i've found extremely easy to have your entire party almost "CC Proof" just from resistances, therefore almost completely trivializing an entire aspect of the game (having to deal with afflictions with either inspirations or dispels). The easiest resistance to get is probably Dex, due to the amount of items providing it (Neck, Gloves, Belt, Boots, Enchants...), having your entire party immune to Paralyze is extremely easy. Mig is probably second on the list. If most of your party members are Orlans (Res resist), the only "hard CC" you have to deal with is Charmed basically (downgrade from Dominated). Heal reduction and Blind (from Con and Per) are annoying, but do not prevent you from playing a character, therefore i do not consider those to be "Hard CC". So i'm wondering... Are resistances too strong the way they are? Was the "added defense" from PoE1 better? (As you could still be vulnerable to it against high rolls). Or is the Affliction "tier" flawed? I feel like Tier 1 afflicitons are quite weak and can easily be ignored completely. Tier 2 are decent, however i do believe Charmed is too similar to Dominated (wouldve prefered the Confused from PoE1 instead to better differenciate). Tier 3 are extremely strong, BUT, your party can easily be built around being entirely immuned to at least Stun, Paralyze, Terrified, meaning the only hard CC you are exposed to is Dominated/Charmed, and you can prevent it with food buffs on the rare fights where this is important. So "Overall", i feel like your party is very easily made "hard CC proof" for the most part. Is it good? Is it bad? The major downside being that it removes an interesting part of gameplay entirely, you do not have to deal with afflictions on your party for the most part. On the other hand, if dealing with afflictions on your party was "mandatory", it would force players to run a Priest or a Paladin on every party, therefore reducing party composition options. My opinion on the matter is that the afflictions as they are, are mostly fine (outside of Charmed). However i do believe Resistances are a bit too good compared to how easy to obtain they are. If there was fewer items providing these, i think it would be ok as it is. With plenty of resistance items available, i think extra defense over flat downgrade would be more adequate.
  6. i've also experienced characters going into a loop where they attempt to use a spell or attack and it never goes off, i think it's a known issue and will hopefully get fixed in the next patch coming soonish
  7. Well you're basically wishing for PoE1 priest back at this point... All "situationnal" abilities unlocked for free as part of the progression, and then you specialized by improving some of the abilities in different ways (radiance mostly) or adding "per encounter" spells to your repertoire, giving them grimoires etc would basically bring them closer to what they used to be. I do agree picking "situationnal" spells in deadfire feels awful. To be fair, i also prefered the way grimoires worked in PoE1. In deadfire i find it very hard to justify using anything else than Ninagauth's... In PoE1 wizard felt more like D&D, where you could learn spells from grimoires, adapt your available spells on the go, make different custom grimoires etc... You had more flexibility, and some interesting passives like Blast. Respeccing was a nightmare tho as you would lose all spells you've learnt... Now as a single class wizard, you can't really rely on grimoire for spells and build around strong passives, because we only have generic ones that doesnt do much for you. So you end up picking Ninagauth's, selecting all the spells you want to access to without having to change grimoire, and there you go... The single wizard build is pretty much set and you can't really add much flavor to it... Each raw has couple of spells that stand out while other choices are strictly inferior in most cases Grimoires are nice for multiclass however (especially the martial grimoires), as they give you a lot of spells for free, but single class feels off to me. It's still the class i prefer to play, but i'm not enjoying deadfire grimoire design combined with 0 cool passives...
  8. Well, most of priest inspirations are single target unfortunately (which doesnt feel good at all, considering you had AOE affliction resistances in PoE1 instead). And some of the strong buffs are just way too slow, like Champion's Boon, 3sec cast 3sec recovery for ONE target... Not counting the seals being extremely underwhelming, all and all priest only has a couple of very specific spells that are good while the vast majority are quite crap... in PoE1, you unlocked almost your entire spell repertoire "for free" as you leveled up, resulting in you having much more options for all kind of situations. Right now unless your party specifically combos with either Barring's Death Door, Salvation of Time, of Spark the Souls, Priests feels extremely weak and not well rounded at all... Inspirations being AoE and instant casts for "at least" single target spells would be a decent start, but won't bring priest even close to what it was in poe1...
  9. your party looks like a single class wizard would fit perfectly. you have some frontline with Mirke & Pal, enough sustain with Pal & Teheku, some good CC with Serafen, all you need is a tad more AoE damage, which single class Wizard would easily provide
  10. I like both, PoE2 is a big step up when it comes to overall quality (graphics, sound, voice acting, environements, illustrations, UI, combat etc...) However! I do think the classes / talent trees could be made A LOT better. We have many boring generic talents (the ones i hate most are the 4 "empower" dedicated talents, boring, same purpose, lazy), many raws with trap choices (mostly due to a lot of spells being really bad compared to other available options... Casters are mostly concerned by this issue, Priest more than the others, gosh Priest feels so bad compared to PoE1..). Imo PoE1 classes felt better overall even if you couldnt multiclass. And the grimoire system was also much better. PoE2 gives 0 flexibility with grimoires, loot ninagauth and never change it, yey! (boring zzz) I enjoy multiclass, but to be fair i'd rather have no multiclass but much better single classes designs, witch actual choices (currently a lot of the time you end up picking a talent or spell because it's strictly superior to other options, not really because you deliberately make a "choice" between multiple good options). I actually wish the game gave you LESS options, but ACTUAL options. If you remove all the dead talent/spells we have there isnt much left to be fair, just like the world size, they see too big, too ambitious, and it's disapointing. Make smaller talent trees, fewer choices, but make every square a valid and fun option! I wouldn't mind having to pick between 6 spells instead of 12 every raw (where only 2 are good LOL) Also there are so things that really trigger me like the character level up menu, in a game where building characters is a big part of the fun, having to next through skills 20x and talents 20x is so tedious and outraging! >.< But to be fair, even with all of these flaws, i do really love the game. I overall very much liked the interaction between factions and there are fun dialogues, you have multiple smart ways to overcome situations, it has a lot of positives. Though, i prefered the 3 DLCs over the base game, mostly because i didn't really enjoy the "go to this island, stomp a single fight, get an item, repeat" process. I wish there was LESS islands, with more story attached to each of them, and each island to be an actual challenge. It feels like they made the world too big and tried to fill it with small things here and there but it's not very fulfilling. Smaller world, higher quality stories / combat, it's basically what the DLCs are, if each Island in the game had a DLC-quality attached to it, the game would be so much better. Unfortunately i don't see this happening. However, i do hope we will see a PoE3, who learnt from PoE2 flaws, and be the best CPRG ever made. I really hope this will happen
  11. MO? Don't be too harsh, yes we did get some bugs introduced, but we also got a lot of cool new features and the game was improved significantly since launch, there are still some issues, but we're getting there
  12. If none has been communicated yet, any estimations on when we can hope to get our hands on it?
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