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  1. Just chiming in. Making good progress in the game with my Priest, still having fun. It is true that Wizards can self buff with literally no cooldown, but I like that my Priest can buff the whole party all at once. As I get higher level the healing spells are fewer and far between but with max Honesty and Benevolence my Holy Radiance is much more efficient. Plus I have the Lay On Hands gloves for emergencies. All though there is not much that changes from battle to battle, ei buff / heal / buff and so on, that's what I signed up for ☺ Looking forward to what's next! Who knows, maybe they'll get some love from Obsidian in the future.
  2. The Priest could use a little love, maybe with a few unique passive abilities or something of the sort. Triumph helps keep my damage dealers alive. For example I'm running Xoti as a SC monk for flanking and picking off pesky caster types and she's often not in range of my circle of healing. Same with Aloth. Each kill fills their health back up to full. Not so useful when you're fighting a small group though.
  3. Thanks Boeroer! I dunno how I missed these things. The ring and sandals should help quite a bit. Even with just the belt and lantern Triumph is super strong. Everywhere I look online it seems Priests get bashed on but I'm really enjoying it. I might try some mods out but I'd like to beat the game vanilla mode first. I've definitely looked at your mod Stardusk and it looks awesome.
  4. and I've noticed that there is not a lot of gear for buffing priest spells. The only item I've found so far is Xoti's Lantern. Maybe I'm missing something? I know there's fire and frost PL boosting items but I'm playing more of a support build. Either way, I'm having fun.
  5. I'm running with a wolf. Xoti helps keep him alive when need be, but it's easy enough when you just position him correctly. I've got Eder holding most of the engagement so I can off-tank or head over and pick off those squishy damage dealers.
  6. I've been looking at builds and I gotta say there is not much for Hunters. Right now I'm playing a Stalker/Devoted as my MC and she's pretty solid. My accuracy is insane with all the buffs that come from both classes. Marked enemy, disciplined barrage, stalkers link, etc and I'm critting almost 40% of the time. Keep in mind I'm using swords and no ranged weapons. In the end, I'm having fun and making good progress, just curious what you all think about the class!
  7. Just to update, my character without the help of Illusion buffed deflection was indeed mince meat. I rerolled to Devoted (Swords)/Wizard no subclass. I can still buff the way I wanted. Plus, with one handed spec I get to fight with my grimoure in my offhand! Purely aesthetic but I like it. Most posts I've read say to dump the wizard subclass anyways, unless going for evoker. I'm aiming to be more of a spell buffed fighter than a nuker. I'll see how it works out as I'm still very low level.
  8. I definitely didn't think about the AR not stacking, thanks for pointing that out. Arcane Veil is something I missed entirely. Thanks for your input!
  9. Just brainstorming here. I was thinking of going One handed style (Swords) to stack accuracy and hit/crit chance on top of numerous armor and stat buffs. In doing so I know I'll be nerfing my deflection quite a bit but I'm wondering if stacking AR high enough if that will counterbalance that at all. I'm not worried about evocation spells and I know illusion spells have plenty of deflection bonuses, but I think it could work. I like the idea of all the almost instant buffs from enchanting spells. I could use expose vulnerability to lower my enemies AR as well. That on top of the extra penetration from Devoted and the sword modal, hitting enemies shouldn't be too hard. I'm just concerned that I'll be mince meat without high enough deflection. Any thoughts? Again, this will be on Normal difficulty so I imagine I can pull this off. Mostly a role-playingtype build, nothing too extreme.
  10. Ok, well I feel a bit goofy now. I rebooted my laptop and now all is well. All I can say is that she had cast Iconic Projection at the very end of combat, leaving both of her hands lit up with blue fire and that's when the problem arose. But now she's back with a portrait and she's speaking for herself (: Thanks for taking the time to hear me out. Should've just rebooted sooner!
  11. No mods, just a small portrait pack. I'll upload my save soon, I'm on my tablet at the moment.
  12. So as I was questing in Dunnage, right after being jumped by a group of thugs, talking to Xoti got a bit weird. The conversation seems normal, but her portrait is missing in the dialogue box and no longer has a voice over. On top of that, when she speaks outside of the dialogue box, for example to Eder or Aloth, there is no sound and it shows that my character is speaking her words. Has anyone else encountered this? It also seems as though I cannot interact with the Steward in my ship. Not sure if this has anything to do with Xoti, I just figured I'd mention it.
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