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  1. PoE1 was way faster and the everyone-in-robes issue was partially due to speed shenanigans that aren't possible in Deadfire. You're right but there's a bit more to it. The problem is that making underpen bonuses less severe does indeed make the game easier and this wasn't my intention.
  2. I can understand why some people are mad (even if I'm not). But even if you are mad about the Outer Worlds going to the Epic Store - why go to PoE's or Deadfire's Steam pages and leave bad reviews there? That's the reasoning of imbeciles. Ridiculous...
  3. Back to the topic though...I have no idea why people are so mad about Epic launcher.Sure its much worse than steam but...the developers get more money for their games(cause they don't give them extra percentages to valve) and we as consumers get a better market as the result of healthy competition. Im pretty sure even if epic games store would have had more features than steam noone would use it,because people are used to steam so maybe epic games think these exclusive deals are the only way to show ppl the new store.Anyway its such a tiny inconvenience but possible big gains in the future for the marken and consumers alike.People who cry anti-consumerism om this one have no idea what they talking about.
  4. Okay so looking at Phenomenum's mod thats the values I came up with(im still not sure there is any benefit to be had by changing anything) The idea is to give every point some value and make everything smooth. Underpenetration: -5= -75% -4= -60% -3= -45% -2= -30% -1= -15% Overpenetration: 1.1=+2% 1.2=+4% 1.3=+6% 1.4=+8% 1.5=+10% 1.6=+12% 1.7=+14% 1.8=+16% 1.9=+18% 2.0=+20% 2.1=+22% 2.2=+24% 2.3=+26% 2.4=+28% 2.5=+30% the damage went up across the board which im fine with somewhat From testing it I really didn't see any noticeable changes,only that everyone hits harder and armor is less important overall.Not sure if thats good or bad. I know most people said not to change anything what I most likely will end up doing but...anyway,what do you think?
  5. Yeah,one of the most impressive questlines in the game imo!
  6. "LevelScalingArmorLevelIncrement": 3, "LevelScalingArmorModifier": 1, "LevelScalingPenetrationLevelIncrement": 2, "LevelScalingPenetrationModifier": 1, It means +1 Armor each 3 Levels and +1 Pen each 2 levels. Though i don't understand, how it works, becose "ExpectedDifferenceMin": 4, "ExpectedDifferenceMax": 4, "AdjustedLevelAmount": 4 Max scaling adjustment is +4 levels to base creature level (e.g. native level 6, max scaling to level 10). Wait thats for mobs only,right?A bit conused here.
  7. ohhh...pretty weird,not showing the player what this thing is used for,but anyway ty =)
  8. Okay...Maybe im dumb or something but how do I use the Kraken's Eye to upgrade my gear?No such option is available for me.
  9. Ok so here is another question for you guys.How would you restructure pen\ar values\thresholds so it more closely resemples poe1 system which im my humble opinion was better(not for realism's sake but from gameplay perspective)?Is there any way to make this work? The idea of trading defence for damage feels much better than just trying not to get overpenetrated.
  10. So you suggest not touching pen at all cause its so interconnected and basically impossible to balance? I always thought +1 pen for everyone would just mean higher damage output from enemies and allies alike.
  11. I've seen people suggested to add some sort of scaling(e.g. 2-3% damage per bonus penetration) and the other way around.In theory it would give lighter armors some purpose even if you get penetrated anyway.What do you think about it? i think one of the goals of AR vs PEN was to make each point potentially really meaningful and so I don't like the idea of adding tiny percentages of something. i think what might be a better idea is to give lighter armors more of a niche. Like, give them all blanket defense against spell PEN or something. i don't know how to solve medium armor - they sit in a kind of a weird zone, in my experience they are only really useful extremely late game where you're overleveled and they can actually provide meaningful damage reduction, or against enemy spell casters who don't have as good PEN scaling, but adjusting light armor to have bonus defense against spells would negate this. These are all half-baked ideas of mine, so I dunno. The thing that bothers me personally is that all armor does is protect you from overpenetration(well unless you go all the way ofc),so each point of armor is meaningless if you are getting penetrated anyway.Idk maybe its my personal bias cause I really like gradual improvents....
  12. I've seen people suggested to add some sort of scaling(e.g. 2-3% damage per bonus penetration) and the other way around.In theory it would give lighter armors some purpose even if you get penetrated anyway.What do you think about it?
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