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Found 11 results

  1. I was wondering what other people picked for their first character in pillars of eternity and what factored into that decision. After playing the game with your first character what race did you choose for your second play through and what determined that.
  2. I swear I searched for anything related to dwarves and bugs before this. Male dwarves appear to have a color mismatch between the body and head. Not really that intense of an issue since you play as little dude on the screen, but I thought I'd mention as: 1. It's still weird. 2. While wearing most armor renders the issue moot, I may want to steal Tekehu's clothes (he may not even mind). Or I may want to run a fancy chanter in a dancer getup. 3. Dwarves deserve love and attention too. Isn't that enough? And to echo this post, male dwarf heads 3 and 4 are not playing well with color at all. Many thanks.
  3. Hello Friends, I love RPG games but because I think I suffer some degree of OCD, It become HELL to try to create a character when a game forces you to. So many options... I usually have to restart over and over because I don't know what I want to play. Not this time. This time I've already made my mind. I want to play a dwarf priest of Magran. Shield/Sword and Arquebus. I already have the portrait. What I need is advice in how to distribute the stats. According to the game, a priest needs Intelligence, Might, Resolve and Dextery. But I've read Perception is a MUST for casters (a priest is a caster, isnt?). So, how should I distribute the stats? I don't want to min/max. I want to roleplay the character, so, What's the best dwarf race? What would be the best origin and background? Thank you in advance
  4. Hi, I've looked around but can't seem to find this information anywhere - I assume it is possible to play a Male Dwarf Fire Godlike ? If so would anyone have a screen-shot of the available heads for dwarf fire godlikes ? Thanks
  5. Themes: little people, defensive strategy, things that go BOOM Editor's note: this is a stupidly effective party, which makes Path of the Damned feel like Normal. The Pervrunen Dworvlans originated about a century ago. One Glanfathan Orlan named Cyrli was exiled from his tribe, and ended up in the trackless wastes of the White that Wends. There, he encountered a clan of Pargrunen, and convinced them of his theory that Boreal Dwarves and Orlan are in reality two branches of the same family, and reunification is the sacred duty of both peoples. Despite their best efforts, the Dworvlans have hitherto failed to produce viable offspring. I had the rare occasion to briefly travel with a band of Pervgrunen I encountered during my extended visit of Dyrwood. As their leader Qitupiiq recounted to me, his people had heard tell of a mystical, sacred place of the Pervgrunen, known as the White Forge. Believing that it had to be less bloody cold than the White that Wends, he, his faithful bear companion Puuqi, his cousin-spouse Paniiq with her wolf-friend Snuupi, and their short but furry cohabits Qimuli and Dereq, both holy warriors of uncertain description but conflicting ethoi, set out to search for it. The isolation and harsh climate of the White that Wends has clearly affected both the dwarf and the orlan component of the Pervgrunen Dworvlan people. The dwarves are clearly deficient in the higher intellectual capabilities, but little escapes their gimlet-eyed stare, and they are fantastically active, whereas the orlans are almost glacially slow, but resolute and intellectual. I had many interesting discussions with Qimuli and Dereq about their differing martial philosophies. The dwarves bring to the Pervgrunen their love of heavy metals and things that go 'boom,' while the orlans, ever quick with a knife to the knee, favor that basic survival tool to be found everywhere in the Antarctic waste: the icepick. As Dereq once mused to me, "few problems can't be solved with an icepick to the kidneys, except an icepick in the kidneys." Soon after their arrival in Dyrwood, the band of Pervgrunen was augmented by one Sagani, so desperate for company of her compatriots that she reluctantly agreed to travel with them, despite their reputation having reached her home, Naasitaq. "We do not speak of the Pervgrunen," she flatly told me when I wanted to interview her for details. My travels with the Pervgrunen were cut short when they occupied a ruined fortress in the middle of the Dyrwoodan wilds, and appointed me its chamberlain, minus my very expensive arquebus ("it goes boom!") and armour. "You're too tall," Dereq told me. Fortunately, they visited regularly and recounted tales of their exploits which I have noted down exactly as told to me in this memoir, most colourfully by one Hiravias, an Orlan of local extraction who immediately saw the truth and beauty of the notion of unity, love, and cohabitation between the short-statured people. --- PC: Qitupiiq, Male Boreal Dwarf Ranger, Laborer, Bear Companion (Puuqi). Stats: Mig 20, Con 12, Dex 17, Per 19, Int 5, Res 5. Skills: Mechanics, with a bit of Stealth and Athletics. Abilities: Wounding Shot, Swift Aim!, Stalkers Link, Driving Flight Talents: Marksman, Swift and Steady!, WF: Soldier, Gunner Gear: Arquebus, light armour. -- Hired companion 1: Paniiq, Female Boreal Dwarf Ranger, Hunter, Wolf Companion (Snuupi). Stats: as above. Skills: split between Stealth, Athletics, Lore, and Survival Abilities: as above. Talents: Faithful Companion, Swift and Steady!, WF: Soldier Gear: as above -- Hired companion 2: Qimuli, Female Hearth Orlan Darcozzi Paladin Stats: Mig 14, Con 14, Dex 3, Per 16, Int 16, Res 15 Skills: Lore, rest split between Stealth, Athletics, Survival Abilities: Lay on Hands, Liberating Exhortation, Zealous Endurance, Reviving Exhortation, Flames of Devotion Talents: Deep Faith, Sword and Shield Style, WF: Ruffian Gear: heavy armour, shield, stiletto / pistol or blunderbuss -- Hired companion 3: Dereq, Male Hearth Orlan Goldpact Paladin Stats: as above Skills: as above Abilities: Flames of Devotion, Zealous Focus, Zealous Charge, Hastening Exhortation Talents: Deep Faith, Enduring Flames, WF: Ruffian, Sword and Shield Style Gear: as above -- Sagani, built and equipped more or less like the rangers above Hiravias, Weapon and Shield Style, Cautious Attack, plus lots more defensive talents, equipped as the paladins -- So this is a ridiculously powerful party, and also remarkably versatile. I have enough stealth to creep up on enemies and finish off one or two squishies in a gunpowder alpha strike. Then I have lots of options: I can switch on Zealous Charge and make the battlefield mobile, retreating, regrouping, firing, moving, and so on, taking care to keep my rangers well behind the animal companions and the orlans. Or I can form up into a tight knot with the orlans and the animal companions shielding the rangers and drop the opposition with volleys one by one; the dwarves fire stupidly fast and accurately, and the orlans are really hard to kill and occasionally do manage to shiv someone in the knee (which is quite painful with Flames of Devotion). And if things get hairy, I can have Hiravias trigger Returning Storm, summon up a Blight, or do any of the druidy things druids do to control crowds. You'd think that I'd have a serious problem with casters targeting my rangers, but no -- if I push the beloved cute furry animals forward enough, they nuke them instead, which makes the rangers sad for a bit but then the animals get up again afterwards and all is well. Okay, so I'm not that far into the game yet with this party and I suppose something could get tricky later on, but I'll be damned if I can think what. They'd actually probably be even more effective with arbalests and their superior range, but these guys like things that go BOOM so they can keep 'em. Here they are, doing what they love best, raiding some backwoods thayn's crumbling castle.
  6. Hello there. I have a YouTube channel on which I upload many different types of gameplay videos. I have begun my Pillars of Eternity series, whereby I will be playing a Dwarven Priest on easy. No footage will be cut out, unless it is extremely boring (e.t.c. loading screens, random things I do). Playlist: https://youtu.be/2_HluexIFg8?list=PLMADF6oHdMjd07Demzh3UANbeLXHdc-yI Chapter 1 - Escaping the Attack: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2_HluexIFg8&list=PLMADF6oHdMjd07Demzh3UANbeLXHdc-yI Chapter 2 - Day 1 in Gilded Vale: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=72GC5dUptdw&list=PLMADF6oHdMjd07Demzh3UANbeLXHdc-yI&index=2 Chapter 3 - Day 2 in Gilded Vale: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T907_ZKmme4&index=3&list=PLMADF6oHdMjd07Demzh3UANbeLXHdc-yI Chapter 4 - Temple of Eothas: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZrZiqau1Uhw&index=4&list=PLMADF6oHdMjd07Demzh3UANbeLXHdc-yI Expect more soon, and remember to share if you enjoyed! Feedback highly appreciated, including tips on how to improve, as I am very new to this game (: Thank You!
  7. Hi there! My name is Dainank and I have started publishing several Pillars of Eternity videos! Be sure to check them out and give a thumbs up if you enjoyed them! Playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLMADF6oHdMjd07Demzh3UANbeLXHdc-yI Video Episode 1: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2_HluexIFg8 Thank You!
  8. I have a plan to make 6 dwarf company but I am not very fond of the dwarf Priest idea, is there another suitable class for healing, paladin maybe? is he capable healer? I plan on having 1. row: Dwarf Chanter as a tank (buff/debuff) + Dwarf Paladin as a second tank (buff + possibly heal) 2. row: Dwarf Fighter DPS with a Pike + Dwarf Berserker DPS with a Pike 3. row: Dwarf Cipher DPS with Blunderbuss (hunting bow early game) + Dwarf Ranger DPS with warbow and Boar companion I want to play it more on roleplaying since I love dwarfs but I also want to make them efficient and capable in their respective fields do you experience players think this will work? thanks for reactions and advice p.s. still don't know which of them will be my PC though :D
  9. As far as I can tell these are the only subraces we don't know the difference between so I figured I may as well ask.
  10. D&D: Dwarves and Doors Adam Brennecke We are another month into preproduction and have been making awesome progress on all fronts. This update covers dwarves and doors, two of the many accomplishments in the month of January, and gets into the finer details of development on Project Eternity. The Creation of the Dwarf One of the goals in preproduction was to figure out how we could make character modeling pipeline be as efficient as possible. The problem is fairly complex: All of the six playable races, human, elf, dwarf, aumaua, orlan, and the god-like can wear armor, boots, gloves, helmets (...well, some have trouble wearing helmets, but we will talk about that some other day...) and have other options that the player can customize like facial hair, hair style and skin color. We also have tons of armor variations and types of armor, like plate, brigandine, leather, and mail. (Josh loves his armor). Ideally, our artist would only need to model one armor piece - let's say plate body armor - and have it fit all six of our playable races even if the races are all of different proportions and body structure. At the end of the day the same model for plate armor could fit a slender four-foot-tall orlan and a burly seven-foot-tall aumaua. The goal for January was to build a system to allow us to do this very thing. During January, we've developed a new system to allow our human bipedal skeleton to be shaped and morphed into the other playable races and have armor be shaped and morphed along with the skeleton. The character modelers have fine control over the proportions of the races, and only need to model armor pieces once and not six times over. In preproduction we look at developing systems like this. It may cost us time up front, but will save us hundreds of hours down the road in production. The dwarf ended up being our first test case, and now we have dwarves as playable races working in game. Pictured at the front of this update is a high-poly dwarf head that Dimitri Berman (lead character artist) modeled in ZBrush. The high-poly head is used for making normal maps which aid in lighting the character models. A simplified mesh is created from the high-poly head is used in game. Open, Close, Lock On the other end of the pre-production spectrum, the programming team has been writing the building blocks for the area design toolbox. One of the essential things that all areas need are doors. From past experience we know that doors always present difficult problems with pathfinding and are a big pain in the arse. Getting a potentially risky, yet required, feature out of the way now seemed like a pragmatic goal, so Steve Weatherly (game programmer) and Sean Dunny (environment artist) set off on a quest to get doors working in the game. We first tackled this problem creating a list of all the features that doors need to have. It's easy with doors since we all know how doors work: Doors have a few states, like open and close. Doors can be locked, and be unlocked with a key (or skill). Doors can be used, meaning the player can click on a door and the selected character will be commanded to go and "use" the door. Doors can animate to match the open/close state. Doors block character pathing when closed, and don't block pathing when opened. We even listed out minor details such as doors can change the mouse cursor to a different state when hovered over, and doors should always open away from the character using the door. Tasks were made from this list, and the work began. Steve was able to get a working prototype of a door ready to test quickly. At this stage we could see how the door looked and felt in game, and if there are any unexpected problems that came out of the prototype. One issue that came up was door placement. We found that it was not easy to place a door in the exact space to fit a dungeon doorframe. Steve and Michael Edwards (senior technology programmer) coded a system for doorframe "snap points" that makes the door pop to the exact place that we want it to go. Designers can now place doors efficiently. Hooray! We love being able to share our progress with you all, and we hope you enjoy reading these production updates. If you have any questions about development, please post them in our Project Eternity forum. Thank you!
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