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  1. please will you add SLI support for NVidia Graphic cards in future patches? thank you for answer
  2. you are making me reconsider the priest I'd have to put him instead of the ranger, but I wanted Boar companion name Rupert anyway I will come up with some plausible explanation for a dwarven priest, which mean the paladin doesn't have to be a healer, so he can be tank + buffer just like the chanter is there a posibility to have different PC than the paladin? how does it affect his bonuses?
  3. I have a plan to make 6 dwarf company but I am not very fond of the dwarf Priest idea, is there another suitable class for healing, paladin maybe? is he capable healer? I plan on having 1. row: Dwarf Chanter as a tank (buff/debuff) + Dwarf Paladin as a second tank (buff + possibly heal) 2. row: Dwarf Fighter DPS with a Pike + Dwarf Berserker DPS with a Pike 3. row: Dwarf Cipher DPS with Blunderbuss (hunting bow early game) + Dwarf Ranger DPS with warbow and Boar companion I want to play it more on roleplaying since I love dwarfs but I also want to make them efficient and capable
  4. I agree, axes need some love, my dwarf characters are crying over their ****ty axes
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